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From Razz to Riches

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Blog prop bet.
  Adaptation, Jul 10 2009

Well now i gotta update this blog a lot, because theres a prop bet thats about to start on how long we can update ze_blogs. Everyday, with a 1 day break per weak(a week starting Monday and finishing Sunday). So now i have to update this, and i gotta find stuff to blog about. Well, i switched to PLO and im doing good, went from .1/.2 - .2/5 5/10 10/25(at around 10BB/100). Quick thoughts on the game so far -

Obviously, board texture is extremely important, thus making Omaha tracker actually not as useful(but still pretty useful) considering theres is absolutely no balancing to do on the turn or river at lower and mid stakes.

Handreading is very relative to after flop tendency's when facing 30VPIP + players(which there is a crapload). Taking notes is really really important, cause you need to know who raises draws and such.

Slowplaying is generally no good - your nuts gets killed way too often and even untouchable nuts will get no action due to scary turn and river card.

I found overlimping to be good - run equity calculations and you will see that if theres 2 limpers, you are probably better off limping your As9s8hTh. Your fold equity is none. However open limping is fairly negative ev­. I only overlimp if theres 2 or more limpers.

Don't 3 bet out of the blinds, unless you do have fold equity(which is pretty rare), or you have a weak tight postflop player. 4betting is another cookie, especially dependant on stack sizes. If you can jam more then 40% stack, then yea you should 4bet your aces. 3bet in position is actually very profitable(although higher variance in a game where at lower stakes you can just nut peddle). Most players will put you on aces, and you should certainly 3bet your QJT9ss against an opponent who opens a wide range. Of course if the guy never raises, dont raise because he will 4 bet you with his AA or KK. But again, the Preflop raisers 10%+, you should 3 bet in position your rundown hands(but don't 3 bet 4567hhss - you will often get it in with a draw where your opponent is freerolling you to a better nuts). Im talking QJT9hhss.

Anyway, tomorrow i will post my thoughts on general hand reading, because iv found to be pretty efficient at hand reading so far.

Oh btw 9/07/09 was my birthday and i got in a car accident(although small). Shitty ass bday. Oh well will probably go out saturday night to compensate!

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Up and down.
  Adaptation, Apr 02 2009

Started the day, up 7 buyins, followed by a 6 buyin downswing wher

10s beat by AK

AA beat by flushdraw+pair

top pair beat by a rivered 2 pair

stupid shove with middle pair by me.

Top pairTK beaten by a set(a maniac player though shoving and betting every hand possible. 3bet with 74s to catch 644 flop where i had A6)

J7 straight beaten by QJ straight

Tough life!

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Razz to riches... literally
  Adaptation, Apr 01 2009

So after being away from this blog forever, i need to keep track of all my winnings.

Quick story short: I had some money on Party Poker, but used it mainly for (which made me go sportsbusto).

Anyway quick story short, i win a razz freeroll on FTP(15$). I play Heads up turbo Razz SNG to go up to 60$, then some 2cents Full ring to go up to 120$, then SNG5$ Heads up NLHE up to 270$(this happened in about 2-3 months period)

Also made a fair amount of cash through Lo8,stud,razz,6max LHE(and blew way too much on Stud8). So starting now im gonna blog on my multigame action, post some hands. I know how to play every game (except freaking Stud8. If your a stud8 player, please help me out)

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More on counting again and poker.
  Adaptation, Mar 12 2007

Today was very good, considering my tiny bankroll only allows me single tabling.

Bank Roll:32$(+8)

Finished in the money in a Freeroll, and mainly destroyed a shorthanded game NL4. I luckboxed once, but mainly i outplayed the kids and their pennies. However so far i like Full rings better, because in short handed games the variation is greater, and with my limited amount i can barely deal with variation. But on the other hand shorthanded games at low stakes are much less skilled...


As i said previously, i will hit the casino next wednesday. For now, i will continue to elaborate on Blackjack in general. This post i will explain what is Card counting and how it works.

First of all, the system i will explain is known as the HIGH-LOW counting system. The first thing any count system will display is the value it gives to cards. For HI-lo, they are

2(+1), 3(+1), 4(+1), 5(+1), 6(+1), 7(0), 8(0), 9(0), 10 (-1), A(-1)

As you see each card come out of the shoe(you must start to count right after the deck was shuffled, obviously), you remember its value and add it up(or remove) to the count, which is usually called: The Running count.

Let us say that you hold 2(+1),7(0),10(-1).
The player next to you holds 4(+1),6(+1),5(+1).
You both stand and the dealer turns his card, showing 7(0),10(-1).
He stands according to casino rules. So the Running count would be +2. Now the higher the count is, the better it is for the player. So next hand you are more likely to hit 20 or 21. Quite simple so far right? Thats almost all of it.

One last thing one needs to do is to divide the Running Count by the number of decks left in the Blackjack shoe. Why? Because having a Running Count of +2 means 2 more tens likely to be distributed to players(since dealer gives cards to players before himself). However 2 more ''tens'' in a pack of 200-300 cards dosent mean much. However 2 more ten in a single deck means a lot more. So one needs to follow his running count and divide it by the number of decks to get THE TRUE COUNT. The true count is what makes you bet or leave. Anytime the Truecount is under 1, you should leave the table, that is if you play the typical 6 deck blackjack.

A question one may ask himself is - how do i know how much decks are left. To be honest, my casino leaves it wide open so i can just look and i have a fair idea. You can also look at the discard pile to get an idea of it. If absolutely everything is hidden just take in mind the following ratio -
In average, players will use 3 cards.

(Number of Players x 3) multiplied by the number of hands played since the beginning of the shoe = number of cards played.

However from what iv seen, the discard pile or shoe is visible enough for you to get a good idea of the number of decks.

The next question is, what do i do with the True count? Well, the higher the better. The safest is obviously, to card count behind the table, wait until the True count hits +2 or more, start betting, and if it hits under +2, leave and go the next table. Of course this requires patience, but it is the safest and best way to bring down the house.

Each True Count usually adds +0.5% to the player, therefor hitting when you have +2 turns the edge in your favor, if you play perfect basic strategy.

To finish, i gotta say that you do not need to be a genious to card count, neither does it have to take a long time to learn. In a week of training(3-4 hours a day), i learned how to count and i got benefits when i hit my casino. I have to say that there is a lot more to counting then this, but for now i will stop there because i believe that is big enough(especially for a blog on a poker site!)

Next post i will go over what are the best(and worst) rules of blackjack(very important).

Edit: BTW grot, a 6 deck is beatable, how easy it is depends largely on the rules though.

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More on counting.
  Adaptation, Mar 11 2007

----------Blackjack and Counting----------
It seems there is some interesting on Blackjack and card counting. I have to start that im no expert, but i studied the subject quite a lot in the past days so i can give info on how to start and so.

First thing to learn is not the counting, but basic strategy. It's how you play your hands. Any serious Blackjack player should know this cold before hitting the table.

This is how every hand should be played if playing the typical 6 deck Blackjack game. However, on a single or double deck game, the strategy changes. However, those are less popular(because they are actually much better for the players). One should learn it cold, and not deviate from it for no reason, as in the long run it will be better. However only using basic strategy will not get you winning in most cases, but it will simply make the odds more in your favor.

As for how card counting affects how you play, it depends largely on how you count the cards.Myself, i use a rather simple count system, thus not changing how i play basic strategy no matter what. Just stick to it until you learn more advanced counts(i will explain Counting in my next post.)

As for myself, i will be hitting the casino next wednesday, hopefully i will bring down the house again.

Well i just learned that half my stack was an unlocked bonus(im a n00b.) And i just dont see how i can unlock that bonus in time so... Even though i made some cash today, i just realised that my BR is not so high lol...

Bankroll : 24$(+2)

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Counting and echecks
  Adaptation, Mar 10 2007

My echeck canceled, thus bringing my PP account to 0(didnt lose any money either though). I reload by using Neteller/visa, which worked but i reloaded with less. So far,

BR: 72$(+8)

Now i have to play NL.4, and grind my way up. Should be fun.

So far i had barely no action, playing tight following grot's advices, exception for this single hand

His response cracked me up badly '' HOW CAN U CALL''. For me it was so obvious he didnt have an ace. His response was priceless.


Even though this site is about poker, i will use this blog to store my Blackjack counting situation. Two weeks ago i spoke with a friend about casino's which got me interested again in card counting. I knew how it works but i had actually never practiced.

I decided to give it a shot, learning the blackjack basic strategy by heart(how to play ur hands) is the first thing, which i rapidly learned in 2 days. The basic strategy is essential, and without it counting is nothing. Using Basic strategy, the house usually has a .60% edge over me. However, with successful card counting i can make the edge to 1%-2% in my favor.

Card counting works on the basis that certain cards are good for u and some are bad. You assign minus values to cards u want(because when u see them played, it gives u less chance to catch those cards later on, thus we give them negative values when we see them). We give cards we dont want positive values, because when we see them, its likely that were not going to get them soon after this hand.

Using a basic counting system, known as the HI-LO, i practiced for 5 days, until i was able to count a deck in 25 seconds minimum. Through free BJ simulators on internet, i sharpened my count and decided to hit the Local casino, with a hundred dollars.

To my suprise, the minimum bet there was 15$, thus allowing me to play 7 hands.That meant i could only play when the count was extremely high.

So for the first hour, i backcounted(counting the cards but not playing). I was able to keep track with the dealers, including the extremely fast one. After this hour, i decided to give it a shot.

For the next 3 hours, i walked around tables, counting, and when it was good, i bet, won and left because the count got crappy.

In 3 hours - +70$
BJ BR:170$

I left the casino feeling fairly good, quite happy with how things turned. Still my BR is incredibly tiny and the minimum bet is an overbet to my BR. Hopefully my count will stay sharp and i will keep getting the cards...

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The first step.
  Adaptation, Feb 21 2007

Alright, im 19 year old, living in Canada and i played Starcraft for a long time. After a decent WCG canada placement(7th), i stopped playing but checked out a few times. Until i saw that the poker threads disapeared. WTF i told myself. Then one day, i saw at the bottom. And the adventure began... After 30$ bux lost in a poker club tourney and a home game, i decided to turn towards my cpu...

My first 2 days of Online Poker -

With a 100$ on Party Poker upload yestoday(20/02/07), no real goal for now, just move up the levels.

So far im 18$ up, playing NL10 mainly, even if this goes against the majority of BR management. NL.4 is just too long to grind.

Time Played 2h30


Notice i won't be using the usual BB/100 stats and so on because my pokertracker messed up, so ima stick to manual stats until i fix this.

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