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Maybe I'll try semi-pro for awhile
  27s, Jan 15 2008

I have to appreciate the fact that even though I do really believe I'm a microstakes balla, bad things can happen beyond my control and I could wind up stuck. Besides, my BR is only $1500! I think I can put in 20 hours a week with the work that I have. Sounds kinda crazy though. I'd like to in the months ahead drop one of my evening cleaning contracts which is the one that keeps me working until 3:00am. I'm there 4 nights a week and it's $1000 per month. If I dropped it, I'd only have to small offices to look after in the evening and would never have to work past 11pm. The other 1/3 of my $3k monthly income comes from a few smaller weekly jobs I do during the day. This would free up a lot of my time as I could go to bed at a normal time each night and wake up on a regular schedule. It'd give me more time for poker and studying poker as well as other things. Seems like this could be +EV. I guess the one plus about my situation is being self employed I can reduce my hours working and ease myself into playing pro gradually.

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No talented regs at absolute!
  27s, Jan 14 2008

I dont mean to sound cocky or anything but seriously I cant really find anybody decent on this site. I used to play on stars and there were plenty of good players it seemed. When I first got on Absolute i didnt like the software too much though it's better than a lot of other sites. It has a fairly small pool of regs at $25NL and $50NL. Most of them multi-table so I get a fair bit of hands in with all of them. Im not complaining though. I'm lovin my winrate there and my rake back so ship it, holla!

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My debut at LP
  27s, Jan 14 2008

Hey hows it going all. I've lurked around here from time to time in the past so finally decided to create an account. I used to play SC but I was chobo as hell. If anybody ever remembers [GiTM]-Soup or bluesoup from back in the nilla days then holla!

I've been playin poker for over a year now. Started out with a $50 BR on stars playin teh gay limit. Did that for a few months and then took my still $50 BR to NL and slowly started makin the monies. I'm grinding $50NL right now and doing pretty well running around 12bb/100 while 6-8tabling. I feel that I'd be playing higher stakes by now except that I'm a cashout whore. I've cashed out close to $10k since I started. I used to play on stars .02/.05 and cash out like $150 a week there.

I'm a HUD bot and admit I'd be lost without it. Its not that I cant pay attention and make notes and what not, but its so much easier to go with the stats while 8 tabling.

I'm making more money per hour right now than I am at my job, but I cant make the move. I dont have the balls. I'm self employed and I need that money I make every month so I'm going to keep grinding my job and playin poker when I can. But if I can grind $50NL successfully without problems, and move up to $100NL and beat that over a decent sample then I'm pretty sure I'll just go pro, since I know I'll be able to move back down to $50NL and still make a good living if shit goes bad at $100NL.

All in all I'm looking to improve my game and have some fun takin donks monies.

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