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The Truth
  Bytewalker, Jan 30 2007

So truth be told I've been feeling pretty negative about poker the last few weeks. Working 40 hrs a week has pretty much just drained my ambition, and whenever I do get an hour to sit down to play, I'm drunk and ready to tilt.
I'm breakeven (down $50) for January and only played around 20k hands compared to +2K in Dec over 50k hands.

Most of this feeling is probably from my bad run at moving to $50NL. I can't even count how many times I've been 2 outted with sets (no, not 9 outted by flushes, 2 outted) and set over setted, but im sure its way more than my fair share.

So yeah, I still would of been up alot if not for rake
I should probably just stick to drunkenly raping $5NL

I've barely played at all the last week after being discouraged this much, I feel like I'm playing my C game right now, calling down too much and always suspicious and ready to get sucked out on, as if on perma tilt. I'm goin back to school in Feb so I'm kinda nervous about that too, and work has been fucking stressful, thankfully I'm only gonna work 3 nights a week at that shithole now.
The entire Neteller thing is incredibly discouraging as well, I'm estimating about 90% of the fish on pokerstars are from the US, and correct me if I'm wrong but they have NO way to deposit now. Already after playing a few hrs on $25NL today, my tables are becoming overrun by Europeans who are far less fishy. Unless the US magically reverses its dooming poker policies I'm seeing a gloomy future.
Soo basically my goals for now are to focus on finishing up school, I'm 22 for fucks sake and still dicking around.
I'll try to play some more sessions but poker for me is taking a backseat now to stuff I've put off for too long.

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y0 y0
  Bytewalker, Jan 15 2007

At the risk of offending rekrul and other anti-bloggers (i flatter myslf thinking he'll ever read this), here's my BLOG! so yeah about me and my poker 'career'. i started with $25 like november 2005 after reading grot's guide (like many ex BW nerds), and nut peddled alot.
i quit my job of a yr that month (not because i as going pro, but because i was huge lazy nerd) and got a pt job and playd poker in most of my spare time fun and cashed out whenever i needed beer money (few nights a week lol).
WELL SUCKAS thats all gonna change, cause im done cashing out, ima let it roll. went from $100 left on PS after i got back from vegas end of november to my 2.5k roll of now. I've played low stakes for so long ive developed a phobia of moving up, i still mostly play $25NL with over 100 buyins.
I'm working FT at walmart right now too so I can hit on the 17 yr old HS girls who work there but im cutting back my hrs cause that too much bullshit, not enough poker.

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