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Ballin' on a Budget

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FTP is fixed, 100% certain
  bigbb33, Oct 26 2009


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FTP crash lol
  bigbb33, Sep 30 2009


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Brag post
  bigbb33, Jul 05 2009


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Fucking insane tilt
  bigbb33, Jul 04 2009


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Officially a HU reg
  bigbb33, May 13 2009


Played through my most frustrating session so far: started with me up a buyin or two from beating down some donks when two of the worst players I've ever seen seat at other tables.

Player 1's strategy was to raise any hand preflop to pot no matter what, or call any pot open, and then donk bet 100% and sometimes pot the turn too. Very exploitable, naturally, but he went on a sick run in which he made the correct turn decision 20 to 30 times in a row. No joke. If I ever had flopped a hand, he would not pot the turn, and if I had floated his donk bet or had a more marginal hand, he would fire the turn. 20 to 30 times in a row he got it exactly right without a mistake. I don't know what the odds of that are but it's slim and frustrating. Ended up down 2.5 buyins or so to him before he quit.

Player 2's strategy consisted of shoving A5 preflop over my AK open and hitting his 5. Pretty gross but shit happens. Unfortunately he then won another flip and took another half buyin off by hitting everything in sight.

Somehow I'm only down 3.5 buyins on the session; must have won a bit off the other donks before these two guys sat. By far the most frustrating session I've ever played though: I swear player 1 must have been drunk or something but just couldn't make a mistake. I don't even want to look at FTP layout right now.

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Hey baby, when you gonna let me tap that?
  bigbb33, Mar 19 2009

bigbb33 delivering the lulz

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  bigbb33, Mar 18 2009

From a retard donkfish, really awful player, though I was playing pretty bad at the end too. Think I dropped 2.5 buyins in a 2 hr HU match (LOL nothing) buttttttt I was taking a shot at 100nl so it feels a lot worse.

I think I learned what my C-game is in this session, lol.


EDIT: + Show Spoiler +

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  bigbb33, Mar 17 2009


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  bigbb33, Mar 14 2009

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Good News/Bad News
  bigbb33, Mar 04 2009

WARNING: Whine post

GOOD NEWS: Met fish at HU today, he played 99% VPIP, 0% fold to 3bets (rarely 4bet), and absolutely awful postflop.
BAD NEWS: He took 5 buyins off me and left

Made some mistakes but overall just got smashed in the face by the deck, not so much in getting coolered or bad beat but in never making a good hand. ty FTP

Going to review my play later, was calling a bit too much near the end and made a huge 3x buyin deep shove vs a huge station on the river, probably bad play but because of the board and me being able to read his range pretty much perfectly its not that terrible.

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