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Enigma   Canada. Jul 06 2013 14:57. Posts 158
one time there is a promo that benefits FLHE players.
Stars continuing to rock out the promos!

Also, I played in the $1mil freeroll and placed like 7-800 and cashed for just under two bills. This has sparked my interest in learning MTT's. I played a 20k guarantee this week and cashed in like 100th. Still not sure how to act once I have built that big-midsize stack in the late-middle of the tourney. If anyone is interested I would be willing to trade coaching in FLHE for MTT training.

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4TM   United States. Jul 06 2013 19:01. Posts 708

Limit holdem is the worst. They need to just let it die imo

Enigma   Canada. Jul 08 2013 18:23. Posts 158

Thanks for your insightful opinion 4TM.
What game have you played and studied for years that I may shat upon?


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