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Fantasy Basketball/Baseball

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NighTLesS15   United States. Mar 10 2013 19:26. Posts 241
Started playing on for fantasy sports. It's a pretty cool website if you like to play for money. They got buyins starting from one dollar and go up into hundreds. It is set up on a per day basis so you can play everyday or once a week not forced to play all season long.

Is my link if you decide to sign up and play i get a little kickback on your entries if you use my link, better than paying it all to the website

Also buddy got me playing he does pretty well. The competition for basketball seems to be fairly poor as i don't know much but i'm profiting a little, i only play the low 1-5$ buyins. They have hockey football college football/basketball as well.

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NighTLesS15   United States. Mar 12 2013 19:50. Posts 241

Also, if you got any questions about anything on the site feel free to shoot me a pm

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neokx   . Mar 12 2013 20:43. Posts 21

almost make $2 yesterday nice web

NighTLesS15   United States. Mar 13 2013 02:27. Posts 241

It is fun thing to do if your bored. I'm poor college kid so its nice to watch basketball games and make them more interesting. amazing what a dollar or two will do for interest in players and watching random games haha

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