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Over The Years

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Jas0n   United States. Apr 24 2013 12:03. Posts 1866



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devon06atX   Canada. Apr 24 2013 12:41. Posts 5432

What's the business model again? I know you posted about it before, don't remember exactly though..

Is it basically buying bb guns and stuff like that from China wholesale, and selling it at a profitable mark-up on ebay?

mnj   United States. Apr 24 2013 13:25. Posts 3848

WP. Would be cool if you could post any thoughts at the end. If you're still in shock about the success, the long days or long hours etc.

dnagardi   Hungary. Apr 24 2013 13:29. Posts 1743

sick brag

uiCk   Canada. Apr 24 2013 13:33. Posts 3521

Sick brag indeed. More info to inspire us life noobs

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TalentedTom    Canada. Apr 24 2013 14:04. Posts 20070

This may have been answered earlier but do you have a website I can visit, and if so can I buy some stuff at a significant discount?
That;s a very impressive inventory you have there

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ggplz   Sweden. Apr 24 2013 16:20. Posts 16725

your blog is my LP bookmark moar updates!
also interested in business model.

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bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Apr 24 2013 17:25. Posts 8646

if i give you $10 can you turn it into $100?

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capaneo   Canada. Apr 24 2013 18:19. Posts 8465

You are really good at blogging about the company and business you are doing without mentioning what you do!

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Spicy   United States. Apr 24 2013 18:29. Posts 1027

but how much did you lose?

Jas0n   United States. Apr 24 2013 19:15. Posts 1866

  On April 24 2013 16:25 bigredhoss wrote:
if i give you $10 can you turn it into $100?

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Apr 24 2013 20:27. Posts 8646


Truck-Crash Life 

TianYuan    Korea (South). Apr 25 2013 10:10. Posts 6810

The 100$ bill (Franklin?) looks so god damn satisfied. Or maybe it's just from my leaned back exhausted angle.

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

2c0ntent   Egypt. Apr 25 2013 23:54. Posts 1387


devon06atX   Canada. Apr 26 2013 13:13. Posts 5432

Are you worried that if you discuss your business plan that others will try to emulate you or something? Seems very hush hush.

Meh, whatever. Doing great man, keep on kicking ass.

Jas0n   United States. Apr 26 2013 15:45. Posts 1866

I prefer not to talk about the business directly because things posted on LP gets indexed on google and I don't want our competitors or customers to tie this blog to the company. For example, if our website was and I posted our website on LP, when you search for xyz123 on google this blog will show up and I don't want that to happen.

devon06atX   Canada. Apr 26 2013 21:58. Posts 5432

Ahh, very good point.


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