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Lock Poker Scam

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Xervean   United States. May 02 2013 12:09. Posts 669
I just read some very disturbing threads on 2+2 about Lock Poker.

The cliff notes are basically that they lost a ton of player funds in the Cyprus Banking crisis and are virtually cash broke. As a result they are emailing people who received p2p transfers and telling them that they will not be able to cash the money out. There are also transcripts from Lock Support stating that there is no amount players can play to be eligible for cashing out if they received transfers.

APR 27, 2013 | ***PM EDT


Thank you for your reply, there are no wagering requirements; player transfers are ineligible for payouts. Should you require any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

All our best,


CSR, Lock Security"

So yeah basically the site is a huge scam and they are trying to stop all cashouts so they can get enough fresh deposits to somehow save their site. FTP all over again basically except on a smaller scale. I was fortunate enough to cashout 2k from the site last year. I left like 1k on the site in case I felt like playing poker at some point in the future. Hopefully I can get the money off the site.. keeping my fingers crossed. I knew the risk when I deposited so this isn't like a big surprise or anything.

I am somewhat optimistic because I saw a blog post from MDoranD on card runners that he just received a cashout from Lock like last week. Also I never received a transfer on the site.. I just deposited and then ran it up. Oh well we will see what happens. If you still have money on Lock you better cashout ASAP!

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devon06atX   Canada. May 02 2013 12:24. Posts 5409

Why the hell would the Cyprus crisis affect them? I mean... did they *really* their funds there? Oh I know, next time let's use Afghanistan as our central account holder.

Gaytrix   United States. May 02 2013 12:28. Posts 93

it was 'confirmed' by lock rep Shane that Lock had no money in cyprus.

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Xervean   United States. May 02 2013 12:32. Posts 669

Yeah I just read that in the Lock forum.. Shane also claims that cashouts are being processed faster than ever in that same thread. Not exactly the most trustworthy individual. Not sure if the Cyprus stuff is true or not but something is definitely going on.

Endo   United States. May 02 2013 14:14. Posts 888


drone666   Brasil. May 02 2013 15:24. Posts 1752

this is only for lock poker or other revolution poker skins ???
I have some money on come on poker, damn..

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NewbSaibot   United States. May 02 2013 16:33. Posts 4847

I think the moment the avg cashout began taking 8 weeks should have been a pretty big red flag, and thats been the case for like over a year now?

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SemPeR   Canada. May 02 2013 20:54. Posts 2288

Was going to deposit.
Not going to anymore.
Thanks, Xervean.

MadeInPolanD   Poland. May 02 2013 21:50. Posts 1383

thx for the post

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superfashion   United States. May 04 2013 15:44. Posts 918

saw kevmath rt something about this and came right here to find out what happened. thanks for sharing the information

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