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Interview with Ben Straate - Page 3

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all_in_4tw   Canada. Jan 30 2008 09:07. Posts 4515

great read

I sometimes fold AA preflop to balance my range 

Fraser   Canada. Jan 30 2008 10:52. Posts 4605

props on the tinfoil grill

NewBornBaby   United States. Jan 30 2008 11:54. Posts 413

Great great great read

One for tha money, Two for tha show. Clap yo hands, If you gotta bankroll 

SolarMusic   Germany. Jan 30 2008 12:11. Posts 1218

very nice read, thanks a lot

straate   Argentina. Jan 30 2008 13:45. Posts 2837

  On January 29 2008 18:40 Joe wrote:
Good read. Now how do you go about changing the game flow to tilt your opponent?
A lot of HU hands helps here a lot imo.

Also, how do u rate 20 Bucks Spin? He is one of the few non-lp regs I dont like to have at my tables (but maybe its just because he always runs hot vs me dunno).

extremely talented postflop but lacks discipline, tilt control, game selection

silverfox971: if this was a live game i would spit on you 

straate   Argentina. Jan 30 2008 13:46. Posts 2837

  On January 29 2008 15:08 sOah wrote:
utmost respect for the RS4 favouritism

'tis truly the most awesomest car evar!

yeah like the only really awesome all year round car in a cold snowy place in winter

silverfox971: if this was a live game i would spit on you 

brudman   Canada. Jan 30 2008 15:12. Posts 615

sick tilt advice

lebowski   Greece. Jan 30 2008 18:05. Posts 9096

  On January 30 2008 01:05 Cro)Deadman wrote:
he looks exactly like me,only diffrence is im better at poker obv.


but the resemblance is sick.


new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 


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