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Life and Vegas

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 11 2024 15:32. Posts 15162
Okay so basically over the last multiple years I've been working with Pete Marshall28, then a solver group on poker.
During and after covid I've slowly started losing motivation - I think COVID-19 especially was hard on me - I always used poker as means to have a great life, meet people, do things etc etc. That shit broke me and I didn't manage to recover. Pete transitioned from Holdem, and I never really got the same hunger I did for the game as I did when we worked together. I do have a fantastic group, but I myself didn't have the motivation.

I did have a great period of time when I started waking up at 4am, but slowly I realized I got worse. My friends coached me and basically told me - bruh, your style is outdated, I was not mixing 3bets enough in the big blind and was just overall too passive.

So I said "fuck it" and rejoined the real world. Plan was always to work part-time, gets some structure and cash and grind poker. Oh boy that didn't work out so well :D

I immediately by chance got a job in politics, convincing people to sign petitions for Presidential candidates, I was consistent, honest, unlike many people, and hooked. Soon I was working full time as it was always temporary, I attended parties, and had beer with multiple presidential candidates - they thought I was a journalist because I took notes. I even joined an anti-corruption political activist group and have a few photos in the national media, alongside attending a presidential debate on national TV (as a spectator).

Well that ended, I got a physical job for 8hrs per week to get some free exercise and structure, and went into research in the field, literally finding out what people think about things like the death penalty, abortion, and where would THEY spend the country's budget.

All this time I have been studying poker, doing mostly fun streams and a couple of interviews, and not so much coaching as before. I always coached micro stakes and always crushed them. At first, I was coaching micro stakes because I didn't have to worry about revealing my strategy, but recently because I stopped having confidence at higher stakes.

I once again have went on to rebuild my game, ditched HUD, and started hammering down modern ranges, without caring for the results. It took a year of off-again-on-again effort to get my interest in poker back. Which came with a luck box. KKPoker was looking to promote their tournament in Bratislava - the Polish Poker Championship and they liked my streams, so they were like hey - why doesn't he come, we give him one package.

I went with my shit phone, covered the event, did interviews - I mean at this point I am a fucking pro. I have done a pod for good 10 years off again on again, had big names on. But never fully committed because the damn ChicagoJoey is basically the same person as me but he went all-in on that and did it better. I never let go of trying to be good at poker. But now I have done literally hundreds if not thousands of interactions with strangers, asking them for anything from supporting a politician to if they think Lady Di's death was orchestrated. I fucking busted out of the tourney I was regged in, a sick 125 euro event that reached a 500k euro pool in Bratislava (lol). But it was ... fun!

I combined my 2 things I did over past many many years - talking to people and poker, did a bunch of interviews, vlog, had a blast.

Then out of the blue a couple weeks later Barry Carter, the Pokerstrategy Editor can't make the WPT World Championship in Vegas, and they think "hey, why don't you go?" I didn't even have a fucking passport, I had less than 20 days for everything. But...wellI just stumbled into so many things lately, I was like "hell yeah" despite first instinct being "nah bro, short notice". I applied for emergency passport, started scrambling for money and payment options, I went to study MTTs because fuck me, I played like 10 in my life. I played a few practice ones in my club. But it was all hectic as shit, insurance, tickets, suitcase that fits the airport, ESTA Application, passport, scheduling, emails of transfers - shiet, that's when the mad hectic times started. I also needed to get new equipment, since the $70 Motorola's video quality looks like it's from 1995 despite having like 40 Mpix, and I got some cool lavalier mics, selfie stick I could use.

I went through Munich to Charlotte, and in 16 hrs I was in vegas. The Agents when you enter USA don't joke around, he even asking "WTF is a vlog". The jetlag was real, I was freezing the whole flight, actually shaking because the temperature was super low. At the airport fucking LIFT didn't want to take any of my cards, I scrambled for ages and then got the Uber instead. Turns out I actually with my genius plan of an around-the-neck satchel for my passport where I also put my main card "not to lose it" I lost my fucking card at one of the airports too. But I got there eventually.

I got a room at the Encore, fucking fantastic baby- 5 star, all controlled by alexa, super fast elevators to floor 52, gym complimentary view to die for. And then, after 20+ hrs on the road it was straight into the players' party. Dancing lionesses on circles, Joeingram, Neeme, Owen all the big names. I managed to walk up to joey and proclaim "are these your parents" to his aged friends. Great Icebreaker, a true testament on my in-field skills. So right away he was turned off my this moron who mentioned liquid poker, but in the end, we had a good time, I spoke to a bunch of people, and I exhausted myself to no fucking end.

The next day I travelled to walpart to get some food, missed my stop. Walmart is fucking hilarious, so are the dollar stores and target - you can buy everything in all of them, I got a macaroni salad, fruits and some other stuff, and then went to get sorted in the Media room, I was basically getting the media treatment, luckbox me. I even got a hoodie and a yeti WPT thermos, that things are damn $60 bux, I am drinking from it now! Managed to talk to one of the One Drop Organizers, what a damn cool guy who performs, writes books about Manson and Monroe and does One Drop Stuff.

And before I knew it it was time to play the next day, I went over wizard ranges, read ICM book be Dara and Barry (GREAT one btw to understand wtf a bubble factor is) and made strategy for the 10.4k.

The tourney
cashing was huge for me, so I got in early, and - fuck me what I didn't count on was that even at a damn 40mill guarantee people late reg, so we started fucking 4 handed which I didn't practice for at all with the BB ante Math that makes your ranges wide as hell, RIP. In the end we agreed with my crusher friends it's not highest EV to reg at 200bb at start, but wait for the 100bb if you play cash and are playing WAY lower stakes - a good balance between familiarity and gamble you actually do want.

So anyways I get fullhouse over fullhouse first hand by a guy that was at the wrong table - this stuff happens in a local $40 tourney, I guess Wynn dealers aren't immune from missreading players' tickets. Bro thanked us and left with a quarter of my stack. I played pretty aggro, but didn't get much going and went out on AK v AA.

The next day I went to make the video, and travelled fucking 1.5+ hours to Vegas Wetlands, a swamp they actually do have, who knew because I wanted to do a bit in my video where I Pretrend to be angry after saying how Zen I actually am

So I did that, was there, posted the video and then... I fucking DIED

Oh my god I was never so sick. Diarrhea, headache, light sensitivity, nose and lungs congested as shit, I couldn't properly walk as I was woozy I thought this might be it, couldn't go downstairs even. As epic as Wynn and Encore are, you do walk, a lot to get to places, especially when you connect between them. All the stress from preparations, arctic flight with a N95 lady who sure enough was coughing deathly near me, travel, party, gyms, tournament, the sickness all got in at once. I wasn't a chicken and didn't tell my contacts to check on me, and for around 30 hours I just was in a dark room, took around 20 baths in the epic Encore bathroom and kept telling the Alexa to close the drapes and turn off the light.

At this point I was in despair, in Vegas I always dreamed of. But then a lightbulb. I am in vegas, America, the place of big corrupt pharma baby! after I was ready to walk I climbed to a pharmacy - CVS, holy shit what a place. Booze, souvenirs, food, and drugs - they have it all. I got like 4 drugs for cough, pains, indigestion, nasal spray that's 10x stronger than what we have in Europe and went to power through it. Goodbye my plan of every day gym and pool, hello to surviving!

The drugs actually helped, a lot, I would later find it was all borrowed time as I am still fucked since that time, I got here good 2 weeks ago.

I managed to travel the strip, and was getting ready for interview with Adam Pliska, the CEO. It was meant to be at Wynn, but they have shit lighting - I guess they always want you to think it's 8pm over there, so I had to hunt for a tripod and LED light. first I got easily, second one, the fucking target that said it would have it didn't - target is a huge electronics store, they have an outlet warehouse in the back, it took ages for the dude to check. So I literally traversed entire vegas to the other side by an uber to get it at last.

content stuff
I had stuff planned, oh yeah - first I got PuertoRican, he might not know it but I was dying. I am a pro though, that interview I had to do only a few cuts in. basically the worse I feel, the more I ramble.

I had another interview right after with the guys from my study group, and I knew I had to do it fast - we did it in my hotel room, then one I was totally fucked in, you can't tell on camera, but I definitely could as I cut down 1.5 hrs into 28 minutes, mostly of my incoherent rambling :D

One Drop
My next goal was to cover the one drop for
-V%C3%A1clavDu%C5%A1ek. It had only 17 entrants which is meh, but Kabrhel was there. That guy is hated in the poker community, abroad. But he is the national hero here in czech republic, going on mainstream interviews all over the place, and all comments saying what a boss he is that he can chat so freely and tilt his opponents. I didn't get to see how be busted however, as WPT CEO Adam Pliska had to reschedule, right as day 2 was starting. I did have a cool thing - Kabrhel had his assistant with him, and had no clue smn speaks czech, so I heard him keep coming back to comment, ask about stack size and keep firing commands at him nonstop :D

The Interview with Adam I knew what I wanted to do. It was the same as with PuertoRican. This one isn't for the views, this one is to connect, and for, let's face it, me. He is a bloody cool guy who stumbled upon the director role, just happy to be there, building the brand. I think the video wasn't viewed too many times in the end, it was the first one I processed without a good starting hook, but I am very happy about it and the chance. I talk to everyone from politicians, and millionaires to homeless people, There's just something about me that is curious about all sorts of irregular people that go beyond the norm.

Well I did that, covered One Drop, again I said fuck it, I am doing research for me - if you watch you watch One drop vid. And then I went to the main event. We were railing both with Vegas santa - I swear to god it was the real santa lol link he was loudly sweating the one drop and the main, the floor had to tell us to quiet down at one point - I had too much fun with Santa.

The production value is pretty much the same as the presidential debate I've been to just months ago on czech national TV - it's a proper studio they built in a damn hotel ballroom, impressive, you couldn't tell a difference from a sound stage much.

Other stuff
Well that was the content stuff, I managed to watch American TV while dying when I could take the light - you have entire shows about finding DNA results of kids, and of customers assaulting staff, fucking A+. The commercials are the bomb especially

this shit is SO CATCHY MAN I can't even - I watched it like 200 times, checked all their jingles.

The Bus
I rode it quite a bit, they don't give a fuck about changing routes without telling you is a bad thing, that they let you our when you ask on a bigass main street is great. The Deuce that goes along the strip is fucking slow and congested like you wouldn't believe - people cry about F1 roadworks etc. I had a lot more fun on the regular people busses that speak in English and Spanish, reminding you that bus fares aren't free.

I had a tour of Chinatown - we have that stuff in czech republic, but it's not so messy.

I got to try the Wynn Buffet. Twice cause it's awesome as shit, I had a gift card I used it for. Second time was dinner evening and unlike the first when I just walked in, I had to wait 1.5hrs to get it. But it was my last day, I was exhausted as hell so YOLO, I waited while listening to pods before the World Championship Final Table I went to watch in the backstage right before I left. Never had a big crab since my then Chinese GF brought a live one home. Later I found out it's not exactly standard, Wynn and the buffet are top tier in Vegas, and Circus Circus and Excalibur or the Strat look cool but are a dated and lower standard than this.

I also managed to try White Castle, it was epic, loved it - I don't know where's all the hate coming from! And I got a huge slurpee form 7/11 at 11 PM for 3 bucks, what a world we live in, I got the same in burger king. I also went to an asian place at the Wynn - now that I think about it, I am a right moron for eating so badly when sick and on drugs, but hey - those places were accessible unlike healthy food :D

I don't know why, but I got hooked on watching Travel Ruby and Vegas Matt ever since, just reading about the other hotels and history. I had no fucking clue they even WERE hotels when I first got there - ain't nobody knows Luxor pyramid is one and not just what vegas built to bring in people. And I had 0 time to do research with all the preparation and MTT study beforehand.

This shit is a nightmare - I went to the worlds largest giftshop and they added 15% on, it looked shady and I didn't want to get stabbed so I accepted. I also was leaving tips for the housekeeping in my room - it must have smelled like death after my long sleep in the dark. And it's pretty funny, when I left 8 bucks after it, I had water, toilet paper, they even took my toiletries, and neatly arranged them in geometric shapes on a matt next to the sink, damn amazing!

But then when I only had a buck left in cash that I left them - no water, shapes were good ol' chaos, and I didn't even get a toilet paper, had to use the emergency one :D Damn tipping economics lol. I felt pretty bad about it, but it was a nice social experiment in retrospect.

The toilet is also weird - they have it filled to the brim so your shit falls in the water and doesn't make the bowl dirty. Here we have little water + a brush for everyone and signs that it's usage is free :D

Well, I must say I was so exhausted and dead there, I can see the 180 swap in energy from day 2 and end of the stay where I look like a Zombie. It's a shame because I could have done shitloads more interviews and bits, went to Fremont and the pool, gym every day so I'd feel way different afterwards. At least I know what Pepto Bismol is now lol

Way Back I had long layovers, one in Charlotte - I tried to leave the airport, but you need to take an uber, it takes ages, and when I asked how to walk away from that thing they just looked me like a lunatic, and sait there's some secret staff grass pathway somewhere, so I gave up. So I got to go to Munich at least, it was windy and cold as shit, the town is dirty and ugly but has nice old town similar to my home town and I was back home. I left vegas on 21st and returned on 23rd said the calendar as I chased timezones.

Well I gave this thing a shot actually. It goes pretty well, I am still very bad but at least we are on a positive trajectory.

I was always lazy as I just made my pod and streams via PokerStrategy, but it is interesting indeed. I have big growth but it can be MUCH higher if I chase trends - so far I just do whatever the hell I feel is right and interesting. The pod with PuertoRican is one of my favourites that won't bring eternal fame, but makes me feel great, and hopefully brings some value to a very small group too.

Going ahead
Well, the past year has been really well exciting - my life totally chaotic as hell, doing various things, and I feel like I will lean into it. Let's face it, in cash games I had the best peers, Llinuslove, Limitless, Pete, Stroggoz and my current group yet I never played higher than NL300 consistently, I will mix in MTTs for sure, learn them, do my thing, be a sellout and try to travel the world when I can if I build up my image some more. And who knows, even meet more of you old schoolers and think of the good old days!

P.S. Yes, this is a fucking ramble, I used this blog instead of my diary, I might add pictures at some point later. Please keep Liquid Poker Going boys!

P.P.S. throw my youtube channel a subif you can, you don't need to watch, I just need them sub numbers up :D

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93% Sure! Last edit: 11/01/2024 15:37

RiKD    United States. Jan 12 2024 07:16. Posts 8396

How did you get involved in the politics stuff? Been considering that but I don't know if I like any politicians....

PuertoRican   United States. Jan 12 2024 08:07. Posts 13014

It seems like you had a great time in Las Vegas, even though you didn't feel well for part of the time.

I'd definitely recommend talking to various people and trying to get your name out there so you can do more content at various poker events around the world. You might get lucky and get the right sponsor(s) who will pay for everything as well as give you a salary, and that could end being your new profession. It won't be easy, but it's worth a shot.

If you're ever in Vegas again, let me know, and we can meet up. I'll take you to some good restaurants on the strip and in Downtown.

Rekrul is a newb 

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 12 2024 10:09. Posts 15162

  On January 12 2024 06:16 RiKD wrote:
How did you get involved in the politics stuff? Been considering that but I don't know if I like any politicians....

Pretty funny story - basically in Czech Republic if you wanted to run for president you needed 50,000 signatures with ID numbers. Literally, anyone can do it and be a candidate, get into debates if they get the necessary number, And we had big apathy towards political parties like 20 people decided to try. So I worked for a couple of them, literally going to events, and public places with their stand to get signatures and Id numbers + addresses. For money :D I went from playing online poker for 8 years into nonstop talking to random people talking politics and getting their ID numbers names and addresses. Fucking 180, but a face to face job I'd recommend to anyone who wants to diversify from poker, even if it's for a few weeks only.

That's the thing about poker - I do have 2 degrees, but in Czech Republic I was a stranger even though I am from here and lived here all my life besides 8-year break. I knew nothing about the country. So I actually got hooked on what I was selling - 2 low state involvement, motivational type businessmen. With the second one I ended up working with getting the signatures, he is a machine, standing for 8 hours alongside us getting them himself from randos :D

From there it's simple - in my country to show they are "relatable" politicians do small events before elections. And one active pub owner let his friend invite them - that's how I drank with many high level senators and presidential candidates :D

When my guy fucking lost, I helped out other candidates for free I likes, that I met in the pub, so I went to the field to hand out leaflets, got into facebook groups, even edited videos for some they adapted later and published. That's how I got to work for and talk to the current Czech president

After that I found some activists that are organized, have money for a campaign that are aligned with my values, go against corruption, for good causes etc. and volunteered there in events and happenings that made the national media.

This is the biggest Czech media outlet

Then I started doing research for the Czech Academy of sciences, and the biggest research agency and I got to find out what research is done. Because I was fucking curious - polls were such a big topic, I wanted to know how they are done! It's fun as hell and I still do it when I want.

As to how a mortal can start that doesn't just go into people like Billy on the street willy-nilly like I do - you can ease into it. Find facebook groups, active political groups that align with your values - I am not sure if you have some independent ones that are actually common sense like the one I found. And message them, ask how you can help out - they usually look for volunteers, start from there. And try to get some face to face time with politicians when they are campaigning because that's when they pretend they are accessible :D

You get to go to free parties, theatre productions etc. Start low, with underdogs that don't have secret service yet of course.

93% Sure! Last edit: 12/01/2024 10:28

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Jan 12 2024 10:34. Posts 15162

  On January 12 2024 07:07 PuertoRican wrote:
It seems like you had a great time in Las Vegas, even though you didn't feel well for part of the time.

I'd definitely recommend talking to various people and trying to get your name out there so you can do more content at various poker events around the world. You might get lucky and get the right sponsor(s) who will pay for everything as well as give you a salary, and that could end being your new profession. It won't be easy, but it's worth a shot.

If you're ever in Vegas again, let me know, and we can meet up. I'll take you to some good restaurants on the strip and in Downtown.

It's fucking ironic I got to travel to 2 events now with entry, hotel covered AFTER i stopped doing poker full time, after what - a damn decade?

But this is the niche and trend - live tourneys getting online people to come, Bahamas had 1k qualifiers, World championship near it, and I've been doing online content forever. Bratislava I got to straight up, it was cheap for them, Vegas I luck-boxed because another guy couldn't make it. I ran bad with being sick, my energy was lasered and I missed on a lot of stuff I wanted to do content-wise, but it's for sure something I'd love to do - the sheer chaos just fits my natural personality :D

93% Sure! Last edit: 12/01/2024 10:35

Dinewbie   United States. Jan 12 2024 20:05. Posts 58

Great update bro, gave a sub on youtube <3 Glad to see you're doing well, would've been cool to catch you in vegas!

Btw I am Fujikura 

lostaccount   Canada. Jan 13 2024 09:58. Posts 5697

Nice interview watch a bit of it. PR I don't care if I'm like or not.
Great ur doing well lemon

let it be, let it be, peace is my way, paradise is my destation - lostaccount This is the way PR tian xia tai ping xxxy tian tang lu 


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