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50NL Lock

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Xervean   United States. Jun 17 2012 11:11. Posts 669
I've been trying out 50NL on the new Lock Poker revolution network. It feels absolutely fantastic to be grinding online again. I've been playing 4-6 tables and feel like I have a large edge in the game. Playing so much live poker has helped me discover the fold button... which is pretty important IMO!

I'm not sure how much of a roll I want to keep on the site. I would like to grind 100NL but not so sure I want to keep 4-5k on there. I realize it is a big risk to even be playing online in the USA right now. The main reason I'm doing it is to keep my game sharp and to test myself against good players. I guess making decent money is a plus too. I guess all I can do is cross my fingers and hope the cashout goes through when the time comes. From what I have read it is taking about 2 months and requires countless e-mails to the support team.

Here are the results so far. Running good and playing good!

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drone666   Brasil. Jun 17 2012 14:28. Posts 1752

playmoney imo

Dont listen to anything I say 

Xervean   United States. Jun 17 2012 15:01. Posts 669

  On June 17 2012 13:28 drone666 wrote:
playmoney imo

There is definitely a lot of risk involved. That being said I think there is a decent chance I will eventually get my money when I decide to cash out. It will probably just be a big pain in the ass and take several months. I find it to be an acceptable risk because I enjoy playing online and the money isn't a significant portion of my bankroll.

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PanoRaMa   United States. Jun 18 2012 02:24. Posts 1655

Do you have rakeback? if so, from where? 

Xervean   United States. Jun 18 2012 08:39. Posts 669

Yep when you make an account on Lock you have to e-mail support and request to have rakeback. The rakeback at Lock is setup for 36% and pays out every few hours. It's pretty nice imo.


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