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Couple Spots, Couple Thoughts
  Aphelion, Apr 04 2008

Copied this from LS forums cause I wasn't getting response.

Just moved up to 25NL, found it pretty easy so far, up 4 buyins.

Here are a couple spots I'm not sure I played it right. How would

Hand 1:
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Hand 2:
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One thing that worries me a lot is that I don't feel my play to be improving, I basically just play my own cards and the texture of the board, and I take note of some extraordinary plays of the villain and take notes, but thats about it. I rarely find myself calculating hand ranges, and my hand reading is still limited to vague, unsystematic inductions of strength and weakness, and a
rough idea of "the possible hands that beat me".

I don't feel I'm a weak thinker theoretically, but I find that all the quirks about actual playing creates a fog of war which reduces my play to instinct and the most obvious simple plays. This is serving me okay so far, but I feel like I need a quantum leap if I wish to be a long term winner on higher stakes, and again I'm not sensing much improvement in myself.

Did anyone have similar experiences moving up? If so, how did you winning mid-high stake regulars get past that to where you are now?

Sorry if this rant belongs in a blog, but I thought it was something constructive to share.

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