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Anxiety: Need advice
  Floofy, Aug 08 2015

Hey guys... so i'm not sure anyone can really help me with this, but writing alone might help, so here it is.

I'm going to start with the beginning.

Mai 2013, my Ex dumps me. I start working out crazily to get hotter or something. October 2013, i'm with my current girlfriend. Mai 2014, i start a new job in a new city, goes well.
September 2015, i get hired permanently, and its also a really nice job, with only 35 hours/week and good pay, etc. However, one of the guys who trains me has a throat infection. A few days later, i get some weird pain in a weird spot in my throat. I see several doctors, some of them try antibiotics, etc. Nothing works and i'm stuck with this pain. It sometimes gets better, but when its bad, just talking hurts. They even make me see a throat specialist, who doesn't find anything even with a scan. I get worried it might be a cancer or some shit.

November 2014, i go in vacantion with GF in cuba. everything goes good, but the plane makes me VERY ANXIOUS (no panic attacks or anything, just normal anxiety). After this, for some reasons, i decide to stop working out. No real smart reason for this... i guess my motivation was to get hotter for the girls and that stopped.

beginning January 2015, i get vacantion, and i play CS GO almost all day. i get weird feelings like my hearth stops when going to bed... 2 days later, i get some chest pressure which finally does something similar to a heart attack -> i later understands its probably a panic attack. I go to emergencies, they do ECG, but nothing.

February 2015, i now live with my GF, but i still get those weird symptoms of all sorts (hearths stop, chests stabs, chest tightness, pains in arm, etc).

between January and now, doctors do severals tests to me (6 ECG, 3 blood tests, 1 echo, 1 CT scan), and they never find anything heart related.

One doctor suggested it could be hearthburn. But the heartburn medication only helped a little, i still get those strange symptoms. However, my strange throat symptoms now stopped after that.

Another doctor suggested its anxiety, and suggested i see a psy for that. I saw one a month ago.... she tryed to find what could cause this anxiety, but really, i couldn't find anything other than this chest pressure. She seemed to think maybe there's something wrong with my stomach and i should see a specialist.

So i took now have a meeting with my doctor on september... but i'm not sure he will really do much.

Nowadays, the only symptom i'm getting is chest pressure/tightness along with annoying feelings in left arm. Only thing which seems to help is hot showers. One doctor even gave me Ativan, but it only helps relax, it doesn't make the pressure go away. Sometimes the left side pressures moves to the middle and give me a weird feeling of difficulty breathing but my lungs are fine on X rays.

Doctors/internet suggested me all kind of breathing exercice, or suggested to exercice, but it doesnt do anything for me. I mean, if there is actually something making me anxious (like plane), then yes it helps, but there isn't...

I don't really know what to do anymore.. it seems to get worse over time (have the tightness almost all the time). I don't want this shit to affect my job or gf. Sometimes it goes away for 3-4 days but thats it

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Maths question.
  Floofy, Jun 03 2015

If i have 50% to win a game at sc2, and Baal also has 50% to win a game at sc2. If we both play a game, the odds at least one of us wins is 75%. Everyone should agree with this.

Now lets say we both study for a true/false exam, and we're both expected to be right on 75% of the answers. Assuming all questions are equally difficult, what is the odds we are right on a question where we agree on the answer? Is it still 75%? or is it more? Can it be 93.75%?

Now here is the whole point of this.

Let's say i'm a winning sport better, and on close fights of -105/-105 odds, i am right about 75% of the time.
Baal is also a winning sport better, who's right 75% of the time.
If we both agree on a bet, does it mean we're going to be right over 75% of the time?

Then, let's say there is 10 winning sport bettors like us. If all other 9 winning sport betters agree on something, can it make sense to go against them if i disagree with them, or should i just avoid betting that fight?

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PS to 5Dimes transfer
  Floofy, Mar 03 2015

Hello i would like to transfer 50$ from PS, to 5Dimes for sport betting.

I am willing to give a bit more, maybe 55$ or more.

Ideally i would like to deal with someone i can trust.

you can contact me via PM on here

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Girl update
  Floofy, Oct 27 2013

i'm not sure i truly need to keep updating, but it seems to help me a bit and u guys enjoy it, so whatever.

I followed LP advice, used lube, did a lot of preliminaries, and it did get in. But its like reallllyyyy tight, and she feels more pain than pleasure. It takes a while to get it in all the way. I supose it will eventually get better. Strangely, i can't give her orgasms, and she can't do it herself either (she says she never got an orgasm her whole life). This is strange because i've usually been good at giving girls orgasms with my fingers. Its like when she gets close to it, it gets too intense and she stops me. She begins to shake n shit. SO anyways, sex isn't perfect, but i think its slowly getting better, and outside of sex, everything is great with her.

But the real problem which happened recently is, i meet her parents. Her parents are like, upper class, and seems to be very stuck up about everything. Her dad even wanted us to sleep in different beds. Their house is super clean.

The mother in law seems ok. She smiled, talked to me, overall seems fine. The girl even said her mom thought i was cute.

But the father in law seems like a problem. THe whole time i was there, he was always very cold. No hand shaking, no smiling, etc. He reminds me a bit of Tywin lannister from game of thrones (serious, no smile, logic based, etc). I love tywin, but not as a father in law. He is a old finance guy. The girl admitted to me her dad said he wasn't impressed at all about me, and doesn't really like me. She added what matters is she feels good with me. But i can see she isn't happy about her dad not liking me, she probably cares about her dad's opinion. She seems very close to her parents, and she's your typical daddy's little girl.

My guess is he didn't appreciate how some guy had some sex with his virgin girl on the first date in his own house. The girl says her dad doesn't know about it, but i doubt he bought the "we played wii" story. It could also be because my "Manners" are not exactly perfect, and maybe he has really high standards for his son in law.

So anyways, i'm kinda disapointed, cuz when i visit her, i don't really have the choice to see her father. And i can see it affects her. I'll try to talk to her more tonight.

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Girl bad beat
  Floofy, Oct 13 2013

Read this entry to know what i'm talking about

So hmmmm updates about last week's girl....

I saw her again yesterday.... i was worried she would put up some last minute resistance again to sex, so i read a lot on the subject. but that was useless because the second she came here she literally jumped on me and put up 0 resistance. But the big problem is... i've never seen a vagina this tight. Trust me, i tryed a lot, but it was impossible to put my dick inside her vagina. Geez, sometimes i even tryed to put in my dick while semi hard so it can fit, but it was impossible to fit in. I mean, before it happened that i slept with girls where it was difficult to put it inside, but never IMPOSSIBLE lol. Btw i do have a good sized member, but not some sort of monster 12 inch thing.

After some talking, she admitted she's a virgin (which surprised me because i would never have guessed it, especially since she's 26 and cute and not extremely difficult). She also admitted she tryed to sleep with a guy before, but same thing happened. And she also said she is totally unable to give herself orgasms on her own, it only works with a guy.

I was able to finger her, even enter 2 fingers, but with 2 fingers then it was REALLY tight and it hurt her a little.

So hmmm i'm not sure what to do because this girl is actually really great. She likes video games, cutest girl i ever picked up, has good job, nice values, knows how to do good massages, we really love kissing/touching each others, etc. Also she's really easy to please with hands/mouth.

I told her to go see a doctor because from what i read on the internet, any girl can sleep with any guy normally, since the vagina is able to give birth to a baby and no guy has a penis anywhere close to a baby. Doctors probably got some solutions. ALso next week i might try again with a lot of lube but i'm afraid i could really hurt her.

So... what would you guys do? the girl seems really into me, and i'm also really into her, so dumping her is no easy decision. Cheating on her is really against my values and she doesn't deserve that she seems like a really good girl (even tho i thought about that one lol). I could also just wait it out, but geez i hate having no sex and its not like i got any problems getting laid.

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GIrl update!
  Floofy, Oct 09 2013

so, as some of you know, i had made myself a fuckfriend. the girl was pretty nice since she would literally do anything i wanted on demand (blowjob massage sex etc), and we was soon getting tested/contraception for safe unprotected sex. The problem was i wasn't really into her and she was obviously develloping feelings.

So during this time, there was this one girl that was flirting me, but she lived 1h30 away from me, so i was somewhat uninterested. Eventually we did cam and stuff i realized that girl really seemed amazing so i gave it a shot and meet her...

We first went into restaurant, and then went for "a walk in the park". so as soon as i saw a bench, i sat there, and got her to sit next to me. So i kissed her, we made out for some time, and then it went like really hardcore where she sat on me, dry humping me while doing intense makeout. Considering the park was empty and it was late and dark, i actually started touching her everywhere, and eventually rubbing her clit... and after a while... i actually tryed to undress her LOL. But it is october and it was pretty cold outside, and we were actually in a public park, so she was like... "what are you doing?".

Then we decided to go back to her car, walking side by side. THen she asked me "so what do you want to do now?". So i was like... "huh i don't know the town, where do you want to go out?". Then she was like "i wasn't thinking about that...." Then we started making out again, and after that i asked her to go to her place. So we actually saw her dad and i was pretty afraid he would shake my hand considering how my hand smelled his daughter's pussy. We went downstairs and thats where we literally ended up both naked (except she kept her panties on), and we dry humped + make out for a while. I actually stupidly didn't bring condoms because i didn't want to mess things up with this girl (i tend to suck at sex with condoms on), but i was so excited i actually tryed to have sex with her. She denied, both because it was first night and she has principles, but also because we had no condoms...

After that i left shortly after. When we talked on facebook she seemed to keep interest and did some <3 when we went to sleep a few times. She also told me when she was driving home and feeling tired she was thinking about me to stay awake.

Then i had made plan to see each others this weekend, even found a nice activity of zombie simulation, and she seemed to look forward to it. But now...

Monday i caught a cold... so i really hope i'm going to feel better by then. making out and then pausing to sneeze isn't exactly the biggest turn on ever. my plan is to just tell her about it and try to delay the date to sunday, or even skip this weekend completly. but i'm not feeling too horrible at all

And the second thing is, i'm wondering if i should consult a doctor tomorow about my occasionnal erection problems... i mean friday i didn't seem like i had any problems with my erections, but i had problems with my fuck friend a few times, so i really don't want it to happen with this girl. Seeing the doctor could be embassing and trouble, but this doctor is really good and will probably do blood test and stuff, so if its physical he will find out and probably prescribe something, so idk. But at the same time i know oral medication can be pretty dangerous if you have 0 problems down there. I know my problem might just be due to porn, but i'm not 100% sure.

Notes: this girl is actually the best looking one i've been with. Cute face, and actually really slim. She also seems sane, and has a good job. Likes video games, doesn't do drugs or shit like that. Seems nice and funny. Also the most intense make out i ever had. Hence why i don't wanna fuck things up.

Note: i told the truth to the Fuck Friend so won't see her again for now....

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Girls update
  Floofy, Sep 21 2013

So after my fail of last time cuz i couldn't cum, i decided to "fix this problem". I went hardcore on cardio, took my "five gs" herbs again, started a multivitamin, and cut back on jerking off.

The first thing which happened is i meet a girl, i think on monday. So i had sex with her, and surprisingly, i lasted only 20 min and i was hard the whole time. The problem is this girl really isn't good looking at all, and she seemed to want a relationship, so i asked her to only be fuckfriends and she agreed. Made it clear i got no interest for more and she was fine with it.

but then, on wesnday, i actually meet 3 girls in the same day.

The first girl, lets call her sarah, we took a nice walk, went to a park and talked. She seemed interested in me and very insecure. Then we went like, next to water, and i kissed her there. then at about 5 pm i left, and she kept asking things like "will u see me again". This girl is actually decent looking, a guy even told her "nice tan" while we were walking.

Then i went to meet another girl.... but this time it was a movie date but... WITH HER FRIENDS. i really didn't like this date setting but i didn't really have a choice so i just accepted. I supose it went ok, i made some jokes and stuff, but i didn't have the balls to try moves on her because she didn't seem too open and her friends were there... But this one i thought she was pretty good looking.

Then at the end of the night i went to see my FF, and had sex again. Again, lasted like 20 min.

and now finally, today, i meet sarah again. We walked a lot outside, did some running. went to the park. then we cooked together. finally, we watched a movie. At first, she seemed very hesitant to have sex, it was kind of difficult because whenever i tryed to kiss her, she would do some kissing but didn't went to really make out (she wasn't stupid, she figured out what i was trying to do), but after some effort she eventually gave in... but now i had the opposite problem from last time!!! I made sure not to jerk off for a few days, and she turned me on for like an hour before the sex... and her pussy was like real tight... so i came like REAL fast, maybe not even in 5 min. Then after the sex she again asked "will u see me again". lol.

So now, does this mean i need to stop seeing my FF? i guess so... I'm planning to just keep seeing sarah.
Also i think i might stop my herbs, lasting less than 5 minutes isn't too cool lol

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Performance Anxiety
  Floofy, Sep 15 2013

So hmmm first i guess ill give an update on my last blog post...

Didn't really work out with the roomate... got her in room, but when i tryed to cuddle with her she was too shy n stuff. I think i just suck with virgins... Anyways that girl was a problem since i couldn't invite other girls to my room anymore. I'm fine with the friendzone. A cute 19 year old girl who's still a virgin is that way for a reason i guess.

And the second girl well, we keep talking some on facebook but i'm not too optimistic about it.

Now here's the interesting part.

Friday i saw a new girl... we went in some bar, and then she invited me to her appartment. After some kissing on the couch, she went to the bathroom and when she came back i started making out a lot, pushing her on the wall, touch her everywhere, etc.

After some preliminaries, we started fucking, but the problem is, i masturbated intensily for the last 2 days to porn and idk i wasn't really at my top shape. In addition to this, the bed was doing a really annoying sound that totally distracted me. And finally, i also think i might have performance anxiety... i know very well if i suck in bed she's way less likely to see me again, while if i fuck like a god she will almost surely see me again unless i really fuck up somewhere. So for this reason it seems to stress me out and make me perform bad.

Anyways what happened i we had sex like an hour and a half (different positions, some eating her out, some fingering, etc), and after that my dick was just exhausted, so we called it a night, but i am pretty sure she was really disapointed i didn't cum because she even asked about it, like "hey is it my fault if u didn't cum, really sorry u didn't finish". I tryed to explain her that its not her fault but i'm not sure she believed me. Also, i'm pretty sure my dick wasn't at 100% erection quality during the thing, which can easily make it way less enjoyable for her. She hasn't really talked to me again much at all, pretending to be busy...

Anyways, i'm not sure if ill be able to see her again, which is disapointing because this was probably the most interesting girl i fucked so far (going for a master degrees, slim, smart, fun, simple) but the main question is, any tips for lack of sexual stamina? I think i'm starting to get the hang of the whole seduction thing, but i need to get back my fucking skills. I got the size, but not the stamina, which is just bad.

I think i'm gonna try to cut down a lot on masturbation, go hardcore on cardio, keep on working out, keep a good diet, starting again those herbs things, but even with all that idk if it be enough to really get back my strong erection quality from back when i was a teen.

I saw pills on the internet called "penis enhancement" pills, such as virgx or extenze. These things seems to gather a bunch of natural ingredients that boost blood flow and libido, and i'm actually considering trying it out.

Any advice is welcome.

Note: is it weird she wanted to fuck in complete darkness?

Note: please, no MAJOR flaming or you could get banned from my blog. You can be harsh, but needs to be constructive. If you don't like my blog then just gtfo.

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Floofy need girl advice
  Floofy, Sep 07 2013

Yea that is right, the moment uve all been waiting for.

I'm a bit confused on what to do, and most likely that just writing this will help me out, but advice are welcome.

Sunday i meet a girl from the internet. So i did the usual routine i learned from LP seduction gurus, and ended up sleeping with her. However, i really felt something was special this time... its like... idk... i really thought she was cute (even tho a bit fat, but i didn't mind it), she blowed me like a godess (seriously, she was WAYYY better than all other girls that sucked me), and weirdly in the seduction phase every times something happened (like first kiss) there would be a storm or something. We basically had sex/kissed/talked all night and the night felt pretty magical. I'm also pretty sure she also enjoyed the sex. And idk i also really enjoyed the way she was... smiling, fun to talk to, etc.

Then we when talked on facebook she seemed still interested... but the problem is, i made it like, way too obvious i wanted it to be more than just sex, and pushed too hard to see her again. I got like over confident we would fall in love. She told me some shitty line like "hey i really think we got something special, but i'm not used to this kind of 2 sided interest thing so i'm really afraid of getting hurt so you need to let me time to think". So anyways things went pretty downhill from there, because if it was a test or whatever i failed it. At the end i wrote her some sort of message to let her know she can take her time, and since then we haven't talked to each others. My plan was to simply cool it off for like a week, then try to meet up again for something simple (which would have worked because she needs to give me back something).

Now i had planned to see a bleh girl tonight that seemed to just want sex, so could like fuck her until the other one is done doing bullshit.

But now, something is making it more complicated.

I have a girl roomates that lives with me. This girl is a bit of a social loner, decent looking and has never had a relationship. She's been trying to spend time with me for the past few weeks. Like take walks, play games, watch movies, etc. I always accepted, but i never really attempted to go further than friendship, because i dislike to take shots at girls when it can be bad if it fails. She even learned some of the games i play lol.

Today... i think she got sick of me making no moves at all and was REALLY straight foward. like "hey wanna go see a movie tomorow with me". i was like "sure". then she's like... "you know.. like... a date,... you and me?".

so i guess i got 2 main options:
1) cancel off the bleh girl, and date the roomate. Hopefully she's not the kind to wait for months for sex tho lol. And just forget about the first girl.
2) Try to know if the first girl still has interest (Which would probably kill any chances i have left...). I could be wrong but she probably thought i was way too needy, which means my only chance is probably to prove i can not be needy.
3) Play it the asshole way. See the bleh girl, date the roomate, and stick to the plan with the first girl!

Leaning toward #1 after writing this... but idk i really liked first one.

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Five G's. Dangerous?
  Floofy, May 16 2013

Hello guys.

Last week, after a few days with my gf who basically want sex all the time, my penis became so tired i wasn't able to please her anymore. So i looked a bit on the internet for ways to have more vigor down there, and found this:

I've been trying it for 2 days.... and i think i already see results, and the whole thread is full of people saying it works.

Now my concern is, can this be dangerous?

Note: this is not just for people with erectile dysfonction, seems like it improves erection quality for everyone.

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