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Critterer   United Kingdom. Apr 21 2007 06:47. Posts 5337

the bit about reads on what your opponant "Thinks" is a strong hand is spot on! I was playing live with some friends and it came to the river on a 4 flush board, i had the flush but it was only a 4, he bet into the pot really strongly, and my read on him was almost perfect. I knew he thought he had a great hand so i folded it. He confidently flipped over a set and was really disappointed that i didnt call becuase he was absolutely sure he had the best hand rofl. O well.

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vltava   United States. Apr 21 2007 06:51. Posts 1742

I enjoy your articles, Corwin, and they help me put things in perspective when the wheels are starting to come off a bit in my live games. It's so important to exploit preflop edges when the money is all in or committed before the turn hits. Between that factor and the rake, several speculative preflop calls during a session can add up to one huge spew.

One factor that you did not mention about the weak low stakes games is that many people make raises that are far too small to accomplish anything, especially after several people have limped. E.g. six people limp and the SB makes it 3x, and is doing this with premium hands. In this case it's nice to call with your 44 or 87s to try to bust him, because these people generally play any overpair or top pair like it's the nuts.

+$300 at $40 NL tonight at Hawaiian Gardens btw =D I had a nice table at first but all the loose idiots busted and I was left with a bunch of tighties, so I got a table change and managed to get a pretty decent one with several of both loose passives and tight passives.

Hawaiian Gardens does not have much of a rewards program, and while the Bike has a decent one, it doesn't really seem worth the longer drive from Orange County. Maybe when I climb back into the higher games it will be worth it. What kind of rewards program does Commerce have?

Crystal Park (in Compton) has a nice rebuy tourney on Sundays with a FREEROLL buy-in and I think $20 rebuys, but I always miss it to play in the liquidpoker tourneys, probably not the most +EV decision but I enjoy this little community.

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seatown12   United States. Apr 22 2007 15:20. Posts 1193

Train yourself to feel exactly the same in all situations, no matter what's happening.

maybe the best advice in there, overall great article, can't wait for part 2

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 31 2009 20:21. Posts 15135

This is my first day here on LP And I absolutely love this article.

And although I know you are talking about live events, but even online I fall into those 'moron' category of unskilled players, and its nice to know how an experienced player can exploit my predictability

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