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Moving the family to Vegas or Summerlin need .....
  AURELIUS, Jan 21 2010

some insight into the whole scene. I will be moving with wife and young daughter, and looking to improve my poker BUT IN NO RUSH AT ALL. Lper's any good advice would be welcomed.


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What is the # rap song for a true grinder??
  AURELIUS, Jan 12 2010

I have to say " Grindin " by The Clipse. By far, the title says it all. The BEAT is sick!!!!!!!!!!


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The Real UFC & POKER
  AURELIUS, Oct 26 2009

I have to write this, I love the fact that poker and UFC go together like pickles and hamburgers all depending your taste. Really though, the UFC today is not really the UFC too many rules and regulations. I have been there since day one since 1996. Let me first say no one will ever pass the feat of Royce Gracie 4 fights in one night and win them all no matter your weight or gi or no gi. The best No hold barred fighter in the world never even fought in the UFC " Rickson Gracie ". He is a BEAST!!!!!! VERY HUMBLE THOUGH.

Now you are wondering who am I ??? I have been on LP for a while watching listening and trying to learn but I am no rookie or chump when it comes to the FIGHT GAME. I trained with Kenny Florian and Roberto Miaia, I got my belts from them in brazilian jujitsu. Way back in 2001, when most of you were still playin gyouth soccer & hockey...LOL
Shat I am disciplined in jujitsu, thai & good ole american wrestling...I wish I could have found a sambo school (Thanks TAKTOROV)...I wished I could have trained with BAS RUTTEN his kicks and his elbows hard to take. But like the first UFC and general martial arts I have fell in love with POKER in my adult hood.

This where LP comes in, at times I think some on here are too arrogant or cocky but then there are times when people do make sense and very helpful to those that truly want to be good. I am glad I did find this site because I really realized alot of the poker royalty here like the same things I do, fights, girls , working out, doobies and money....LOL

Hopefully one day I will show my black ass to world and LP will be one of the reasons why.


gl on and off the felts/mats,


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