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Trying to own fixed limit fish
  Artoo_Detoo, Sep 06 2010

Hey all, I'm not sure where to post this since it's not really a question about just one hand, so I don't think it goes in the Low Stakes forums. But anyways, here's the deal.

I am a fish who enjoys very casual poker. I.e., I'm not trying to get a ton better at poker, nor do I want to make a lot of money. I just want to avoid losing money while beating down on bigger donks for fun. Maybe I'm twisted, but heck, I do like card games, and poker is a card game, but I'm not an intense kind of guy.

So what happened is, my good friend rgfdxm who owns poker in NL50 and NL100 but hasn't played recently, staked me with $10. I've made $35.58 so far for a bankroll of $45.58, which is basically nothing, but it's pretty relaxing fun since I don't have a lot of money on the line and I play against fish. I own $1.10 double or nothings since I can nit forever and let the fish duke it out, taking a big pot once in a while when they think shoving with Ax is awesome and I have JJ. I'm not good at these, I'm just good enough to own fish.

However, I am getting owned in $0.02/$0.04 Limit Hold'em. It's not even funny. For some reason, I have never been up in a single session. I've already given up trying to play microstakes 2-7 Triple Draw and Razz, my favorite and second favorite poker variations respectively, because either I'm underrolled or I get owned by the antes, but I should be fine for Limit Hold'em. Unfortunately, I can't tell if I am actually getting unlucky a lot, or just that I'm not playing well enough to win money.

A big problem is that I don't know what to do with bets when I should be ahead. If I get AK preflop, I am clearly capping that, but on the flop when I hit nothing and it's a 4-5 way flop (as always with these fish), do I cbet? I know what to do with a flush draw, but what if I am the one with top pair and there is a flush draw on the board? I can't bet the donks out because I can't control my bet sizes, and I feel that if I bet, I'm just value betting their draws.

Also, the fixed bet sizes mean I can't get a better read of their moves, which makes me scared a lot:
Here, I bet the flop and turn with top pair, but once the third heart hits the river, I'm afraid I'm being check raised.
Here, I cap the flop thinking I have the best hand, but once he leads the turn again, I'm not so sure and I think I'm running into two pair or a set.
Again, I put him on a possible straight draw with an 8.

Can someone who knows a little about fixed limit tell me some keys to play these hands differently from no limit? I don't want to spend too much time on poker, but I do want to get good enough such that I can finally own these limit fools. My biggest problem right now seems to be reverse implied odds situations.

Also, I feel like stats would really help, but I don't have a HUD at the moment, and I clearly don't play high enough stakes to warrant buying one like Pokertracker. I don't want to get the trial version of HUDs since that would just make me feel even more naked after the trial is over. I used to use Realtime HUD but that seems to have died. Is there a crappy but someone decent HUD out there I can use?

Thanks in advance for all of your time!

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