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trade me holdem indicator for pt4 or hem?
  Ryan Neilly, Jan 14 2019


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The ACR 1m Gntd
  Ryan Neilly, Oct 15 2017


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Buy My PT4 first :)
  Ryan Neilly, Mar 14 2017


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ACR 4 Bitcoin (My ACR your bitcoin)
  Ryan Neilly, Aug 17 2016

thx lp,


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Need Bitcoin 4ACR
  Ryan Neilly, Aug 17 2016

Taken care of thx lp

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I love this guy!
  Ryan Neilly, Aug 12 2016

This guys on Americas got Talent, my friend GSR_01_integ from LP (he doesnt post often) told me some of the best acts to watch, this guy is absurdly funny!

another great one here too used the week with gambling stuff cuz well its the LP

Hope you guys Enjoy

The last 30 days have been my first 200 hour month in about 3 years, studying a ton and back to MTTing with some cashgames, finally feeling great about poker again!

ACR is kinda awesome, I was avoiding it like the plague, then made a deposit there and had to step my game up, this sites got me addicted to poker again! Love it!!!!

This is EPIC TOO!!

Just felt like bloggin,

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Back my Bovada
  Ryan Neilly, Aug 07 2016

--- taken care of thx ----

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$100 PStars for 100 ACR
  Ryan Neilly, Aug 02 2016

Can anyone accept $100 stars and xfer me ACR funds.

Going to do some MTT's for a friend, but need to find someone that can help with this


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Suggested Bitcoin Wallet?
  Ryan Neilly, Jul 13 2016

Hey guys, I just started learning about bitcoin etc, going to start using it as they took off the Visa Fast Pay @Bovada.

Is it easy to turn bitcoin into dollars?

I started looking at bitcoin wallets and found a million different ones, they are like banks or w/e, anyways, whats the best?

Is there one thats way better than the others?

Any with extra benefits?

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you,

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Life/Poker Update
  Ryan Neilly, Apr 04 2016

Hey guys,

Last year + start of this year I was slacking hard, datin this girl etc, finally back grinding 24/7. Haven't posted any updates anytime recently.
took 2.5 months off, was fun, but time to get back to it.

2015 wasn't too great for me. Only made 18.5k online, but kept restarting from $100. 1500 a month was enough to pay for my life so wasn't bad, although i had a 5k month in vegas online, so i think i need to just move there and grind, way better having player ID's, so many over players there in one right or another.

Proud of :
I have not taken 1 stake since January of 2015. I have been doing poker on my own and learning so much about business and other aspects of the game that I had overlooked in the past. This has all been 100% me.

In Life;
Finally back on the road, so I can play live + online.
Few great local games to go to, pretty excited to start going again.

Just cashed out the BR To $100 and restarting again, needed car + live BR + life expenses.

SO I've been printing almost all my $ at NL100, but I play NL200 3handed late at night (all zoom) - won 5/6 sessions at NL200 in March, had a few really nice sessions.

I'm switching from ZooM to non ZooM, and hopefully living off cash game profits in casino, and not needing to do payouts online would be great. This is my goal for 2016. Festivals live poker and online poker, years booked. Currently a mission to 25k instead of constant missions to 3k.

After a while I got a lil tired and bored of poker, needed to live life and do some other stuff, finally itching to play a ton again, can't wait to see if I can reach 5/10 non zoom @Bovada. Should be able to.

Gonna stop putting (4-6 or 8 hrs a day pressure on my shoulders and just play non stop and hope to have a lot of long 10-30++ hour sessions, games been a lot more fun again )

I use very aggressive BR management through the micros, (nl10 til 400, NL25 til 750, NL50 til 2k and start NL100. From there I'm going to just play on 40bi+++.

Goal is NL1k which is actually pretty soft @Bovada, who cares if I end up in NL200-NL600, those games are all great too, or even NL100 is fine if needed.

Been working a lot on life, learning in a lot of areas outside of poker, while still studying some poker etc. Literally spent hundreds of hours learning about politics this year @Youtube (was 100% ignorant of politics before this year), following different campaigns and just kicking it with lots of movies n friends etc. Finally started putting people before poker, been pretty rewarding, although still need to play tons of long sessions, just feels good to not feel so attached to a tournament or feeling that i "need" to grind, games not going anywhere most likely ever.

Here's an update of how I've been doing so far on Bovada @Cashgames.
I've binked a lot of MTT's as well. (recently 2nd in a $33 5k T)

The sessions are all like 60-240 minutes, I'm gonna just bring it back to like 2008 style and start playing 500+ minute sessions for fun, no reason to not give it all I got now.


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