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RiKD    United States. Jul 20 2021 21:17. Posts 7656
I am constantly re-starting. I still keep my xp points, skill points, and loot I have just been re-starting lately.

I re-built up The Nerd Machine (my desktop computer). It's pretty rag tag. Best Gateway Gaming Desktop from 2009 and potentially a Samsung 20'' Monitor from 2006 (lol). I really enjoy my blue switch key keyboard and new Razer mouse. There was a Warcraft III Battle Chest collecting dust in my bookshelf I had to open and play. I am trash especially compared to like Moon and Lawliet but I did remember most of the hotkeys. One time I pressed "T" with a Keeper for "Treants" but it's the lvl 6 move Tranquility that started "healing" my entire army who was at full life and out of danger. Also, I feel like the keyboard setup was slightly different because I kept hitting "v" for Death Knight coil which is OBVI "C" for any Death Knight users out there. I was typically random back in the day except my Human was pretty bad compared to the other 3. Oh well, I got fairly addicted to it where the only thing I wanted to do was play Warcraft III (TFT) but then got like really sick of it when the nostalgia wore off. There is like only so many fun builds against each race and no hope of me surpassing INFI so it just got kind of stupid.

My time is much better spent getting better at the guitar. I was re-stringing my guitar today and busted 3 strings. I am still legitimately tilted by it. The low E is a punto as I restrung it and tuned it fine. Then the A string stripped and busted when I was tuning and I think the other 4 are fucked. So, clearly I did something wrong and I don't know what I did wrong or why the low E was done correctly. It tilted me so much that I am just done for at least today and I'm more interested in making shit music on Garage Band than getting good at the guitar.

A friend convinced me to try out coding. I remember in 2006 I was interested in coding and my librarian mom brought home a 1,000 page book on Python and I was like wat?

Then I got good at other stuff but right now there is not really any excuse. I thought some things were outs that weren't in the last 7 years. Coding might be my only out. Coding & media are great outs if possible. But, clearly my shit on Garage Band is not going to pay the bills and as much as I like some of my paintings I don't really have much interest into trying to monetize them.

I don't really want to spend too much time on this since I haven't actually ever coded before but apparently their are programs out there that attempt to gamify it so it's not like taking some awful computer science course in university.

I've heard of code academy and learn code the hard way. Is this accurate?

I heard AWice say that he could make a better project than these. Did he do it?

Did anyone do it?

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hiems   United States. Jul 20 2021 23:19. Posts 2979

I found some sheet music+tabs for video game music for the classical guitar on youtube yesterday. Some street fighter, Zelda, Mario. I'm still far from being able to play it tho.

I beat Loco!!! [img][/img] 

RiKD    United States. Jul 21 2021 00:25. Posts 7656

As good as Zelda and Mario are..... Street Fighter is clearly the dark horse here but what a strong fucking dark horse.

RiKD    United States. Jul 21 2021 03:08. Posts 7656

I am still cleaning up an old desktop to convert to Linux. I took a look at a 100,000 hand sample of PLO where most of the hands were at 2/4. I ran $50,000 under EV in that sample. I do not miss that shit. That was before the Russian PLO Bot rings really took hold. What a fucked economy. I still realized at the time there was no way to really win at PLO unless the player has massive bankroll, safety in cash or btc, and not to leveraged in bad assets. I could grind it out like crazy bum-hunting was probably the best option but that is a shitty life. Trying to play well at 6-max it's just hard to get enough hands in even with a high win-rate. I ran the calculations. It was scary as fuck. This is even before sites didn't give a fuck and increase rake. Everyone is studying solvers all day. FUCKED. Liberatus owned those dudes over 125,000 hands in 2017 LOL. Galfond probably been working with his dad and statistics consultancies since before 2010 ROFL.

RiKD    United States. Jul 21 2021 03:33. Posts 7656

Fuck. This download is taking forever.

I do listen to you guys though.

Currently waiting on Ubuntu (Linux) dl so can throw it on a USB stick and put on my re-furbished desktop.

Learning to code so maybe there is a chance I can get a job that is not totally shitty and gives me some outs in the future.

I'm still not ruling out killing myself though.

I feel like killing myself should always be an option.

Not giving a fuck if I live or die could lead me to go past the point of operational with my liver though....

I have to continue to think about that....

A problem is that I know that I know nothing.

Something has to be better than me stress eating cheese as the debt creeps more daunting by the day. Pretty sure my AMEX no longer works and my MasterCard I barely snuck through a gas tank re-up. I am supposed to be healing my mental health........... This has to be the worst circumstances ever for the healing of my mental health in my life. I mean when I was drinking 40 units of alcohol a day and didn't know that I was psychotic for 4 months that was worse but there was no attempt at healing there either at least for a while.

Fuck, anyways, this Ubuntu is not going to dl anytime soon...

Logan628   Algeria. Oct 17 2021 22:57. Posts 1

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karljrockwell   Tanzania. Jul 16 2022 21:06. Posts 1

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vurna   . Oct 27 2022 17:46. Posts 124

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