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Blunts & Bills

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Joey Priore
  sooon2b, Jan 21 2010

Good buddy of mine, very talented. Heres his first youtube mixtape premier. More songs to come, and all of his old stuff from the band is on youtube, and quite good. Anyways, chicks dig this song, and his version is actually listenable. lol

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Song of the week
  sooon2b, Jan 01 2010

so redic good. whole mixtape is dirty.

Long story short, both my macbook and desktop computers broke within a week of each other. I blew my raptor HD on my desktop, and I feel I may have also fried my HD on my macbook. Getting my desktop fixed atm, and likely purchasing the sony vaio fw series laptop within the next few weeks.

On account of that, I have not played any poker.

That is all, happy new year peace.

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Xmas Break Propbet
  sooon2b, Dec 14 2009

Looking to do a small prop with someone over winter break. For me this time period is tomorrow, Dec 15th-Jan 19th. That's like 36 days, and figure we wont be playing much on Xmas or New Years. Wanna try to maybe do like 60k hands by Jan 19th. Was thinking maybe something like $250, bit of an incentive for me to play. Dunno how the proposed prop would work tbh. Maybe i'll just take action against me playing 60k hands? Suggestions?

I think the most i've ever played in a month was maybe 30k, and that was when I was a "full time" poker player 3 years ago. Since I don't think i've logged a month over 20k. I comfortably 4 table currently, but can play up to 8 fairly poorly imo :-. Ill be playing 50NL & 100NL 6M, might dabble in some 200NL if I am playing/running well.

My SN is readmyline on Full Tilt, where I will be playing most of the hands. I may xfer some money to stars once January rolls around for Supernova purposes.

So ya, what do you guys think?

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Mid-month Update
  sooon2b, Dec 13 2009

I want to start off by saying fuck finals. Blah. Anyways, poker has been great this month. I am up a bit over 3k so far thanks to me luck boxing a tournament for 2k, and doing fairly well at 50NL and 100NL averaging ~1k hands/day so far. I am done with finals Tuesday, and will be diving into grind-mode on Wednesday.

Not necessarily just grinding, but really studying my game. I will be doing a lot more extensive research into my game via HEM's filter feature which I just recently discovered. I have a few specific training videos I will be watching and taking notes on. I also purchased Slowhabit's NL Workbook a few days ago and from what I have skimmed so far, it looks great, I cant wait to really sit down and absorb everything.

I have high hopes for my development as a poker player in the coming months. I have been talking a good bit with JEM87 and he has really helped me look at the game much differently. My results since I started playing again in October have been great, and my play has been improving daily. I am hoping to be playing midstakes somewhat regularly by summertime, and dabbling in 5/10+ by 2011.

I am considering doing the whole Vegas thing this summer for the WSOP. If I continue to improve my game between now and then, and can afford it financially, I will likely end up going. I feel like that could really improve my game by leaps and bounds, and I really want to take advantage of an opportunity like that.

Anyways, back to studying, peace homies

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Xmas Present: Laptop
  sooon2b, Dec 09 2009

Gonna be buying myself a new laptop soon, replacing my late 2k7 macbook pro. So far, I like this laptop best for the following reasons:

I love the new macbook style keyboard.

I like that its 16.4" rather than 17 or 18 inches, with the same resolution.

I like that its a sony and not a dell or some other brand. (Fwiw, I love my mac, just not for poker.)

I like that its $1500

Here's the specs:

Sony Vaio FW Series
# Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T9600 (2.80GHz)
# 6GB (4GBx1 + 2GBx1) DDR2-SDRAM-800
# 500GB SATA Hard Disk Drive (7200rpm)
# 16.4" VAIO extra-wide HD display (1920x1080)
# ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 4650 graphics with 1GB dedicated video RAM
# Large Capacity Battery (VGP-BPL13)
# CD/DVD playback/burning
# FreshStart™
# Black
# Genuine Microsoft® Windows® 7 Professional

Wondering what you guys think? If I read correctly, the fresh start option cleans all the random bullshit that just takes up space before I receive the computer? I was also wondering if it would be better for me to get a solid state HD. Would it make my computer much faster, or would the inconvenience make it not worth it?

Main program's I run on a daily basis:
MS Word

Should this be ok?

Holla back

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2nd in random mtt
  sooon2b, Dec 09 2009

Got 2nd in the FTP 10k Super Turbo KO tourney, ship 2k. Looks like I may be bypassing 50NL a bit

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Put it in the airrr
  sooon2b, Dec 08 2009


smoking this (be sure to zoom in on the pic for full effect)

through this

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50NL So far,,,
  sooon2b, Dec 07 2009

small sample, but thats all the 6max 50nl since I started playing again in october. ship

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Life changing...
  sooon2b, Dec 03 2009

That + LSD. Mind hasnt been the same since...

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Nov Results/Dec Goals
  sooon2b, Dec 01 2009

Well, november went pretty well considering the amount of hands I played. Pretty much all 50NL, first half of the hands were HU, 2nd half 6max.

After this month, I had enough to move up to 100NL, but decided to withdraw all but 25 buyins for 50NL. Wanted to make sure I am comfortable on live cash until January. Once January rolls around, I will recieve scholarship money, and should not have to take out any poker money for at least 6 months.

My goals for December, aside from acing my semester finals, will be to play ~60k hands and move up to 100NL. I also think I will be purchasing Slowhabit's NL Workbook once finals are over and plan on carefully studying that throughout winter break. Also, I would like to get ironman on ftp in dec, and prob throw some $ back on stars to maintain silverstar. Goals for 2k10 will include supernova and maintaining ironman monthly on ftp.

If anyone wants to chat poker and is a 50-100NL player, or any ssnl for that matter, pm me. Also looking to get back to chatting on ventrilo with people and doing some live sweating. PM me if interested, or if you know the ventrilo server info

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