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mmk, this is my blog

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<3 liquidpoker
  mfcmurray, Apr 16 2007

Wow, i was bored as shit and looking at posts i made like a year ago, I was embarassed, seriously, a fucking retard, lol. I would just like to thank everyone here (except for the retards with like 20 posts) for helping me grow as a poker player and a person, you guys own. If it werent for LP Id still be a retard fish playing $3.40s underrolled. lolz, <3 all.

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Getting staked yo
  mfcmurray, Apr 12 2007

Im getting staked through a non LPer for tournies ranging from $22 to $109 buy ins. The stake is 60/40 in his favor.
This is great considering that I made a thread offering 95/5, lol. Wish me luck! Stake starts tommorrow night. holla!

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wated chance :(
  mfcmurray, Mar 25 2007

FTd 2 $4.40s at same time, like 6th and 8th , was sick.

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teh graph
  mfcmurray, Mar 03 2007

So u guys no Im not bullshitting about the ROI


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Wuddup world
  mfcmurray, Mar 03 2007

Hey dudes/chicks, my name is mfcmurray and Ive been playing poker for about 2 years now. I play tournies/sngs at the low/micro level, I also tilt/donate at nl25. I need to stick to $4 180 sngs because I prove to be most successful in these games, my roi is almost 200%. Ive made over 3k in mtts but have given some back, still a decent winner so ship it. I go on ventrilo whenever Im on the comp so hit me up whenever, Holla!

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