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limit strategy obv

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Did this girl lie to me?
  Floofy, May 06 2013

So as u seen in my previous blog post i broke up with my 4 years GF.

So i picked up a new chick and, she told me she had a single relationship before, and only had sex after 9 months, and only 5 times.

At first i got scared it might take too long to bang her, but i thought whatever, lets just try it out.... So it actually happened the first night. But now the weird thing is, after some fucking, when i wanted to switch position, i look at my cock and its all red, i was like WTF cuz i basically just ate her pussy before so i knew she wasn't on her period.

She later told me her ex had a small dick, and thats why her hymen was intact... is that possible or is she a liar?

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GirlFriend addicted to COD2
  Floofy, Apr 18 2013

Hey guys, need relationship advice

So been with GF for 4 years, and i would say that for about 1 year its not been going too well (mostly since we started living together...). But its wasn't all that bad.

However 3 weeks ago i had the brillant idea to teach her call of duty 2. Since then, shes like playing this shit no-stop, going to bed at 4 am, not sleeping with me anymore, not eating much anymore, etc. Now the even more annoying thing about it is shes CONSTANTLY talking to guys on it, laughning etc, and doing god knows what with them. If i try to talk with her shes constantly interupting me to talk with them.

My first reaction was to kinda get mad at her, explaining her how this shit makes no sense. Her reaction was to change our relationship to "its complicated" on facebook, and completly stop sex, and tell me she will probably break up. When i try to say its ridiculous she destroy our relationship for a stupid game shes says game has nothing to do with it.

MY first reaction was kind of weak, telling her how much i care about her etc, asking for second chance.

Then seeing how this fails, i decided to just do the break up myself and act like i don't care (this actually confused her a bit...).

My current plan was to get myself my own place, ignore her for a full month, and then see whats up, but tbh shes so hooked on that game i'm not even sure she will miss me at all.

So just move on or what? i'm a bit frustrated cuz i actually loved her.

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Starcraft 2 bets
  Floofy, Jan 30 2013

Hey all i would like to do some stacraft 2 bets for fun. Nothing huge, like 5-10$ bets.

I'm not extremely good but we can balance out the match with computers!

Floofy #1040 if interested.

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Tough Enigma Generator
  Floofy, Jan 09 2013

Hey all!

I made an enigma generator. Here is how it works:

There is 5 houses, all next to each others. Each house has someone in it. The 5 people in the houses are Georges, Jacques, Claude, Robert and Michel. All of those people are from the same family, son, father, grand-father, great grand-father and great great grand-father.

The objective is to find who is who (Who's the grand father), and to find who owns each houses.


+ Show Spoiler +

Now here is the program you can download:

Note: You can choose how many people you want in the enigma. If you pick 6, there should be some waiting time, but most likely no more than 5 minutes unless your computer really sucks. But if you pick 7, it will take a REALLY long time. Anything below 6 will be near instant.

Let me know if you can solve enigmas with 6 people

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RPG Battle Editor
  Floofy, Nov 23 2012

Hello all... I am still studying computer science and actually getting fairly decent.

I have a personnal project right now, i was wondering if its an interesting one before i invest time into it.

I want to make a RPG battle editor where the user can easily create any RPG battle he wants. Not an rpg game, just the battle.
The basics will be a screen where you can build heroes (choose abilities, life, defense, mana, etc, with plenty of options), and another screen where you create the teams (max 5 players per team) and can start playing, either PVP or vs computer.

In addition to this, there's a few features i might want to add.
#1 Ability for the computer to calculate the best move, in a fairly advanced way, for any matches.
#2 Ability for the computer to try and predict which side will win before the battle begins.
#3 Ability for the computer to generate a random battle, which he thinks is close and interesting.
#4 Ability to create a random hero with balanced abilities.
#5 Ability to save the characters, teams, etc. for next use.
Note: i'm still not very good with graphics... best i would do is an image the user choose to represent the character and very very basic animation

So if you have better project ideas, additionnal ideas for this project, or just think this is a good idea, please post ^^

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Tetris Battle
  Floofy, Apr 28 2012

Hey guys i was wondering if any of you tryed this facebook game and what your rank is.

At first when my gf made me try it i thought it would suck but its actually fun since your constantly matched with people close to your level and game is well made.

i'm currently rank 18.

also i was wondering if you guys think something like this: is legit. There is no way i could ever be that fast. Sometimes i think top players are bots

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  Floofy, Mar 17 2012

Hey guys i want to do a poll because i've read some people's opinion and i think theyre are totally stupid and i want to see LP's opinion.

You need to rank

#1 Spartacus:

#2 Theokolese:

#3: Onemaous:

#4: Crixus:

#5: Gannicus

#6: Cabarus (the dude from gods of the arena's final fight:

Mine is in this order:

#1 Theokolese: Beat Onemaous + should have beaten crixus+spartacus 1v2 EASILY if he didn't get blinded.
#2 Onemaous: Only one to "survive" theokolese. Beat crixus+spartacus 1v2 easily. Did decent against gannicus even if he had his hands shackled with a mediocre sword, with no equipment, and probably in poor shape.
#3 Cabarus: Was doing fine against both crixus and gannicus. Should have won if he finished gannicus instead of bragging to the crowd.
#4 Crixus: Many will disagree with this, but before he nearly died of his wounds against theokolese, he owned spartacus 1v1 VERY easily. After this, the one time he fought spartacus again he was still weak, and he was poisoned, and even with all of this he didnt do that badly.

Also the victory against theokolese is arguably more because of him. In a 1v1 fight, he managed to do a really good sword hit on theokolese, spartacus didn't manage to do anything until crixus completly blinded theokolese with sunlight (right before the blinding, spartacus didn't even have his sword anymore he was going to get owned for sure).

In addition to this, while Crixus was still really inexperienced, he was able to pull close matches against gannicus (or at least not get totally destroyed), i think once Crixus got experience and got at his best he should win.

#5 i can't really tell between spartacus and gannicus, seems like a really close match based on the episode where they fought together. Ill go with spartacus old actor > gannicus, but can't imagine new one owning anything.

Making a poll with this would be too complicated so just reply directly

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Perfect Pong
  Floofy, Mar 03 2012

Even thought you guys seems to be ignoring my blog since i've started talking about game programming instead of girls, i'll post anyways.

I just programmed a pong game, but whats interesting about it is, i programmed 2 AIs for the computers.

The first one, called "Basic" just follows the ball around. Super effective while its as fast as the ball, but quickly gets useless.

The second one, called "Perfect", right after hitting the ball instantly calculate where the next ball will be, and goes there and wait.

needless to say the second AI is very difficult to beat.

The game allows you to customize your game. Right now you have the following options:
Ennemy size and AI
Ally size and AI (yes you can have a computer to help you)
Your size
Helping walls size (you can have small walls in the back. they doesnt move but they can be usefull)

Even by giving myself a super big handicap (i get helping walls, a basic ally with 150 size, myself with 100 size, ennemy with just 30 size with 0 help), the AI is still near unbeatable.

Even thought this game isn't the most fun thing ever, i am happy i programmed a perfect AI for a "real time" game. Next i might try to make some sort of 2d shooting game (maybe tanks or something). Any idea is welcome.

Note: Beginning screens offer you the options. The default option is good and shows how good the perfect AI is. If you want to mess around with it do it, but don't do stupid things such as entering letters, or negative values, or stupidly high values (the screen is 350 wide, so no need to put anything bigger than 350) things like that will make the program crash (no big deal, it will just tell you there was an error and it close, i tested it )

However you can put "0" in an option if you want to remove it.

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Stats Game/ Decision making
  Floofy, Feb 29 2012

Ok this is my newest game: its a game that kinda practice estimating probabilities (your not suposed to actually hard calculate it on paper, just try to play with mental thinking).

In this game, you are given an army of soldiers that always gets to shoot first, against another army (after they shoot, your survivors shoot again, and then their survivors shoot again, until one side is decimated). Each soldier have a % to shoot which is displayed. Soldier always shoots the ennemy soldier which is on top. It is possible for your soldiers to kill multiple ennemies in a round (each of your soldier could sucessfully shoot if your lucky).

Note that order is important. in the example in the picture, if your soldier with good accuracy was swapped with the lower accuracy one, then your side would loose hard.

Your objective is to decide wether to fight or pull. The game simulate the battle 5000 times (which is enough to be really confident the % is right with a max of 1% of error) and if your decision is smart, your "Streak" goes up by 1, if it is wrong it goes back to 0.

The main objective of the game is to get a decent winning streak (like 10) on the highest difficulty level you can (at level 49 the difference between both armies is so small it would be really difficult to do a 10 win streak by just mentally estimating).

The lower the difficulty level, the easier it is to guess which side will win (if you put it at 1, it will generate stupid fights anyone would know which side will win. 49 gives fights which are nearly a coin flip. 45 is good)

Note: battle can sometimes take 5-10 seconds to be generated, especially for difficulty 49.

If you test it please post here!

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My games available
  Floofy, Feb 20 2012

Hi guys, after a few people asked me to make my games available, i have decided to make them available for download.

Note that i am not sure if it will give you warnings or something since i am not a "known publisher" or anything.

First game:
This game generate 20 random gems that give your warrior various attributes. By pressing "autopickforp2" the gems of p2 will be auto picked in a very smart way. If you manage to beat the computer in a best of 3 or something like that, it would be very good. Me and my friend played against it and lost a lot, so we tryed it with only 8 gems for the luls and it still somehow owned us lol

Second game:
this is a mini game which is possible, and first time you will look at it you might think its easy, but its actually borderline impossible unless you are either a math genius or spend hours calculating.
Its about being the first to reach 0, but the computer plays perfectly (but the starting number favors you).

I will probably make new games in the future. If anyone have ideas, you welcome to post here, but i am not good yet at "graphics games", i am more interested in possibly board games, or other strategy games or rpgish games which would most importantly involve a very powerfull AI.

Few things i have in mind:

#1 Some sort of war game where a few soldiers fight a few soldiers, with attributes such as speed (decides who shoot first) and accuracy, where fights are often uneven. I was thinking of making it a game where you see both sides and need to quickly guess which side will win (retreat or fight) and call it general training. This is nice because its so easy to make

#2 chess AI. hmm not very original or anything tho

#3 Poker bot or Poker AI. probably hardest project tho.

#4 Some sort of rpg fight generator, where the fight generated is always possible, but very difficult, and once you loose maybe even have an option to see what the solution was. Could call it RPG puzzle.

#5 Some sort of more elaborated version of my gem game.

PS: please no more comments such as "you have too much time on your hands" or "go fuck your gf" or things like that. I do plenty of things beside this (spend time with gf, school+work, see friends, etc) but now instead of wasting my free time on games, i am develloping my skills as a programmer since im studying computer science. THose games really doesn't take that long to make.

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