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BreakofReality   . Mar 16 2012 20:27. Posts 1
Hey guys, I'm having trouble finding what the different European sites rakeback deals are.

Could you guys give me your thoughts on which you like and why (customer support/withdraw time) etc...


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barbieman   Sweden. Mar 16 2012 22:10. Posts 2132;_Private_deals_for_LP_...html

It's a start. Pretty sure there is a rakeback thread on 2+2 were you can ask for deals. Depending on what you rake, I think you can get slightly better deals.
I have no experience of using 2+2 for that though. Only had deals through LP or contacts, they've all worked good. If you get offered a deal, research the skin to see if it has any complaints. Also, Ongame uses essence rb, which is worse than flat if you're a winning player. Don't know about other sites, so ask the affiliate what rb method the network uses.

BreakofReality   . Mar 16 2012 23:44. Posts 1

Thanks for the reply.

I noticed that almost every mid-high stakes poster here seems to be playing on pokerstars instead of one of the euro sites(according to the hands posted on the right side of the screen ). I was under the impression that 50-60% rake-back was standard on Euro sites.(is this not true?)

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barbieman   Sweden. Mar 17 2012 00:28. Posts 2132

I think so, depending on what you rake. If you rake a lot, you can get ever higher at some sites.


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