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Good first session of 2014
  Luckb0xx, Jan 06 2014

Since I dont have the time to play a lot or at least can't tell yet i wont set any goals for the year nor did for 2013 pokerwise

still yesterday i played the million on since i won a ticket, busted early but also opened upthe 3$R on, since thats the most profitable tournament of my life lol (like 5 final tables, shipped once for 6k$)

Was a good decision to borrow 10 bucks from a friend to at least play this one tourney on eu:
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Happy new year everyone! :D

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Another deep run!
  Luckb0xx, Jul 05 2013

Sup LP,

since I got exams in the next 3 weeks I barely played any poker for the last 3-4 weeks. But I caught a cold a few days ago and since I was just lying on my couch all day I decided to play the MicroSeries events on yesterday..

It was the right decision, no doubt

I hit the FT as a shortstack but eventually "Sasha Stein" would crush all the other bigstacks and hold like a 12M chiplead with 6ppl left and everyone else having 1-2.5M - me having 2M+ actually! That way and since I was pretty carddead on the FT (I got aces/kings like 5-6 times each pre-FT tho^^) I managed to fold myself into top3 then lost to the CL!

This cash made me hit 7,5k€ winnings for the year.. meeh it couldve been so much more but im too lazy to put in volume at all..

This win makes me wanna play more of the series but I seriously got to focus on studying right now :s

Well you guys keep up the grind and take my rungood for the next few weeks until im back


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Same ship, different day
  Luckb0xx, May 16 2013

Well almost..
After taking down the 3€ storm like 10days ago I final tabled it again my next session 2 days later but ended up 6th iirc so it wasnt worth posting about it..

Yesterday it gave me a tough beat in the very same tourney (16 ppl left i think)..
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But I managed to fight back up and ended up dealing 4handed with 2 equal big stacks (1 of them being me) and 2 equal smallstacks!


Final Hand:
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Won a little NLHE MTT!
  Luckb0xx, May 06 2013

After I didnt manage to win the PLO series Main Event:/ at least I finally shipped the 3€R Storm on! Ended up 4th like a week ago and finally BOOOM, ran over everything, busted the guy who sat with me on the same ft same tourney a week ago on bubble of FT and 4 handed i had like 15m, others had 8m,7m,3m and the deal was pretty much in my favour i'd say! (altho I didnt understand a single word from the dealmaking, the host didnt translate anything into english lol)! also ship the TLB points!!^^

Final Hand, here you go:

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Im so motivated right now to see how I can actually run if I play focused and reduce the spew

Still kinda happy about this fold I did earlier in that tourney:
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Won a little PLO event
  Luckb0xx, Apr 23 2013

We chopped 4-handed and I won it shortly after

Final Hand:

Submitted by : Luckb0xx

PokerStars Hand #97561417529: Tournament #717064390, €13.50+€1.50 EUR Omaha Pot Limit - Level XXXVII (17500/35000) - 2013/04/23 3:28:50 CET [2013/04/22 21:28:50 ET]
Table 717064390 9 6-max Seat #3 is the button
Seat 1: elsalamander (1475424 in chips)
Seat 3: Hero (2454576 in chips)
Hero: posts small blind 17500
elsalamander: posts big blind 35000

Dealt to Hero KsKh4sTh
Hero: raises 70000 to 105000
elsalamander: raises 210000 to 315000
Hero: raises 630000 to 945000
elsalamander: raises 530424 to 1475424 and is all-in
Hero: calls 530424

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $2,950,848.00)


Turn(Odds) (Pot : $2,950,848.00)


River (Pot : $2,950,848.00)


elsalamander: shows Jc4d8sAd (a pair of Jacks)
Hero: shows KsKh4sTh (three of a kind, Kings)
elsalamander said, "jo gg"
Hero collected 2950848 from pot
elsalamander finished the tournament in 2nd place and received €1303.46.
Hero wins the tournament and receives €1215.23 - congratulations!

Total pot 2950848 | Rake 0
Board  7cKd2cJh5s
Seat 1: elsalamander (big blind) showed Jc4d8sAd and lost with a pair of Jacks
Seat 3: Hero (button) (small blind) showed KsKh4sTh and won (2950848) with three of a kind, Kings

Lets hope I'll run well in another PLO-series event this week

~ L.J.

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New motivation
  Luckb0xx, May 24 2012

Sup LP,

I kinda struggled on the micros for a long time now.. played nl200 for few months broke ~even and hit SN in 2010, but after that I kinda gave up on poker..

played occasionally on stars, few micro mtts, eventually shipped the 3$R for 6k$ but thats about it..

Well I kinda decided to reset my poker mindset and start playing again.

I deposited 50€ on, played sngs until I hit 400€ and now im playing a mix of cash and mtts. also shipped a small omaha tourney for 400 so that puts my roll to ~1k€ after having cashed out 300€.

To keep myself focused and motivated I decided to go for Supernova this year!

currently got 3k VPPs from like 2 weeks of playing.

I will soon take shots at NL50 and for now play 5-10€ with 20€ shots mtts and NL25!

I think SN wont be too much of a problem if I can successfully move up to NL50!

Graphs will come soon when I got some more k hands in!

Let's hope I can do it

~ L.J.

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SM Stake today
  Luckb0xx, Mar 25 2012

80/20 in your favour!

shipped a micro mtt lately, other stats can be seen 2 blogposts below!

PM me or post!

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Sh!p happens again
  Luckb0xx, Mar 12 2012

After having cashed out whole roll a bit back I played a storm seat with my last fpps, won it, played some 2-4$ mtts tonight and

Final Hand:
Submitted by : Luckb0xx

PokerStars Hand #77097793341: Tournament #530533545, $3.00+$0.30 USD Holdem No Limit - Level XXXIX (25000/50000) - 2012/03/13 2:02:42 CET [2012/03/12 21:02:42 ET]
Table 530533545 130 6-max Seat #6 is the button
Seat 5: Hero (4086331 in chips)
Seat 6: Godfather294 (1745669 in chips)
Hero: posts the ante 6250
Godfather294: posts the ante 6250
Godfather294: posts small blind 25000
Hero: posts big blind 50000

Dealt to Hero 8s7s
Godfather294: raises 50000 to 100000
Hero: calls 50000

Flop(Odds) (Pot : $212,500.00)

Hero: checks
Godfather294: bets 100000
Hero: raises 160999 to 260999
Godfather294: raises 1378420 to 1639419 and is all-in
Hero: calls 1378420

Turn(Odds) (Pot : $3,491,338.00)


River (Pot : $3,491,338.00)


Hero: shows 8s7s (a flush, King high)
Godfather294: shows 9c9h (three of a kind, Nines)
Hero collected 3491338 from pot
Godfather294 finished the tournament in 2nd place and received $720.25.
Hero wins the tournament and receives $963.17 - congratulations!

Total pot 3491338 | Rake 0
Board  Th9sKs4cQs
Seat 5: Hero (big blind) showed 8s7s and won (3491338) with a flush, King high
Seat 6: Godfather294 (button) (small blind) showed 9c9h and lost with three of a kind, Nines

Time to play the Micro Series

Happy ending after having played the million yesterday!!

~ L.J.

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Stake for 6M$ Million
  Luckb0xx, Mar 11 2012

I havent played a bigger Tourney in a bit, shipped the 3$R a while back and well this seems like a great tourney to take a shot in


Offering 80/20 in your favour!

Let me know via PM or post! woudl really love to play this one!


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Ship happens :D
  Luckb0xx, Sep 16 2011

its been a while..

fun fact - I did only play the 3$R yesterday, no other mtts! Bought in for 3$ because i just wanted to gamble, didnt even rebuy once just took the add-on

so thats 6$ -> 6k$ for the night was a long night tho i was so tired and so was my hu opponent that he agreed to 50/50 chop + 500 for winner altho he was in the chiplead

well kinda needed this lucky run hehe


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