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  MezmerizePLZ, Mar 10 2008

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Aruba - Day 1 again
  MezmerizePLZ, Sep 28 2007

So after the airport told me that i would have to go back through security he told us we could just split the $ up between the 3 of us, which we did. We got on the plane which was going to leave at 6:20 ish, but got delayed for another flight that had alot of passengers that were going to be on the plane. Brymstar met up with us on the plane along with tons of other poker players that were taking the same flight. (i didn't really ask who any of them where, although apestyles was on our flight). The flight was long but we got to aruba without much trouble. Doomer is apparently retarded and thought the airport lost his luggage, only to report that it was lost, and me and derric bet 3:1 odds that he would get his bag back by the end of the night. I won the bet when doomer found his bag on the bag claim thing which apparently was a different color than he thought it was. We got a cab after awhile and took like an hour to find our house since apparently streets don't have names in aruba, or at least not in the place where we are staying. The house is pretty nice but there is no food and we were all starving. we did a toast with some long island ice teas and then headed off in another taxi to find food. We went to the radisson where i put 1k on black and won, but apparently they don't serve food or something unless you order room service while your playing poker. We took another cab over to a 24 hr restuarant and ate. and now we're back at the house. i'm pretty exhausted and i think all of us had pretty long travel time. hopefully some more interesting things will happen but as of now thats all thats happend.

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Aruba - Day 1
  MezmerizePLZ, Sep 28 2007

Basically this day was designated toward traveling to Aruba. I woke up at about 5:00am and got to the airport at 6:20ish, my plane didn't leave until 8:20 but I wanted to get there early to find out about traveling with a lot of $. They told me to declare it at my layover in miami, so I took my flight and got into miami at 2:00 (12:00 colorado time). Doomer got to Miami pretty soon after me and we wandered around the retarded miami airport for awhile until derek showed up at about 4;00. At the airport they told me to declare the $ i would have to.. continued later taxi is here to the radison

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Tourney win!
  MezmerizePLZ, Sep 22 2007

Split for 18k to me and 17k to him
when we split we had really close chip stacks, he probably had 5k more chips than me.

Also doing good in 100/200 thats running right now, so far my biggest winning day ever

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Sick swing
  MezmerizePLZ, Sep 06 2007

Something must be wrong with my poker grapher, because I instantly started out down 70k on the day from playing SimpleMath headsup at 100/200, (Eventually I was only down 49k to him before he left). I had 100% of myself and thought I played sub-par, but I think I have an edge and will continue to play him.

After he quit me I went over to Prima 50/100, and started winning it back, I only had 40k or so on my prima account, but F bankroll management or whatever. I started off down 10k, but then couldn't stop flopping sets and was soon even on the day. I went back to stars 25/50 and played for awhile, was up a bit more, then got curb stomped on stars while losing a few big pots on prima. Back down 25k. More 25/50 and 50/100 Prima grinding, F stars. Eventually I was at my high point on the day. +25k (I am actually up more because before i started my NLHE session i won 7.5k in PLO).

I told my opponents I was playing HU that I was leaving in 15, and then it went to shit, lost back to -2k, where I quit.

I am actually up 5k on the day or so, but I wasn't counting PLO in this whole description.

anyway, sicklife

I also won and lost my biggest hands today
Hand 1:
We were exactly 50/50 to win this hand on the flop, and I think his call is bad vs me.

Hand 2:
standard, rigged hand

Hand 3:
I can only assume he has AA or 66 here, I don't think hes ever bluffing. I guess he can have KK too, or some retarded bluff.

I played alot of other sick hands today too that I posted, alot of them are really interesting if you check them out

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August or something
  MezmerizePLZ, Sep 02 2007

Just wanted to say that august was tied for my 2nd best month, with +110k, but p3achy_keen is a newb so now im not as rich as i was before

I won alot at 25/50 and alot at 5/10, but had a slightly losing month at 10/20, probably because 1 day i dropped 25k at 10/20, which was weird because i didn't htink i was playign too terribly, just kept getting owned. I also had a day where I lost 14k messing around at 5/10 trying to be a super lagtard.

i'll try to make over 100k this month again, really trying to grind out alot of hands and hopefully start working out again and get back in shape.

I played around 40k hands in august and plan to do the same in september, I have a trip planned to aruba with sixpeppers and doomer in late september, which should be pretty sweet and I hope some other LPers would go but I think the APPT and EPT are the same time so its sorta messed up...

anyway i'm sorta gonna go now,

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  MezmerizePLZ, Aug 16 2007

1. 1500$ on black is not good

2. Bill ivey said he likes watermelons, lolz

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  MezmerizePLZ, Aug 11 2007

So lately i've really been grinding, trying to make up for my past 2 months. I think I lost around 20k in june, and won around 10k in july, which is pretty poor results.

I've put in alot of hands this month, anywhere from 2/4 to 25/50, with most of the bulk at 5/10 and 10/20. i've won at every limit except 2/4, lol, but then when i play 2/4 i just 12 table and go crazy when i don't want to think really, usually playing like 35 vpip 12 tabling.

I am up around 26k so far in august, and plan to keep grinding and trying to play good and solid and avoid tilting. This month i'm trying not to be sloppy at all, which is easy to do. (By sloppy I mean playing like PLO high stakes or HU matches i shoudln't be in and things of that sort, just in general avoiding -ev games)


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Back to poker
  MezmerizePLZ, Jul 23 2007

So after all of my traveling to vegas and being a lazy bum and stuff i'm back home ready to grind. I decided prima poker is not for me, I just can't stand the software or think while i see the software, but the games do seem very soft compared to stars and stuff, and if they updated their software to something more like fulltilt or stars i'd definitely be willing to play there again more, but the software tilts me too hard.

I now have two goals..
1. Win an MTT. Something I've never done. even milkman won an MTT <3 and its been on my list of things to do for a bit but i'm going to do it. I've gotten to multiple final tables, but I don't nkow if i've ever done better than 3rd.. apparently i suck or something.

2. Grind 10/20 and 25/50 and make $1,000,000 before the end of the year. I also want to move up to stakes above 25/50, but since stars doesn't offer 50/100 that might be sorta tough. I think this is going to be a tough goal because I have trouble staying on track, but hopefully somehow i'll motivate myself.

Another thing I'm interested in doing is traveling to europe, not quite sure where I want to go yet, but some place with a casino. I plan on doing this sometime before late september, and I think it would be cool to get some LPers to go and play in an EPT event or something similar. Basically I want to be able to play some live poker since I am still under 21 and was pretty restricted at vegas.

Gl all,

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Back in vegas
  MezmerizePLZ, Jul 17 2007

So once it was final that RAINKHAN made the final table me and alex got our plane tickets and flew out about 7 hours later, we landed but were exhausted from basically waiting to see if he final tabled online and staying up to 5am so we just didnt sleep and got our flight at 11am, we landed in vegas and took a cab to the rio (where the ME FT is held, and where we stayed last time). We met up with actiondj who got us our hotel room and ate some steaks and then crashed. Our hotel room this time is the same quality but the view is alot nicer and we have giant windows. we're also 31 levels up instead of 3, which i think is pretty cool but now the elevator is farther away which is probably good i need to run some miles.

After we woke up we met up with bigbobm (who flew in a few hours after us and had also went to sleep and woken back up) went and got some food at like 2:30am (steak again for me obv), and then headed over to the wynn to meet up with cosmo. We got to the wynn and found cosmo, actiondj, pavel, lyric, and mangod sitting in the poker room, 3 of em playing the 5/10 live game. Cosmo proceeded to tell us how hes a nit and lost a 6k pot. me alex bigbobm and cosmo went back to his hotel room at the wynn so he could update day 3 of his blog even though hes been here for forever, and we watched aqua teen hunger force (the movie) which was pretty disappointing imo. alex fell asleep and was basically impossible to wake up, cosmo hit him with pillows, jumped on him, and put water on his face and was still unsuccessful. We watched some videos of rainkhan or something and then me alex and bigbob headed back to the rio.

we're all planning to wake up at like 9:30 and heading down to get in line to the ME FT since apparently khan can only reserve 4 seats, so hopefully we'll be able to get in with the general public and just see the entire thing or reserve some seats and be able to switch out n stuff. im going to go and try to sleep for like 2 hours now and hopefully be able to stay awake through the entire ME FT.


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