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  Chase Fedina, Jan 16 2007

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SNG donkey
  Chase Fedina, Jan 15 2007

Hi, my real name is in fact, Chase Fedina, for anyone who didn't know . I have always hated making up internet pseudonyms, they always sound retarded after a month or so, so I said fuck it and just used my real name. Im 19 yrs old btw, and just started my BA so I can transfer to the school of business at the university of Alberta. I probably wont blog much, my life is far too boring lol.

But anyways... Yeah... i'm a SNG donkey. I used to play STT's, but cashed out my roll for tuition and pretty much started over in september. I struggled with bad play, too many cashouts, playing stoned, etc for almost the whole semester so I didnt really go anywhere. In late Dec i started to get my act together again, stopped making unnesseasry cashouts, and now am back on track with about 1k to play with. I play some HU SNG's, but mostly 11$ 45 man and 27 mans. They are easily beatable for at least 50% roi (i havnt really kept great records, but i think thats a conservative estimate). They take a long ass time though, and 10$ was the highest buyin. BUT last week stars made 22$ and 33$ ones! fuck yeah! Just as i get rolled for them too!

So i banked about 600$ last week, which is not great i guess, but alot better than i had been doing all semester. It feels great to actually be making some progress. Anyways, i plan to play these until im rolled for the rebuy MTT's and the sunday mil, then throw those in the mix and see how I do.
But, im getting deep in my SNG-a-ments so I should be going.

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