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Browns v Chiefs

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RiKD    United States. Jan 17 2021 19:47. Posts 6592
My $100 to win your $400: Browns v Chiefs?

Cash app or BTC.

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RiKD    United States. Jan 17 2021 20:28. Posts 6592

Betting is closed. Go Browns!

Ryan Neilly   United States. Jan 19 2021 04:56. Posts 1565

easiest +10..... shoulda did it like that bud

RiKD    United States. Jan 19 2021 05:33. Posts 6592

I only do money lines. I don't like sweating point spreads. +10 wasn't easy anyways. Maybe if Mahomes injures his toe in the 1st quarter and leaves early due to concussion every time but clearly that isn't the case.

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Jan 19 2021 14:21. Posts 2381

as the game was going quite sure the +10 would miss as well before my homies got injured


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