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Staking Opportunity
  Chase, Nov 12 2007

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  Chase, Oct 17 2007

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  Chase, Oct 03 2007

Texas Holdem Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

This Online Poker Tournament is a No Limit Texas Holdem event exclusive to Bloggers.

Registration code: 8349386

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Liberty, Draw, and pics for all.
  Chase, Sep 18 2007

Some might care, most prolly wont, but: Alot of folks have their pics up on LP so i decided to put a few up of myself so im not such a shadowy stranger

Heres me puffin on the good stuff ^^ (before)

Drugs are fun (after)

Thats all.

Oh i guess i could touch on poker. Ive been super lazy all summer and just playing enough to keep me in spedning money, not really trying to move past 25nl.

Well now that im back in school my motivation is coming back again. Im gunna try and grind up through the limits now. Its gunna be tough cuz ill still have to cash out a few hundred a week since i dont work. Wont be too bad once i get to 50nl. Once i have like 30 buyins for 100nl ill prolly switch to a fishier site (i play ons stars obv)... we'll see tho, who knows.

OH yeah! and also! i came in 3rd in the season 2 of the ladder. ship teh 75$ yo. pretty pissed that i was #1 like all season until the las ttwo tourneys but w/e.

News from from my life: Started uni again, taking political science and canadian history, should be fun. I also joined the Libertarian party. Again im just starting my pol sci so maybe next year i may look back on that and laugh, but ive been following politics reasonably closely the past few years and the libertarians are the only party that really speaks to me. Besides, how much more of a poker player ideology could libertarianism be? hehe

OOOO ok and one more thing., ive been playing a little bit of PL 5 card draw lately and i fucking love this game. This might be totally ass backwards cuz of my short sample size and total ignorance about draw, but it seems REaALLY low variance. Ive just been playing it for kicks here and there, but i want to look linto it some more because it has been insanely profitable so far... I dont wanna go into detail cuz im so new to it but theres alot more strategy to it than i thought there was. Its so insanely easy to put people on near exact hands, and so cheap and easy to bluff. Poker gets real easy when u stop dealign with ranges and can put someone on an exact hand m,ost the time. Anyways, I checked the intructor lists for anyone that teaches draw but none were listed. If theres any good draw players out there wanna talk about a little bit of coaching, PM me.

Anyways, this WAS orignally just gunna be those three pics but i guess im chatty and i just love u all so much.... anyways lol

thats all for now lovers

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  Chase, Sep 17 2007

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School sucks/Quick brag
  Chase, Sep 13 2007

I hate school, im broke again and too busy to focus on poker.

contrary to that statement:

10+ buyin session today. ship

(obviously i only mention school so this post wouldnt be ALL brag lol, no need to point that out)

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LP weekly
  Chase, Jun 17 2007

edit: already staked. thnx guys.

hiyo everyone. Im looking for a stake for the MSNL this afternoon. Sorta underrolled for it. Ill return 100% profits, i just want teh ladder points since this is the last week apparently.

anyone intrested just pm me yo

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More crazy movies
  Chase, Apr 26 2007

Hey everyone, I just wrote out a big long entry, then my IE decided to bitch out and close, making me lose it all.
Anyway, ill try to recreate (in word ofc ).

Pokers been taking a backseat lately while i dig deeper into underground/foreign horror/cult movies.

I have three flicks to watch today: Irreversible, Visitor Q, and Awakening.

Irreversible is a Drama made in South America(Edit: my bad, its a french film). Its on alot of shocker lists but it also comes with alot of great praise. Looks good

Visitor Q is another flick from director Takashi Miike (same guy that made ichi, Audition, and like hundreds of other movies). Super quick synopsis it seems to be about a VERY dysfunctional family. Miike never dissapoints though

Awakening is a short film from Spanish Director Nacho Cerda. I heard about him when reading about his movie Aftermath which was on alot of gore fans top ten lists. Awakening is about a kid who falls asleep in class and wakes up to find that time has stopped. (edit, its only 10 minutes long, and on youtube, here: Cerdas the Awakening) Doesnt the main character look like Spicolli from fast times at ridgemont high? lolol

Oh, and no, I havn't seen/had the courage to download Mordem yet.

Loco said he was going to check it out (comments plz if anyone has seen it) so best of luck to him. Im getting closer to being ready though, I watched some peices from Flower of Flesh and Blood (the clips are enough lol, dont need to watch 45 mins of it ) and I didnt have to watch it through my hands. Underground horror is fucked, like really really fucked.

Oh one movie worth mentioning is Nekromantik 2. Its a german horror flick frm the 90's about this female necrophelliac (who is actually really sexy) trying to hide her perversions from her boyfriend. Its not really that gory, and really only has one violent scene. Its actually more of a love story. Alot of people complained that it moved way too slow but i think those people missed the point. This movie has a reason for existing rather than for just shock value. (quick edit: I dont know what the director was thinking during the baby seal scene. Showing it for five seconds would have accomplished the same effect, we didnt need to watch that for 2 minutes!)

Anyways, heres poker from the last few days:

Peace everyone

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movies: indie/horror/exploitation
  Chase, Apr 23 2007

Ive been watching alot of really fucked up movies lately instead of playing poker.

It started with wierd indie/cult movies like Gummo, the Acid House, Naked Lunch, requiem etc. Spent some time cruising around Eventually i began to stumble upon alot of crazy, really controversial movies like Cannibal Holocaust, Ichi the Killer or Salo (those are the 3 I have seen so far). For anyone unfamiliar with any of these titles, they are all extremely graphic, many of them banned in most countrys of the world. That being said, I admit they were a bit too extreme for me, and i think I might have dove into these genres a little too quickly: Some of this shit gets under your skin (im not crazy yet though ). This week i want to try and find Irreversible and Men Behind the Sun, then I think im going to take a long break from these kind of movies. I would feel so badly if I changed my morality by watching this wierd shit, and would seek help immediately lol, seriously.

That being said, the thought of watching one particular movie scares the living shit out of me: August Underground Mordem.

Its not so much in that im scared of what I might see; Its more the thought of the feelings of depravity that would come with viewing something that is such pure and raw exploitation, with no artistic merit or signifigance.

heres the imdb page for it:AU:mordem

Something like that is just pornography. Thats a disgusting thing to say, i know. But its a disgusting issue. Its only really quality is how its regarded as the goriest most morbid horror movie ever made.
I dont think I will ever be able to bring myself to watch that one.

Anyway, getting to the whole point of this post: I want reccomendations for indie/cult movies!
Anything unique or original. Maybe something warm after all this darkness and brutality ive been watching!


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  Chase, Apr 17 2007

Im playing bad and running bad lately. Vicious circle. Heres the past couple days:

I think my flop AF is too high, i should chill out with the cbets a bit, im being a monkey.
I have one more final coming up so im gunna take a few days off from poker to prepare for that.

So long.

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