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My Titan $ for Stars
  TekxY, Apr 18 2010

$80 in Titan Poker for your $80 on Stars, i'll send first to reputable members ofc.

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I need some advice
  TekxY, Apr 10 2010

Well, first of all im super noob, that said... after playing NL2, NL4 for a while I start playing NL10 and a few days ago i start using Poker Tracker 3 and well, just see this graph and think WTF, why im losing so much in non-showdown, and I was thinking why is this, I think one reason is because no matter what I never complete my draws, even when I have OESD + FD I complete 1 out of idk a ton, but as im super noob could be other stuff, maybe you guys from LP could give me some advice, maybe this is so general and you need more info so just ask.

thanks in advance.

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titan to stars ( bump )
  TekxY, Jul 02 2009

bump for my last entry

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Titan to Stars
  TekxY, Jul 01 2009

i want to xfer $100 USD from Titan Poker to Pokerstars, if any reputable person is intered plz answer here or pm me.

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Titan Poker OPR?
  TekxY, Jun 24 2009

i was wondering if theres such a site like OPR, for titan poker, if any1 knows plz post it here

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Royal Flush...setup
  TekxY, May 04 2009

LOL, some of my friends who i use to play with on home poker games, were playing and drinking and one guy decides to go to the bathroom, then the other guys setup the deck so he gets AKsuited and then he flops the royal flush, and some performances of friends, "im gonna go all-in because i dont think u have flush", another guy trying to do a read and some stuff to make it more real, and everyone laughing inside, so he calls the all-in, stand up and he screams "straight flush" LOLLLLLLLL, and another guy was like "wait, wait" and he was like NONO I OWN YOU, I OWN YOU ALL (in spanish ofc) and it was really funny, and all was recorded with a cellphone vcamera so i guess will be soon in youtube so i can post it here.

cheers LPers!

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  TekxY, Apr 27 2009

Today i was playing 6ppl sits n go, on Titan Poker, everything as usual, except that i lost lot of hands due to bad beats, i was playing 4 tourneys at the same time, and in 2 of them lose lot of chips from bad beats but recover and manage to play HU in the 4 tourneys, i get 4 2nd places...

KQ vs TT, board K,blank,Q..turn blank, river T, A9 vs Q9, blank flop, turn 9, river Q,
another i get a set, flop rainbow, turn heart, river heart, and he get flush
and the other i dont remember

really annoying!

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lack of time
  TekxY, Apr 23 2009

Since the last monday im back to school, that traduces into a lot less time left to play poker, and its really really annoying but theres nothing i can´t do, fortunately i finish my university studies on december and ill free to play hardcore sessions of poker.

good luck at the tables!!!

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  TekxY, Apr 17 2009

Today i play a $5.50 tourney, 90 entrants,i was chipleader for some decent time, then lost a lot of chips with QQQK vs QQQA, but i managed to survive and so, when there were only 13 players left(12 cash out), i get KK, half of the table folded, i was on SB i think or BB, so the CO or Dealer raise, the next guy call, and i went all-in, first guy folded, 2nd call with AJo, and get an Ace.

so i lost on 13th after 2:30hrs or more of playing really decent =( cashing NOTHING =(

did i do wrong? i didnt have a lot of chips, so getting KK was really good, maybe call and if dont see and A on the flop, shove? idk

what would u do?

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badbeat T_T
  TekxY, Apr 14 2009

Ok, so i was playing cash tables at microstakes .01/.02 and it was time to sleep so i was just waiting the last hands 1 spot before i have to pay the big blind and if i didnt get anything good i was closing the tables, suddenly i get a 55, a guy reraises to .06, so i just pay to c the flop, and the flop came 258rainbow, NICE! i flopped a set...

Then the guy raised again i dont remember but really small raise, so i reraised and he went all-in, i pay ofc, i was thinking in AA,KK,QQ but he had JJ, ok no problem...8 on the turn, 8 on the river... WHAT THE F!!!
258 8 8 =( i mean when i saw the 8 on turn was like YEAAA FULL HOUSE BABY! but then i was -_____________-
hahaha its funny now.

How do u deal with bad beats, u scream? hit something? u sit and do nothing?


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