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We Americans Got to Get Our Fast Food!
  jkpickett, Nov 18 2007

So I'm running some errands today and I look over and see a pretty incredible sight. I only had my camera phone available so the clarity is lacking, but it's two incredibly obese old women on motorized carts ordering fast food! It just got me thinking how fucked up Americans diets are. Do any of you UK guys run into similar scenarios abroad???

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Baal is a classy guy...Please forgive me
  jkpickett, Jun 12 2007

"oh he will be in my daily prays...

yeah right!!! lmfao @ christians.

another one bites the dust who cares.. die bastard."

baal's response to someone asking for prayers over someone dying. this guy is a class act people. yet everyone is portraying me as some idiot loose cannon who is out of line. last blog post til tomorrow.

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Spamming the blogs now???
  jkpickett, Jun 12 2007

just keep grasping for straws. i wish you would just ban me already. now i can't even type in my blog because it's spamming??? the only way i can communicate (since you banned me) is by posting in my blog and even then I can't make replies, therefore i have to post new topics IN MY BLOG. sorry that you called me an idiot and sorry i retaliated by challenging you (since this is out of line apparently???), but i'll drop it now because you ignored repeated requests for an intellectual duel. if i challenged you at poker you would surely accept, but why not this challenge? and do realize that in that same topic you insulted me numerous times just as i did to you, but you have the upper hand because you are closing in on 10k post (250 of which are calling me names).

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So Baal I guess you won't accept my challenge?
  jkpickett, Jun 12 2007

[09:01:42 PM] Baal: i gave jkpickett a 1 week ban
[09:01:48 PM] Baal: he went out of line
[09:01:49 PM] Baal:
[09:02:48 PM] Victor: yeah
[09:02:48 PM] Victor: fucked up topic w/e he deserved it
[09:04:14 PM] Victor: 1 week is excellent

Keep the spam in the Blogs and you will be IP banned for life.

So a simple No would have sufficed. I'll take that as a victory. And should I start groveling now so as to avoid the dreaded IP ban for life? Let me know dude. Later.

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hey Nazgul
  jkpickett, Jun 12 2007

what i said was pretty much the same thing as he does to me. i know you gotta stand by your guys because they are more valued members, but he is constantly calling me an idiot, moron, stupid, and many other things and i guess that stuff is acceptable?

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Oh yeah...
  jkpickett, Jun 12 2007

I tried to contact you, but since I'm banned i couldn't PM you. That post you closed was 100% serious and if you can't take a challenge that is no reason to ban me. All i'm doing is defending you calling me a moron. I really want to prove that you are more of one. And like i said before it's funny you can drop f bombs and call me all kinds of names, but the second you get some challenge you fucking fold. i wanted some serious input from the LP community to help me find a way to make a fair playing field because IQ tests, etc. are for the birds.

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Baal you are a pussy
  jkpickett, Jun 12 2007

You wanna ban me then fine, but you call me names and challenge me, but when i say "hey let's do this" and accept your challenge, then you do the only thing you ever do...BAN ME. what a fucking pussy. i didn't mention your name and it was a legitimate challenge (that still stands btw). i'll put some money up. you talk and say you are so fucking brilliant so i say put your talk to the test. you are a bully punk and i won't be a bitch like the other guys here and kiss your ass. find a way to do this without your little language issue and i'm down. til then see you in a week because i know you won't step up. PUSSY

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Sunday Millions and Comcast ISP don't mix
  jkpickett, Feb 25 2007

So today I played in the 500+30 Sunday Millions with some of my FPPs. I was running pretty well and only had my tourney life at stake twice with about 110 left. I win a big pot to put me to 250k and I'm in 38th place or something. My table is pretty soft too and I now had the second biggest stack at it. Then it happened...Comcast put the bad beat on.

Internet hasn't gone out in weeks, but now it's dead. I tried calling several people, but since I'm on the east coast they were all sleeping to get ready for work tomorrow. I call my dad, go pick up his laptop, drive to the nearest starbucks, but they are closed by now. I'm thinking it's hopeless, but I picked up a signal from a nearby Taco Bell and went and parked in front and connected.

By now 45 minutes have passed, I'm now blinded off over a quarter of my stack, and am in like 50th out of 67 or something. My M is about 6, so I wait a few hands and push 9To and get all folds, then next hand KK and get called by A4 (who had about the same stack size as me). 44x flop comes and it's like 61st or some shit for me. Not to say I would have won or anything, but ruined my day. Thanks Comcast. Done ranting now.

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LOL @ mods of forums
  jkpickett, Feb 22 2007

The title says it all! I won't go into why I laugh at these people, but they need a life! Get a girlfriend, get laid, DON'T TAKE YOUR ROLE SO FUCKING SERIOUSLY!!! You haven't been deputized by some internet police order so stop acting like it. Faggots!!! (except Baal of course, he's still cool)

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Since Returning to Stars on Jan. 29
  jkpickett, Feb 18 2007

Best I've run in a while. Only 2 down days. Trying to hit 6k by the end of February. Still waiting for Lee Jones to bring me back down to Earth.

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