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PT chart for $100NL shot this week.
  27s, Mar 21 2008

Somebody mentioned this would be more interesting to see than just my graph. I was going to post the chart along with the graph but I was kinda tired at the time. It's only 11k hands but if anybody has any advice based on what they see then please do let me know.

Ship it.

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Took a shot at $100NL this week
  27s, Mar 20 2008

Thats right I took a shot at 100NL again. I've taken a few shots before and it just didnt feel right. I didnt feel ready, and actually remember my hands shaking and getting these weird shivers in 3bet pots. I'd end up feeling anxious, stack off at the wrong time, lose a couple hundred bucks in the session and back to fitty cent I went!

Fortunately this time was different. I psyched myself up for it, and felt good about it with my bankroll sitting at $2700 after my RB hit my account this month. I decided I'd allow myself to lose $400 While taking the shot. In my previous attempts I did notice that the play was really no better than NL50 so I just decided to do what I'm used to make things as similar as possible for me. So I did just that, and opened up 9 tables and got down to work knowing that this was going to cost me $400, or I was going to succeed.

Well since Sunday night I've put in about 17 hours of 9tabling for 11k hands. Here's my graph. The swings are pretty big, but overall I feel I've been playing well and not letting the money phase me or affect my game in any way.

Ship it!

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Moving in 2 days
  27s, Feb 28 2008

Yup. I'm all packed and ready. Friend of mine
has bought a house and I'm gonna share the main floor with him. Its a sweet deal since he's a really good friend, and he works in L.A right now, I'm in canada, so I'll have the place to myself most of the time anyways. There's 3 bedrooms obv one for me and one for him, and my daughter and his 2 daughters are going to share a room when they are over for the weekends. Right now, I'm living at another friends place in his unfinished basement. Long story, life beat, separation --> divorcel, rebuilding.

Poker has gone great in the past 2 months. My cashouts have almost been as much as my real job income. Needed that cuz of first and last month's rent this month and also just bought a nice pimpin King size bed which gets delivered at my new home this Saturday.

I had these expenses this month so I'm not getting ahead in poker. I dont mind continuing to grind 50NL for awhile longer though. December was xmas and my daughters birthday that month so I spoiled the shit out of her. January I paid down a $1500 credit card to zero wich my bitchface x-wife racked up in the first place, plus I lived like a true micro stakes baller for the month.

March is going to be different though. I really plan on playing a lot of poker like 60k hands. I think I'm going to buy a new computer though. My computer scares me sometimes, its like 4.5 years old and I've had to replace a bunch of stuff in it over the past 6months. Its cut into poker profits too cuz when it is'nt working I'm not working. I want a kick ass computer. With a kick ass monitor. But I have an ok 17" monitor right now. If i was going to move to stars id love to give mass tabling a try with no overlap. My PTDB seems to be getting too big. Postgres is fucked on my comp and I cant seem to get it working so its starting to slow down performance. Time to start fresh.

I also want to get an xbox 360. I'm addicted to playing rockband. My 8 year old daughter loves it too. The friends that i live with now have it. My kid comes over and sings like a mofo. Its awesome. That's gonna run me like $600 to get the system and the game. Ship it.

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  27s, Feb 22 2008

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Stats check up
  27s, Feb 22 2008

I really want to sustain a higher winrate than this. 6bb/100(not ptbb) doesnt seem to good. I feel like I'm capable of 10bb/100. Its really hard to say so maybe some of you can help me out. I think that most of my stuff looks pretty standard so I'm really not sure where I'm going wrong. I really like i've hit some serious coolers this month. At the beginning of the month though I did become a cardrunners member and have learned a lot from that. I've been making some pretty accurate reads in a lot of spots and experimenting with firing 2nd barrells more often only to find out that ya my read was correct but num-nuts still liked his hand enough to call me down light.

I've also started going through hands of the regulars and taking notes on everything, how they play their draws their sets, what kinds of flops they're floating or raising cbets etc. It's a long process but I think it'll pay off huge since I'm often on 4-5 tables with these same guys day in and day out.


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Is this kinda variance normal for 50cent?
  27s, Feb 22 2008

This is kinda bothering me. I've hit some huge coolers this month which unfortunately has caused me to tilt a bit when it happens, but I always take a break if I lose $150 which is pretty good imo, and get over it. Maybe I have some big leaks though? Not sure if I should be having swings this big. I'm still pretty happy making all this extra money but I feel I'm good enough to maintain a much higher winrate than this. FWIW, absolute plays with 200bb stacks, though most players buy in short some donks still end up deepstacked and the regs mostly buy in for 200bb.

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  27s, Feb 12 2008

accidentally posted the wrong graph. That was from January. Here's today's graph.
See below blog entry. Lol.

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Fantabulous session at fitty cent!
  27s, Feb 12 2008

Man what a great freakin day it has been today. Played for just under 4 hours for just over 2500 hands at 50NL 6max. I'm mostly 9tabling then later on in the session i dropped down to 7 tables. Ran at about 18/15 which is pretty standard for me. People tell me im nitty all the time but playing this tight doesnt seem to be hurting at all.

I'm moving at the end of the month so I'm probably going to cash a little out. I need a few things like a bed to sleep on for one. I havent quit my job yet but Poker is paying all my living expenses right now. I've already cashed out $1500 at the beginning of the month. I really needed this upswing for my spirts as I already hit a 10k hand wall and broke even just before today. Cheers.

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January so far...
  27s, Jan 25 2008

I was gonna wait until the end of the month for this but I'm so hyped about playing poker, making money, bein a microstakes baller and just running so damn consistently well.

So here is my graph and my chart:

I actually didnt start playing this month until around the 12th. My computer was messed up and I was pretty busy anyway. So I got my computer fixed up - needed a new power supply. Im just gonna buy a kick ass computer in the next month or so with an insanely huge monitor for 9 tabling. So anyhow, the last two weeks have gone well for me. Put in 52 hours with a MT ratio of 7.08 running at just under 11BB/100 which I believe is quite sustainable at this level. I've really been keeping my cool while playing and not letting the beats get to me. Just move on to the next hand and focus on my A game.

So I'm taking away $30 an hour from the tables. GG imo. I'm not positive but I think my rakeback is getting me $10/hour. I'll confirm what that is in the middle of February when I get paid. Part of December I was playing $25NL.

I'm getting smart at managing my roll at the same time. Withdrew $500 to instadebit earlier in the week so I can pick up a reload bonus. Sure enough AP had a 15% up to $200 today. So I deposited $500 which gave me a $75 pending bonus. I only played 3 hours and cleared $20 of it, though today I ran like a god almost 6 buyins holla! AP typically has reloads like this a couple times a week, so now that my roll is larger I'm going to start taking advantage of them. I just have to get instadebit to raise my transaction limits. Once I'm rolling with this though I should be able to bring in at least $1k in bounses!! Not to mention the ARP points to cash - which I figure gives me another couple bucks an hour when I hit 50,000 points and cashout $500.

Im just rollin with it. I want to go pro more than anything, but I'm going to do it right, with a nice sized bankroll + a few months expenses in the bank, and no debt. This is going to be possible very soon because im getting a divorce settlement of $25k. Ship it.

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Positional Awareness Factor.
  27s, Jan 16 2008

Just thought of this tonight while scrubbin toilets and what not. You know, the -EV thing I do for a living while not playing poker. Anyhow, no idea if this has already been thought of or in development but I think if PT/PAHUD ever get around to making their software better they really should include this idea whether it's mine or somebody else's.

I call it the Positional Awareness Factor! There could be 2 of them - one for vpip and one for PFR. I'm not sure how it should be calculated but there is definitely a way. Basically the PAF should give an arbitrary number similar to AF but but for the purpose of giving an indication of how tight an oppontent is UTG and in the blinds opposed to on the button. Suppose the higher the number this is the greater difference there is between a player's vpip UTG and OTB which should provide additional information to help narrow villain's hand ranges. Suppose you are against an opponent who runs 12/10/3 at 6max and he raises under the gun. If he has a very high PAF factor you have to figure that his hand is likely much narrower than 10%. Maybe 5%. 3betting this guy light with 99 is probably a bad idea in that case. If our opponent showed a PAF factor which was lower indicating that a raising hand is a raising hand then we could play accordingly.

Just a thought, hope somebody reads this and says ya that's a cool idea. Ship it.

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