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  EzPzLmnSqz, Jan 07 2010

I was at this FR table and everyone left but one guy so I'm like oh kay, some HU would be fun.
the guy proceeds to fold his SB over n over, then i figured out he folds his BB to any small raise,
any only raises with QQ++ or AK or something like that. been watching the 2 table he/she/it's at and been doing the same thing
name : xritax at .02/.05 lol
was taking like 3 bi's off the thing till the table filled up

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chat detach?
  EzPzLmnSqz, Jan 04 2010

whenever i open up a new table my chat keeps detaching
don't have any auto-detach chat options selected obv

anyone else have this issue before? just happened recently @ FTP

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o yea
  EzPzLmnSqz, Jan 02 2010
broke even ! rofl

/start rant

actually up ~$50 cause of bonus/rb but whatever im so happy cuz There wuz a point i was down like 15 BI and was like wtf i suck TTT wrist emo but the past 3 days have all been +++. also dl'd trial version of PT3 but 0 clue how to use lolol XD
i wonder if 35k/2 weeks is good volume or w/e but i bet ppl do lots more.
also how do u increase tables at ftp. they were like, email us! -been 2 weeks no reply-
guess cuz its holidaysz.. Hmmm. also my friend wants to play poker too but lolol hes n00b and has no credit card. self-level imo.

/end rant

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first deposit question
  EzPzLmnSqz, Dec 27 2009

my friend doesn't have credit/debit card so i wanna transfer him funds
but it says i cant because he needs to have prior.. deposits
+ for some reason that gift certificate thing isn't working for me, so.

- is there another way to transfer
- Is it ok if i log in his account and deposit directly? ( pretty sure it's not)
~30$ USD

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  EzPzLmnSqz, Dec 22 2009

Hey all. I just started poker on ftp and signed up for rakeback on this site so i thought I'd introduce myself

If you know me I'm HeavOnEarth on and Starcraft. (zerg ftw) I'm a college freshmen at Texas Tech University in Lubbock as well

This year has been a lifestyle change for me. Been doing a lot, just started working out for the first time ever and got pretty solid results, + playing basketball lots and made a couple of tight friends.

In addition, I've started playing poker at my library! At first i played freerolls and playmoney tables on pokerstars. I managed to win a few dollars from a freeroll tournament and built my BR to about $10. Then sadly, variance + my massive leaks as a player ate it up and i went back down to 0$

However, recently i deposited $50 dollars on full tilt! It's been exciting, learned a lot, here's some notable hands.

+ Show Spoiler +

-Worst card in the deck for my opponent, heh.
+ Show Spoiler +

-Welcome to poker! my name is variance :D
+ Show Spoiler +

+ Show Spoiler +

Also, my GPA as of this semester

i think i got an 88-89 in calculus + teacher hates me for never showing up to class
= lololol

but otherwise all is well, I'm very pleased with my GPA.

See you at the tables!

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  EzPzLmnSqz, Dec 18 2009

I'll trade SC coaching for poker coaching ! preferably tips on making +EV decisions in general and on playing TAG/loose-passive in cash games, as those are the only players i've seen at 1c/2cNL so far and also how to approach tournament poker in general.

im B- Zerg on iCCup and just started poker on 1/2nl on PS recently

otherwise ill just look around for articles

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