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Grad School Cheating

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thumbz555   United States. Jan 18 2012 00:41. Posts 3281
I'm in graduate school for physical therapy (doctor of pt program), caught an acquaintance of mine cheating on our last exam. Our faculty is very trusting (to a fault, apparently). Long story short, + Show Spoiler +

100% dude was cheating. He then has the audacity to say "easy exam" to my friend and I afterward. So what do you do?

additional background info, if u need it
+ Show Spoiler +

update: program is competitive, clinical rotations are done by lottery, with the highest GPA's being most likely to get their top choice. Additionally, there are competitive clinical sites which require you to be in the top 5% of your class in order to apply/attend.
Poll: Game plan?
(Vote): Let it go.
(Vote): Go to the instructor.
(Vote): Call dude out.
(Vote): Other.

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YoMeR   United States. Jan 18 2012 01:02. Posts 12435

lol fuck kinda messed up to let someone like that become a physical therapist O_O

Usually I'd let it go (unless it was an extremely competitive program/class then fuck him burn the motherfucker) but it seems morally wrong to let someone like that get certified to TREAT INJURED PEOPLE ;o

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TheCurse   Canada. Jan 18 2012 01:03. Posts 25

This is a tough one. I hate cheating/cheaters but I also dislike ratting people out... I'd prolly let it go just cause it's the easier thing to do. But I'm sure if I really disliked the guy I'd rat him out.

Daut    United States. Jan 18 2012 01:06. Posts 8955

snitches get stitches

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Carthac   United States. Jan 18 2012 01:09. Posts 1343

Tough situation, but youre only bringing a shit storm onto yourself if you told on him.

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Jan 18 2012 01:36. Posts 14026

Its blackmail time...

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Jan 18 2012 01:56. Posts 5304

blackmail or rat him out seems like the best thing to do.

i don't see whats so bad about rating people out.

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blahblah1234   United States. Jan 18 2012 02:14. Posts 18

Best vid ever Daut - Love it

Gumster   Sweden. Jan 18 2012 02:33. Posts 2290

snitches be bitches

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PuertoRican   United States. Jan 18 2012 03:00. Posts 13059

If you have concrete proof, like something really solid against the guy, I'd tell the teacher. (I'm on good terms with all of my college teachers, so I wouldn't have a problem saying something if I had proof.)

But I can say this, if I found out someone was trying to ruin my future in any way, especially when it comes to trying to get me in trouble in the most important test in my life, I'd do something crazy to that guy, and I don't mean just beating him up.

Just think of what you would do if a fellow classmate were to do something that decided whether you made millions of dollars or working for minimum wage for the next 20 years at McDonalds. (example)

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julep   Australia. Jan 18 2012 03:03. Posts 1274

you cant go through your life telling on people's indiscretions especially those which don't affect you. Though in saying that I would probably tell the guy I was aware just to see how he reacts.

SugoGosu   Korea (South). Jan 18 2012 03:05. Posts 1793

idk, if this was a competitive field, i'd have him burn and laugh when he flips burgers later.

I dont know, I really don't want someone who cheated their way through school to be helping me through therapy after I break my leg, or something. It shows he's incompetent and doesn't take it seriously enough. Idk, I don't like the idea of cheating.

Because of his cheating, he will get a job where someone who didn't cheat and tried harder won't. Idk, I'd rather have a therapist who actually tried in school than someone who didn't.

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julep   Australia. Jan 18 2012 03:25. Posts 1274

Some other points

-you dont know what is happening in his personal life (depression etc)
-you will have to live with telling on him for the rest of your time at uni ->people will know what you did and never trust you again
-you dont know when you will need to copy someones assignment or do something similar. Fuck... Time at uni will prob be the most degen part of your life. Going out drinking/hangovers are super standard
-you have nothing to gain from doing this apart from asserting your own power

Highcard   Canada. Jan 18 2012 03:43. Posts 5428

I don't give a fuck, it's just a test, not a big thing in life, especially if it's pass/fail basically. Tests are almost always useless anyways as a form of testing intelligence in a field. It matters more how they preform in real world situations and with the plethora of information that comes with our lifestyle now, it means more how you can apply that available information. The less you worry about others choices, the more you can focus on yourself and bettering you. In the end that's all the matters. So fuck it. You are getting fucked harder by your legislation at present, if you wanna piss on something, go piss on your states peeps on SOPA/PIPA.

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qwerty67890   New Zealand. Jan 18 2012 03:54. Posts 14026

seems like he makes it quite clear that its a competitive class, with top students getting better opportunities in clinical rotations, so it does affect him, and the whole class, to have some kid cheating.
and its physical therapy so theres a chance a person might actually suffer as a result of this guy having cheated, as he will be qualified without the relevant knowledge.
and he said "easy exam" so hes obv a huge cock sucker.

his personal life is fucking bullshit, schools have systems in place for people to cover people with medical problems, bereavement etc. You dont just get to fucking cheat your way through and tell everyone the exam was easy.

man, fuck that guy.

Id rat him out and not concern myself with a motto used by prison inmates.

StArCuE   United States. Jan 18 2012 06:55. Posts 123

I'd watch the movie 'School Ties' if I wanted the answer to this question. But seriously, this is a tough situation. Kind of amazing he's able to get away with this in the manner in which he did. Furthermore if you have to cheat on an exam in which the study guide covered 85% of the test then the kids an idiot anyways and will more likely than not get caught cheating at some point. However, if you really feel compelled to let the teacher know I might write a letter to the faculty or something letting them know this sort of this is going on and hopefully he ends up getting caught. Also it's clear that you work hard and are passionate about what your doing otherwise you wouldn't care. So good luck with your decision and with school.

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hoylemj   United States. Jan 18 2012 08:28. Posts 840

Let it go? lol

moneypoker   Poland. Jan 18 2012 08:54. Posts 693

lol so different in the USA
in poland almost everybody cheats on exams, and I mean 90%. even the really smart people cheat on exams, it's normal here.
if someone would rat anybody out he would be considerd a huge dick...
but thats how it is here, different country different rules

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Kapol   Poland. Jan 18 2012 10:02. Posts 4696

  On January 18 2012 07:54 moneypoker wrote:
lol so different in the USA
in poland almost everybody cheats on exams, and I mean 90%. even the really smart people cheat on exams, it's normal here.
if someone would rat anybody out he would be considerd a huge dick...
but thats how it is here, different country different rules

Although it's kind of sad... That being said, I've basically cheated my way through uni so far (getting a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics soon). I'm talking about all the math theory stuff, it's basically impossible to cheat on math problems. No big deal, though. I won't ever use 99% of this stuff anyway.

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thewh00sel    United States. Jan 18 2012 11:00. Posts 2734

....Evolution, cheat or die. If you don't cheat you're def the minority. You should let it go. >90% of the time he isn't going to get in trouble and you are going to look like a douche. Cheating is very standard these days everywhere. Dumber people are evolving to compete with smarter people; and the best adjustment you can make is to out-cheat him since you're smarter than him, or to not associate with him anymore and do your own thing. The only way to rat him out imo would have been to say something WHILE he was doing it ("Hey what do you keep looking at? Is that the study guide??? Hey teacher I think this guy's cheating". And then you still look like a tool and no one will trust you since I'm sure all of your other classmates cheat as well. #UptownProblems

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