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Are AI's better than humaans at poker now?

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spets1   Australia. Aug 10 2020 16:37. Posts 2156

I havnt been following the scene so closely last few years, but interested whether computers dominate in poker now like they do in chess.

Whats the status?

SO reading an article from 2018: There are these computers: Claudico, Libratus, and most recent, Pluribus.

While the first program, Claudico, was summarily beaten by human poker players —“one broke-ass robot,” an observer called it — Libratus has triumphed in a series of one-on-one, or heads-up, matches against some of the best online players in the United States.

Seems like not yet

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lostaccount   Canada. Aug 11 2020 17:41. Posts 3433

AI been better at poker vs humans awhile ago. Lots of bots online winning at a good clip

lostaccount   Canada. Aug 11 2020 17:42. Posts 3433

Check 2+2 a huge bot ring just been exposed

drone666   Brasil. Aug 12 2020 09:09. Posts 1795

I played HU vs bots on apps before and they crushed me ( I made like 30k from them exploiting some shit but they fixed ), but I wasn't very good at that time

I'm playing on apps again now and Im sure who are the bots and they are not that good, but I dont know if they are the best bots out there, they were never GTO oriented btw

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Stroggoz   New Zealand. Aug 13 2020 07:10. Posts 4833

it's hard to say, for 6max, pluribus very narrowly beat linus. I don't think there was statistical significance. You could see linus having improved a little since then. This was for 100bb, if it was 200bb deep im sure the bot (pluribus) would have a stable edge over any regs, for 6max

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Baalim   Mexico. Aug 14 2020 08:48. Posts 33773

I'm not that convinced about Pluribus now tbh

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JanBall   . Oct 27 2020 11:56. Posts 3

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