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climbing thru micros

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new micro player
  aernout, Sep 01 2012

hey guys,

I've been following the poker blogs section for a few months already and thought why not start a own blog myself. there's already a ton of micro stuff on the forum so thought there wouldn't really be any harm in there. The blog is mainly gonna poker oriented. so a little about my poker experience so far: I've been playing poker for about 3/4 year so far or so. started on 2nl, made like 2 10$ deposits on pokerstars and after I started taking it more seriously and deposited 50$, went really quick from 2nl to 10nl. My BR is on about 500$ and kinda struggling to improve. playing on PKR atm cause I figured it's the most fishiest site. That's also the main reason I created account on here, to improve my game. So anyone has any tips on the what helps you to improve? main thing I try to do atm is study HH and watch DC videos.

graph so far on PKR (note: the volume is so low because I only recently started playing there):

a few hands:

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