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Buying Merge Money

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exalted   United States. Jul 12 2012 19:09. Posts 2918
Would like to put my USA bank funds to good use! I will give you Paypal for your Merge at .86, you send first.

I am reputable and am active both on LP and as a player on Merge. PM if interested!

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exalted from teamliquid :o 

TheTrees   United States. Jul 12 2012 21:36. Posts 1592

Thank god I was looking to get my money off of merge and didn't want to go through their verification process. PM'ing now.

basementkid   . Jul 12 2012 22:49. Posts 191

TheTrees I would love to get some money on merge as well Let me know if you have any left after selling to exalted it would be greatly appreciated.

SuFF   Poland. Jul 13 2012 15:00. Posts 447

where is the option to transfer funds at merge? i can exchange 10k but for mb/ps $

nabz   Canada. Jul 14 2012 13:26. Posts 420

Is it that hard to withdraw from merge ?

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