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Need money trasnfer will pay $10 for help
  Matt98568, Oct 05 2007

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Stupid Mistake ( looking for stake)
  Matt98568, Sep 25 2007

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  Matt98568, Sep 09 2007

So I cashed out for 800 yesterday to get a laptop, I got a 15.4 " hp which is really nice. It's pretty fast and has more memory then I will ever need.

Poker has been going good I won about 1400 last week including two tourney wins.

title pretty much explains the situation... basically I should probably start paying taxes now that I am just playin poker for money. I really have not made to much playing poker compared to others but I had a few under the table jobs so I figured eventually this shit will catch up with me so I should try and get stuff caught up.

I found a old thread on lp where a pocketfives article was listed and I read I really should just get an accountant. I have not made that much so I don't know if its that neccesary if someone could help me out with how to go about claiming the gambling winnings. Pretty much if people could share how they go about keeping track of their wins and losses that would be appreciated.

In the pocket fives article it talks about it alittle bit but just wondering what others did.

Is just getting an accountant the best way to go about this or do any of you guys do the taxes yourselves?

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Tourney wins
  Matt98568, Sep 03 2007

Won the lp tourney and this today

PokerStars Tournament #60168158, No Limit Hold'emBuy-In: $11.00/$1.00

180 players
Total Prize Pool: $1980.00 Tournament started - 2007/09/03 - 19:48:49 (ET)
Dear Matt98568, You finished the tournament in 1st place.

A $594.00 award has been credited to your Real Money account.

You earned 275.19 tournament leader points in this tournament.For information about our tournament leader board, see our web site at

Funny how things work out sometimes, I got sucked out in the other 6 or 7 sit and gos I played in. If that did'nt happen I got it in bad with kings or aces on draw heavy flops only to lose to sets that people called off half there stacks to hit. There was one tourney where I just played terrible and I deserved to lose made a stupid play got owned harcore.

Polish the luckbox when I got in this one though

I thought I had to do this got lucky any thoughts though?

He shoved over alot of raises with trash so I knew I had to be good

This was huge, I won the race and this set the tone rest of the way

I thought this was good just bad result

Luck box is just working well

And people say poker is hard

I thought this was good fairly standard though


Any comments on anything would be appreciated

I wrote a longer blog entry but for some reason I tried to hit post message and it said to log back in. I made a few edits so I think most of the stuff should be in now. I'm going to try and get this blog going so I can get to 200nl by the end of the year.

One last thing though is I need a laptop for school and I have a really nice desktop so I'm not gonna get a super nice laptop since I don't really like them. I just need it to take to class and get on the internet during class for some of our assignments.

Anyways if you could look at this link at let me know which ones you think are best of the ones all the way up the the black laptop that is 729. If someone could fine me a laptop that is around 600 to 750 that they think would be good for poker and school that would work as well. Thanks

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  Matt98568, Apr 18 2007

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  Matt98568, Feb 27 2007

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New Name
  Matt98568, Feb 16 2007

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Full Tilt Name
  Matt98568, Feb 10 2007

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Starting over
  Matt98568, Feb 09 2007

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interesting day
  Matt98568, Feb 08 2007

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