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Now it's truly RIP Doyle

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captainhook   Canada. May 15 2023 10:02. Posts 466

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Santafairy   Korea (South). May 15 2023 11:07. Posts 2228

One of the best players who ever died

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RiKD    United States. May 15 2023 18:00. Posts 8611

I'm sure I've told this story before but Doyle was on my left for about 6 hours in the WSOP Main Event. It was a lot of fun. All the cameras were there. Doyle seemed to care more about lunch and side bets people had in discussion with David Oppenheim at another table. When he busted I was sitting right there smack dab on the TV and got my 15 seconds of little to no fame.

PuertoRican   United States. May 16 2023 02:54. Posts 13064

Even though I haven't played poker in years, I can still recognize Doyle's voice without needing to see his face. Kind of weird since my time in poker didn't last long, yet Doyle's face and voice are still etched into my memory.

RIP to the poker legend, Mr. Doyle Brunson.

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Baalim   Mexico. May 16 2023 10:56. Posts 34252

I always was amazed by how sharp he was at his advanced age

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VanDerMeyde   Norway. May 17 2023 11:13. Posts 5108

  On May 16 2023 09:56 Baalim wrote:
I always was amazed by how sharp he was at his advanced age

made me think of this:

:DLast edit: 18/05/2023 13:13

CurbStomp2   Finland. May 20 2023 20:34. Posts 261

now that bastard todd brunson is even richer than before

failsafe   United States. May 20 2023 20:47. Posts 1040

heavy i even read ur book

lostaccount   Canada. Jul 04 2023 20:41. Posts 5883


my karma is done, now time to enjoy life, peace is the way karma is a way Jesus is a way. peace of mind is the greatest giftLast edit: 05/07/2023 02:44


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