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El Tanque

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US Poker legal? -ish?
  El_Tanque, Nov 04 2013

Have they found a loophole in the online poker laws regulating the United States?

My apologies, I haven't played since like 2009... Just curious if I could legally get back into it.
Any info is accepted. Maybe I'll make a comeback!

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  El_Tanque, Mar 28 2012

We received a vote. 1 vote.

To show how hard our conference is, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Baptist and Lubbock Christian are all ranked, Saint Greg's, Rogers state, and Northwestern Oklahoma State all received votes.

We play Rogers State friday and saturday. Shit's going to be BIG. All they do is sit there and run their mouths. I believe last year the benches were cleared, but could be wrong, it might have been someone else.

It will be some good baseball. We beat Lubbock Christian 2 of the 3 games in the series and we also just swept Oklahoma Christian University, throwing three complete game shutouts.

We're playing great baseball and it's being recognized nationally (1 vote). This is a HUGE series as we have momentum on our side. We're pitching lights out right now.

I'm so lucky... I get to play on this field everyday...

Good stuff! loving life!

Forgot to add that those are old pics of the field! we had turf put in the infield... SICK. Our stadium rivals smaller D1 schools.

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Pitcher of the week!!!
  El_Tanque, Feb 06 2012

Woo hoo!

Won the award the first week of the season 2 years ago, then 2 weeks later blew out my arm and took 2 years off to rehab. Feels great to be back!!!

Had a no-hitter going through 7 in a 7 inning game, first guy in the 7th walked, next guy got a basehit in the hole created by the 1st baseman holding the runner on. Dammit! I've been kicking myself for that since saturday.

70:22 strike to ball ratio, 13 K's...God I've missed this feeling. So glad to be playing baseball again!!!

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Quick help!!!
  El_Tanque, Dec 22 2011

At a sushi bar for the first time and got the sake pairing. It came out as a shot. Do I shoot this or gingerly drink along with food???

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birthday donk
  El_Tanque, Dec 14 2011

turned 24 yesterday
spent the whole day away from family cause i was moving into my house
stopped at a brick and morter
met a guy from Wichita Falls
said he was joining the WPT next month
chuckled cause I doubt it
donked away shit loads of money

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First sports podcast
  El_Tanque, Dec 06 2011

So for roughly the last 3 months I've been producing/running/hosting my own sports talk show on a local radio station. Yesterday I downloaded an app for my iPhone that will let me broadcast a podcast soooo, if you'd like, please listen while you're screwing around on the interwebz today!! it's only an hour long, and I'd like to be critiqued on what I can do better.


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Video Editing Software
  El_Tanque, Oct 16 2011

I needs it. Whats do you prefer? I know nothing about it, but I documented my trip to game 6 of the ALCS where the Texas Rangers just won and are going to the World Series for the second year in a row. I'd like to edit all this video and make a vlog about it.

Thanks for your input!!

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Scary Moment on the Baseball Field today
  El_Tanque, Sep 12 2011

During our innersquad today, one of our catchers (Juan) tried to stretch a single into a double. The throw from right field to third was cut off by the shortstop and thrown to second. When Juan slid in head first he jammed his head/neck into the 2nd baseman's knee and was instantly knocked out. He remained unconscious for roughly 5 minutes and was having a difficult time trying to breath. The paramedics were called and before they arrived, he had a seizure. He was taken away via ambulance. He was taken to the local hospital in town and released roughly 4 hours later.
After seeing his motionless body nearly failing to breath, we're lucky he walked away with only a concussion and fractured thumb...
That is without a doubt the scariest moment I've ever seen IRL. My thoughts and prayers to Juan's speedy recovery.
He is making a transition from middle infielder to catcher, and just the first 7 games we've played this off-season, kid has a CANON on his arm. Extremely quick feet and a great bat to boot. Hopefully he can move past this and get drafted this year.

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Textbook Help
  El_Tanque, Aug 22 2011

Any place I could get cheap textbooks? possibly for my iPhone? Or torrent them?

I feel that the industry of textbooks is a monopoly somewhat like oilcompanies. We are forced to buy the product at whatever price they say. Also they change a few paragraphs and force people to buy their newer edition. I paid $275 for my Anatomy book and couldn't resell it because the company came out with a newer edition that semester. The human body didn't evolve within the last year, there is no reason for this. I do not agree with this, and do not want my money going directly to the company. I'd rather it go to another college student selling it or something like that.
I'm NOT paying $260+ for 2 books. That is ludicris.
Looking for "The Art of Editing"


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Life Changing Event
  El_Tanque, Jul 07 2011


sorry no details.

Gotta run to the bank.

User was warned for this post.

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