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Is shortdeck a growing variant of poker?

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balakubak   . May 01 2020 09:54. Posts 152

I have been playing it at micros. It is fun, much simpler game with more gamble.

From what anyone of you has seen, is shortdeck growing? Will it possibly grow larger than PLO's player pool?

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Jelle   Belgium. May 03 2020 11:55. Posts 3476

I really don't think anyone can predict what poker games will be popular in the future.

but the idea of short-deck holdem is literally like a scam. If I was programming bots for poker and I wanted to make more money, that's exactly the game I would have come up with. I get to keep my entire codebase from hold'em except all my expensive AI computations are now exponentially faster and human players' experience & intuition is voided.

I can't imagine that game staying popular but then again I thought poker was going to evolve away from bottable games and literally the opposite has happened so maybe my predictions aren't the greatest thing ever


Xima   Belgium. May 03 2020 14:00. Posts 4

it became clearer to me now. thank you!

gawdawaful   Canada. May 05 2020 22:20. Posts 9012

how do you feel about the uh.. botability of plo or 5card plo Jelle?

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whammbot   Belarus. May 06 2020 20:44. Posts 519

for live games and recreationals i prefer short deck. seems like the perfect game for rake/fish unlike nlhe where feels like everybody just gets shit cards all the time and folds. online i dont really know though, i feel like every game will eventually be figured out before it becomes super popular nowadays.

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Jelle   Belgium. May 07 2020 07:12. Posts 3476

  On May 05 2020 21:20 gawdawaful wrote:
how do you feel about the uh.. botability of plo or 5card plo Jelle?

lol botability. I think you know what I'm gonna say but yeah more cards is definitely making programmers' lives harder. Then again if you have a solver for a game I think you can safely assume you're up against bots in your player pool

What you really want to piss off programmers is stuff like 'let's randomly have a 4-card flop or a 2-card turn once every 1000 hands" and "let's have 2 boards once every 1000 hands" and "let's play with random active stack sizes & number of seats". And you just regularly make small game-breaking changes that forces them to park their bots until they deal with it.

I think online poker desperately needs to go in a direction where botting and memorizing what to do just isn't a viable strategy. I don't know anything about Swap holdem but that was a good idea imo, I bet there were no bots or solvers for that and you had good games for a while (if people actually tried it) because they for sure weren't prepared for that mechanic


Stroggoz   New Zealand. May 09 2020 08:11. Posts 5305

i've tried short deck, i think its one of the worst games ever developed. There is very little skill to it, no bueaty in the game from a artistic or mathematical sense. It is good for chinese since the gamble is insanely big, edges are a bit smaller. Computationally it's extremely simple, so yeah, very easy to bot. I agree with Jelle.

The good games out there increase computational complexity. Swap holdem is one, its far more complex then normal holdem. (around 16384x decions preflop). Unfortunately stars made rake super high for the game.

Ive played swap and i enjoyed it. games are very soft at lower levels. would recommend for nl50 regs.

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. May 09 2020 11:00. Posts 15163

I hear of people destroying shot deck
but there's no future online for it
The rake is insanely high for one

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Jelle   Belgium. May 09 2020 11:19. Posts 3476

  On May 09 2020 07:11 Stroggoz wrote:
Unfortunately stars made rake super high for the game.

ah ffs its like they want to fail lol =[


balakubak   . May 13 2020 06:46. Posts 152

balakubak   . May 20 2020 12:35. Posts 152

Turn on caption and skip to around 38:00 - 39:00. Listen to how these ugly Chinese people are a bunch of literally stinking assholes.

gawdawaful   Canada. May 23 2020 01:20. Posts 9012

  On May 20 2020 11:35 balakubak wrote:
Turn on caption and skip to around 38:00 - 39:00. Listen to how these ugly Chinese people are a bunch of literally stinking assholes.

I dont get it

Im only good at poker when I run good 

owengraham   United Kingdom. Nov 09 2020 20:01. Posts 4

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EddaLeitman   United States. Aug 02 2021 16:17. Posts 2

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TresaLonghi   United States. Aug 03 2021 09:06. Posts 5

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Katarienr   Canada. Sep 18 2021 20:15. Posts 1

I want to try to play poker with my friends at the same table. That would be cool!

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MurrayYvonne   Canada. Dec 08 2021 23:01. Posts 3

Playing poker with short decks is fun, but it all depends on your luck if you win or not. Great combinations of cards are easy to get, and it is hard to be sure who is the winner in the game before showing the cards. I prefer classical poker with fifty-two cards. It needs more skill to play with this deck. I always play on ???? , and all the best players are always playing with the classical deck. I like playing with them, because I can always learn something new from them, for example, some bluffing techniques.

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lostaccount   Canada. Jan 02 2022 13:13. Posts 5883

short deck > 52 cards imo. 52 cards getting boring as f.

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Kasarka   United States. Apr 21 2022 10:09. Posts 3

I prefer a standard deck and classic poker or blackjack. I don't like new things like this, considering I've been playing classic blackjack for 30 years. I don't have any desire to play shortdeck games. Moreover, I recently found a cool casino on this site, in which you can make a deposit even with cryptocurrency. And recently, there has been a lot of currency on my crypto wallet that I don't need, so I will try to increase my savings in the casino. I hope my opinion will be relevant here.

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BlacksAbs   Australia. Aug 23 2022 11:24. Posts 6

As for truce, I have never heard of such a game. However, the rules are somewhat similar to poker. It may be a new game that is just as popular, but I don't think it can replace classic poker. I love poker and have often played it on weekends with friends at some casino. I even made some new friends through this pastime. However, then the coronavirus came into our world and it caused everything to shut down. I got upset and started playing Satta king online. It turned out to be just as much fun as casino poker. I think I'm going to try this new game soon too.

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