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New Computer stup (Almost complete!)

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Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 25 2020 19:58. Posts 1549

New desk comin Monday and Microphone/Camera and gonna go live on twitch almost everynight.

kinda stoked lovin it

respect to everyone at lp,

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hiems   United States. Jul 25 2020 23:14. Posts 1959

What size monitors is that? How many tables can//do you play on each monitor and do you use just one monitor for tables or both?

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dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 26 2020 10:15. Posts 1731

respect to everyone

whammbot   Belarus. Jul 26 2020 12:41. Posts 470

honestly with the gear available (ryzens, insane cpus) and platforms (e.g. twitch, youtube, etc) its a no brainer to try and parlay it into something of an entertainment program. good luck to you ryan. gg

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lostaccount   Canada. Jul 26 2020 16:37. Posts 3268

Nice buddy, gl n win

Jelle   Belgium. Jul 27 2020 06:31. Posts 3429



Ryan Neilly   United States. Jul 28 2020 14:16. Posts 1549

thanks for everyones support! I'll have speakers in mail today, new computer desk and Camera+Mic Combo tomorrow Look forward to getting into the twitch platform with some high energy


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