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The High

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  Highcard, Mar 18 2015

There was a time, once, when I, as a man, thought about the world and the possibilities. Looking down at my hands, the yesteryear's memories swirled and creased to become the man I am today. Somewhere, trapped within those memories was the time I wondered which possibilities would take root. Happenstance, Haphazard, Hogwash.

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New Volvo XC 90 2015
  Highcard, Sep 01 2014

The best hybrid SUV is launching spring 2015: Volvo XC 90

If you want to lease or buy a new car, get the xc 90

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Range math problem/help
  Highcard, Aug 29 2014

My brain hurts after looking at this trying to find the GTO, max value play for Player A

Player A always bet Pot size
Player B always calls or folds

Player A range
Player B range

9h9s8c Kd 6d

What is the range Player A maxes out value in this spot?
Player A cbet 75% of the time, 2:1 value:bluff ratio and check lose 25% air
Player B call 50% of the time, with 50% equity and fold 50% of the time


Player A cbet 93% of the time 72/77 combos, with 50% equity, checking 7% pure air
Player B call 100% with 50% equity


? a better option

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Oct 21 2010
  Highcard, Jul 23 2014

I think about time, about moments. I am drawn to moments and treat the present (passing) moment like a drug. Addicted to moments, I find it difficult to move forward. I will exhaust myself in a moment, chasing the short term memory loop. I find unfettered beauty when I give my consciousness the opportunity to filter out the noise of living. No thoughts of food, of breath, of reality. Beauty can be found in every event, in every tear-wrinkled-cry. No matter, the cruel betrayal of reality dances on beauty like unrelenting rain.

Reality can crush the soul, turning minds to fraught...actions attacking from wayward direction... overwhelmed, selfishness can overcome and project from the mind.

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  Highcard, Jul 21 2014

it is a lie

all the lie

the bond films

Sean Connery wore a toupee

all the lie has been used

Sean could have made bond the bald bad-ass super man but instead we had to wait 40 years for Jason Statham --
and he never became bond, instead, a none mainstream hipster-walking-muscle with a face

now bond has morphed into Hitler's super child: a blonde, blue eye, cyborg mind Terminator

the simulacrum of Man

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  Highcard, May 13 2014

I was retweeted today, talking about net-neutrality #FCCNetNeutrality; First time ever, popped that cherry.

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  Highcard, Mar 07 2014

This was on ABC News This evening:

News host 1 and 2

1"Disturbing trend among young adults, getting DTF tattooed on their bottom inner lip and flashing it to others. DTF signals 'down to know...anything in bed with anyone"

2"Wow(shocking face), young people these days. That is disturbing."

1"Yes it is disturbing. The trend is sweeping the nation and Doctors fear an increase in STDs and HIV"

2"This is horrible news, when and where did this tragic trend start?"

1"It started in New Zealand in a college town of Dunedin, by an autistic guy preying on young college girls. He flashed his bottom inner lip DTF tattoo to girls in clubs as well as in public."

2"He flashed his bottom inner lip DTF tattoo to girls in public?! He should be hung! Think of the people who have gotten sick and infected because of him."

1"I agree but we can't stop free speech"

2"I am a fighter for our freedoms but he has crossed the moral boundary, he must to be punished! We must protect the future of our children"

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  Highcard, Mar 01 2014

Using HM2 is like surfing the web in the 90s

With a new SSD, all the tweaks and PSQLSWTF adjustments, any medium+ size database will induce "not sure if this is 1996 or HM2 was programmed by fuckwads"

The Future

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  Highcard, Feb 27 2014

They are killing, #demswedesbeballer

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live poker
  Highcard, Feb 25 2014

The absolute most tilt in live poker for me is how slow people act and fuck around. Just insta-throw your hand up when you get called. None of that, " I as bluffing/weak shit, just flip yours man so I can muck." No, fuck your cunt.

There should be a live poker movement: Be a man, show your hand

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