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Vote for a new news admin

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PuertoRican   United States. Dec 03 2020 21:33. Posts 12633

Depending on the thread or blog, we can see that there are several active people on That being said, when it comes to news admins who update the front page, we don't have anyone who is doing that anymore (Defrag hasn't updated the front page since February 2020, and I'm legit worried about him since that was around the time Covid started spreading and I hope he wasn't one of the small group of people who got sick and/or died).

Anyway, while I don't play poker anymore, I am willing to update the front page here and there with poker news, and there is at least one other person here who would likely be interested in updating the front page at least once a week. I think two part-time news contributors would be good, and would help make feel less dead.

Do any of you have any interest in updating the front page of 2-3 times per month with poker news? Seems like there's plenty of things to post about now that there are several live tournaments and live cash games available game.

BTW, I sent Nazgul a message on Skype a few weeks ago, but I don't think he ever saw it. If any of you still speak to him, let him know about this thread.

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whammbot   Belarus. Dec 03 2020 21:57. Posts 485

LP will never cease to exist. lol

hiems   United States. Dec 03 2020 22:27. Posts 2167

I vote Trump!!!!


drone666   Brasil. Dec 04 2020 01:28. Posts 1796

Neilly or lostaccount

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Nitewin   United States. Dec 04 2020 04:22. Posts 1527

I like the idea LP

Baalim   Mexico. Dec 04 2020 05:25. Posts 33874

I can probably get ths done for you PuertoRican, wait a couple of days.

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Dec 04 2020 07:51. Posts 4886

neillyAA. he represents the heart and soul of LP.

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Oddeye   Canada. Dec 04 2020 20:48. Posts 5041

To me LP is the true Teamliquid. I'd be glad to get any news at all. Even if the news aren't written by NeillyAA I want news about him. He never gave up.

dnagardi   Hungary. Dec 04 2020 21:47. Posts 1742

Good idea

lostaccount   Canada. Dec 04 2020 21:54. Posts 3546

  On December 04 2020 00:28 drone666 wrote:
Neilly or lostaccount

i love to be an admin and have a ban hammer

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hiems   United States. Dec 04 2020 22:55. Posts 2167

Let's have a weekly/monthly podcast having random ppl on that aren't necessarily famous in poker but are just active here lol. I think this would be highly entertaining and definitely make lp "seem less dead"

No idea who the hosts would be.

Potential guests:
Whamm shrimp farm

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devon06atX   Canada. Dec 04 2020 23:24. Posts 5431

  On December 04 2020 20:47 dnagardi wrote:
Good idea

What he said. Thanks for bringing up this initiative puerto, I'm happy to know I'm not the only one who has shook my head more than a few times at the state of the news section updates.

podcast idea sounds neat too haha - I'd totally listen about the trials and tribulations of an LP shrimp farmer

whammbot   Belarus. Dec 05 2020 01:26. Posts 485

What happened to that RTS game by GRRR and Everlast "Epsilon Conflict" I've been waiting forever

Santafairy   Korea (South). Dec 05 2020 17:07. Posts 1978

I would like to nominate Loco

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Baalim   Mexico. Dec 05 2020 17:17. Posts 33874

  On December 05 2020 16:07 Santafairy wrote:
I would like to nominate Loco

we don't allow CCP affililated media here lol

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Jamie217   Canada. Dec 05 2020 17:17. Posts 4351

Good on ya PR like the idea as welll

DooMeR   United States. Dec 06 2020 00:46. Posts 8516

I'm not sure how much people care about random news on the front page. Maybe time is better spent creating new topics / threads

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hiems   United States. Dec 06 2020 01:20. Posts 2167

Some more ways to save lp:

Public Discord for everyone on LP not just small circles of people/cliques (This link should be stickied somewhere and should be easy to find for everyone including some new person to LP lol)
Try to keep content more 80% poker related 20% other life stuff instead of before (not trying to start beef with rikd but this will actually help lp).
Collectively we all start to blog more
Good Cash game online/live players start posting hands more
People start letting go of beefs to a large extent

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handbanana21   United States. Dec 07 2020 04:55. Posts 3037

I'd be down for lp discord group.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Dec 07 2020 10:24. Posts 9520

  On December 06 2020 00:20 hiems wrote:
Try to keep content more 80% poker related 20% other life stuff instead of before (not trying to start beef with rikd but this will actually help lp).

Or rename to


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