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Esport anthem

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dnagardi   Hungary. Sep 19 2014 15:41. Posts 1537
I know many of you come from an esport background, so heres the official LoL world cup song made by Imaging Dragons.
It gives me the nerd chills every time i hear it. Extremely well made. I've never played LoL but this song is true for all games.

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MyAnacondaDont   United States. Sep 21 2014 05:33. Posts 164


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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Sep 21 2014 20:00. Posts 8321

I just now realize why i liked it, didn't even notice its by Imagine Dragons before I saw your post. Riot brought esports to europe and the US to a whole different level ... well the korean level tbh

Nazgul    Netherlands. Sep 22 2014 06:10. Posts 7062

It's really good.

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SugoGosu   Korea (South). Sep 22 2014 12:48. Posts 1793

i still sing WCG Beyond the Game from time to time heh. this isn't bad, but i don't really feel nostalgic from my gaming days T_T

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