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Life update 2010-2012

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Zalfor   United States. Sep 30 2012 09:29. Posts 2236
I haven't posted here since 2011 and I really haven't posted anything productive here since 2010. But seeing as how I keep lurking here I might as well keep posting some stuff here.

So, 2010 I graduated from college. I spent 3 months during that summer playing poker, playing golf and spending a lot of time with my friends back in California. By the fall, I started my new job as a trader in Chicago. The transition period for me was good and I found a lot of cool people at work to hang out with. I currently been rooming with one of my work buddies for the past 2 years. Overall, as time went on and on I played less and less poker. When Black Friday happened I left a bunch of money (bunch is relative i guess) on the poker sites so that I would be able to play with it whenever I felt like it.

Unfortunately leaving money on FTP was a bad idea haha. But in the grand scheme of things, it was basically a drop in the bucket.

So progress through 2011, I met this girl online and we have been dating ever since. She is wonderful and makes me feel more complete as a person. Needless to say my personal life has been pretty good as well.

Going through 2011 and realizing that it's almost the end of 2012 I feel like the poker has been such a long time since I played seriously. I still look through some HHs out of habit and I still check some of the threads that seem interesting but life for me has really moved on. I am fortunate for all the lessons that poker has taught me. How to avoid the degen life style, how to analyse situations and at the end of the day how to self reflect and self improve. I am really happy to have been part of this community where I have met really good people.

Poker has taught me some great lessons and I think that I will always cherish the time I spent grinding away at college and struggling at the 10NL tables. Reflecting on it all, the money and everything really is so much less important than the other positives that it left me with. I don't plan on playing too much poker in the future and in fact the other day on my vacation I was playing 10/25 in Monaco. I definitely felt like I was no longer one of the better players at the table. That was quite a humbling experience as well. The basics were still there of course, but the small mistakes piled on and I definitely didn't feel like a winning player.

In the future I guess I'm going to be one of those fish at the high stakes tables that you guys make money from. But being a fish is a good privilege to be able to have.

Played poker in college
Does trading for living now
Happy to have played poker in college
Thinks poker was helpful to rest of life skills

BTW if anyone has any life/career questions or advice they want to share please don't hesitate to PM. Until then I'm going to burrow and lurk again.

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SoC   United Kingdom. Sep 30 2012 11:32. Posts 999

What you trading?

Spicy   United States. Sep 30 2012 11:46. Posts 1027

Trading is fucking awesome
Also since you're in Chicago I assume you're doing options market making?
lol broad stereotype

Silver_nz   New Zealand. Sep 30 2012 14:57. Posts 5647

Nice blog, its good to hear updates from people who got out of the game. Poker is definitely great training in not being delusional.

TianYuan    Korea (South). Sep 30 2012 15:48. Posts 6817

I'm kinda curious how trading actually works... like, what's a typical day like for you?

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

Zalfor   United States. Sep 30 2012 16:10. Posts 2236

I trade options in Chicago.

Typical day for me would be wake up at 6 and work from 7-5 or so. Hours are slightly variable. Mostly in the morning its preparation for the trading day and in the afternoon is review + projects

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 30 2012 16:12. Posts 13016

Do you watch MMA at all? You can always take part in the General forum threads if you don't feel like posting in any poker related threads.

Rekrul is a newb 

Zalfor   United States. Sep 30 2012 17:28. Posts 2236

I mainly use the general on TL

Endo   United States. Sep 30 2012 21:00. Posts 953

Where do you work? I'm actually applying for Trading entry level jobs in Chicago right now. Graduating this December.

whamm!   Albania. Sep 30 2012 21:33. Posts 11625

been trading like a fish for 5 months now. losing a small amount but learning a lot and getting better at it. trading is fun too
we should have a skype chat or something. LP should create a trading website plz.


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