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A New Beginning
  iandeezy, Aug 17 2007

So I cashed out my nl200 roll a few months ago to take a time out and rethink my approach to poker on a whole and today while railing a friend realized I still had 1.90 left in my account. Thought WTF and decided to see how far I can take it. Up to a whopping 3.35 after the only game I could play (1.25 SNG) and my goal is to work it up to $100 within the next week or two by continuing to play as solid as my new approach will allow me. I'm too busy with life to make a sizable deposit that would allow me to play at the highest stakes I know I'm capable of beating and hope by starting from scratch I will be able to stay humble and positive about the successes I know I can attain by playing a complex game better than others. GL me.

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