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First shot at 5/10 live

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basementkid   . Apr 15 2012 07:54. Posts 191
So my gf had to work all day saturday and I thought that it would be a great time to go up and play some poker. My local casino is about 45 minutes away sometimes less depending on the traffic. I usually play 3/5 nl here with a max buyin of $500 and a max bet of $500 due to washington state law, but when I arrived I saw 1 guy that I was pretty sure was a fish waiting to get into the 5/10 game. Since the game was about to start I said aww fuck it Ill try a buyin of 1k and give it a go. I was willing to lose this plus maybe another bullet.

The game started 7 handed. There was at least 1 "live pro" at the table and more like 1.5, the second guy being a person who supplements his income a lot from poker. The other guys all knew each other and talked like they played all the time so they were regs. I definitely didnt assume that they were all good just because they were regs so I took my time to figure it out.

After about 30 minutes of feeling out the table there was 2 soft spots. 1 guy who was in for 2500 was a recreational guy that loved to suck out on people with gut shots etc, and another short stacker that only bought it for 500. I had raised about 3 times within 4 hands before this first big hand happened. I decided to mix it up and limp ak suited under the gun. It got folded around to the blinds completed and checked to the flop. V1 was the short stacker in the small blind and v2 was the big blind and he was a guy that seemed pretty solid but didnt like to be pushed around. He had played back at a few guys by check raising continuation and calling down with middle pair. Flop was K58 two hearts. V1 checks, V2 bets 35. I raise to $80 V1 calls and V2 makes it $180. Right here I almost thought about folding but I had under repped my hand super hard it just didnt look like ak. He could have a k here easily. He also could have a set, or even a hand like 58. Hero calls $180 and V1 calls also leaving only $300 behind for me. I was pretty sure at this point the guy had a hand like 67 or a flush draw. Turn is A. V1 checks V2 bets $300. The only hand that i am loosing to now is 55 and 88. It seemed like a tough spot because usually live players dont play a naked king this hard nor 58 even, just usually sets. I was super confused. I thought about it for a while and decided that I have some fold equity if he had a combo draw, because I was not going to fold for my last $500. I ended up shipping over the top. V1 called and V2 called. River was a J. V1 insta-mucked saying he missed and v2 said he had a king. I turned over my hand and he mucked. Thoughts? Should I have played it safe and just mucked the flop or the turn here.

I won another pretty good hand later where two guys called my 3 bet to $100 pre when I had KK. flop was q94 two clubs. I bet 180 and they both called. The turn was a 9 which didnt seem like it hit either of them the way the action was pre. I didnt have the king of clubs either. I led for $400 and V1 called and v2 mucked. V1 called for a club. The river was a the K of clubs. I thought for a minute and bet $500 which is the max bet and he reluctantly called saying i must have kings. Pretty good read but then why did he call? lol.

Final big hand of the night I had aces under the gun. I raised to $35. This guy who I had marked as a spot above, the guy who liked to call a lot with gutters and bad draws, min raises to 65. He loves this for some reason, the click back 3 bet. Everyone folds and its back to me and I know he wont fold for anything reasonable so I make it $160 to go. He knows that I am capable of running a bluff because I had to show down a hand 2 hands earlier that was KJ high after a guy called the river with an underpair to the board and had commented on it "nice try young man". Anyways the flop comes 447R. I bet $200 and he thinks and calls. The turn is a J bringing a possible flush draw. I picked up that he wasnt going to raise. He had a stack of 25's in his hand like he was ready to call. Maybe it is just something about live but it seemed like he didnt have jacks here. Maybe im crazy. I bet $400 and he counts it out and calls. The river comes a K. He immediately looks down at his chips to see how much he has. Seems like a bad sign. Kings in this spot would make some sense, but he is pretty aggressive so why didnt he raise the flop or the turn? Im still searching to find a hand that he would play this way and only 10's really came to mind. The other hand was kk that he was trying to get tricky with. I checked the river, know that I could have to bet fold if he raised. He announces same bet and bets $400. Only hands i lose to here are kk and jj. i dont think he has 7s ever but i guess its possible the way he played it. It just seemed a lot like 10's or 9's. But that means he put me on ak the whole way to call and then i hit a king it didnt seem to make sense. I ended up making the crying call because the pot was pretty big and he turned over ak and i raked the pot. Anyone have some advice on this hand? Seems like anywhere else the hand might be different but because of the max $500 bet in washington Its almost an auto call on the river. Its 400 to win almost $2000.

I ended the session up 3.3k which was an awesome score. The game changed a lot and looked like it was going to break when lots of the players moved over to the 5/10/25 PLO game. Its nice to reaffirm my trip to vegas wasnt a fluke and Im not just running good I seem to be playing decently well also.

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Arirang   Canada. Apr 15 2012 20:05. Posts 1673

Messy read.

The flush guy called because he called the big turn bet to hit a flush and he did. Not only that he was getting like 4 to 1, how do you expect him to fold. The check on the last hand is probably fine... I like betting, but I think you'd have to call his raise since pot odds and he might have KJ and think his top two is strong. You'd also get value from QQ, and other pockets that he may not give you credit for. I mean.. the guy sounds like he calls a lot, betting is prob +EV here.

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Mariuslol   Norway. Apr 15 2012 22:11. Posts 4742

Yah, the text is too clumped up, people will just look at it then go somewhere else xD

gawdawaful   Canada. Apr 15 2012 22:23. Posts 8984

Which casino is this in washington and how often do they have 5/10?
It must be a super retarded 5/10/25 plo game if the max bet is 500 xD

btw I think river is a raise considering you can only raise 500 and most he can make it is another 500. The way you described him and the way he plays, you lose to really nothing. This isnt a game where he can just jam river after slowplaying quads or anything, so if he has a hand better than ours, he would've put in a raise at some point prior to river. I rather just maxbet river tbh

Im only good at poker when I run good 

basementkid   . Apr 16 2012 00:47. Posts 191

Well shit haha, just quickly tell me how i can break it up so its not so horribly organized. Sorry for the messy read, but thanks for the input.

I understand that he hit the flush on the river, but he claimed to have aq which doesnt make much sense. If he had either and really thought i had kk i dont know how he could call.

It definitely makes sense now that he could have worse here and betting might be superior or even check/raising river. He almost has to call for pot odds with only a 500 max raise.

The casino is Tulalip and 5/10 runs almost every day im pretty sure. Everytime I have been up there it was running. The 5/10/25 plo game is a "suggested, basically required straddle". Lots of the regs are trying to change this because obviously this is a fucking stupid game if its only 500 max bet. It just seems super silly. 5/10 is plenty big with 500 max bet. The game used to be 5/5 but people didnt think it was big enough haha.

gawdawaful   Canada. Apr 16 2012 03:18. Posts 8984

the couple times I've been down theres been no 5/10.. will try to go on a weekend next time. thx

Im only good at poker when I run good 

basementkid   . Apr 16 2012 03:33. Posts 191

Yeah np. They for sure have 5/10 friday and saturday and we started the 5/10 during the day. Sunday used to be a day that they always had it but not as likely. Wednesday and thursday are usually good.


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