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its been a while
  bane, Aug 29 2008

Well, its been a while since my last blog post and a really long time since i have posted anything about poker in my blog..

here are some things for august my biggest month ever so far doubling my bankroll. I played nl10 for a long time taking multiple shots at nl25 and crashing and burning horribly. im no lachlan i cant just shoot up to nl400

-i played nl25 for most of the month

i think one of the most obvious things is that i dont play enough hands(i usually 6/7 table)

-my bankroll hit over $1000 for the first time and i took a shot at NL50, i tried to practice some good table selection but it seemed very nitty and a lot of the tables had big wait lists

i definitely feel i can beat nl50 but i did notice i was playing a bit scared money even though i had the roll so i decided to move down after losing 1 buyin


right now i know i need to work on my tilt control, i can usually just get up from the computer but its hard on weekends when there are just unreal fish playing at these stakes

i hope everyone is doing well thanks for reading and thanks to all the people that posted responses to my hands i put up

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  bane, Jan 11 2008

ughhhh i hate being sick this sucks

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  bane, Nov 18 2007

nl 25 is a trip~

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ugh pokerstars
  bane, Nov 12 2007


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  bane, Nov 08 2007

yeahhhhh +9 BI session todayyyyy BR at 500~! i hope i can sustain this at nl10

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October so far..
  bane, Oct 19 2007

AT the beginging of the month i was breaking even at NL5 and then something kind of clicked and here is how the rest of the month went

BR just passed the $400 mark. Going out tonight and maybe playing a little sng with friends. Ill update again at the end of the month or if i make a big scoreee~

thanks all~Ali

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running good
  bane, Oct 07 2007

last session...

BR is now at $230 so taking shots at nl10~

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  bane, Oct 03 2007

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker!

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Registration code: 7065342

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  bane, Oct 01 2007

wow college got busyyyy so i took a minor break and only played SNGs for a bit while getting really settled into college.

College kind of is what i expected, nothing is really hard its just kind of annoying. Calc 1 definetly = bad beat. lots and lots of theory and manipulation. My other classes are rather easy (euro history 18th cent-present, social issues(political philosophy), and a computer class). Living off campus is making it kind of hard to find games but i feel i just need to network more. But for now im having funnn

NL10 very soon and thinking about switching to FTP for rakeback i guess but ive grown accustomed to stars and really like it there. if anyone such a low level is it advised to have a split BR to play on 2 dif sites or just focus on one till you move up?

thanks all for reading~Ali

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quick update
  bane, Aug 13 2007

hellllooooo everyone
tried some nl5 today at 9 tables and broke even started out bad and lost a buy in with a set of kings versus a straight but so is life. I feel i need to pay attention more at what is going on at the table. Will update tomorrow after another session (hopefully longer) at nl5. Been a little busy lately with counter-strike practice with cal playoffs coming up(cal-im team shootnrun if anyone pays attention~)

hope everyone is doing well~!


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