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RiKD    United States. Mar 27 2020 16:03. Posts 6314
I started a Liquid Poker discord channel for chatting about anything. Kind of like the Starcraft/Warcraft days of talking about strat in the chat but then inevitably talking about all other sorts of stuff. Same with poker and MSN days. I don't really know how it will go but I clicked some buttons and it is up and running.

Anyways, here is the link:

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ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Mar 30 2020 00:31. Posts 5018

Invalid invite apparently

RiKD    United States. Mar 30 2020 01:32. Posts 6314

PM discord name and I'll invite

I think that also the link doesn't always work but I'm not sure on this.

RiKD    United States. Mar 31 2020 00:17. Posts 6314

oh ok.

Here is a new link. It expires in 1 day:

RiKD    United States. Mar 31 2020 00:22. Posts 6314

Fuck, I'm bad at this. Still learning. For people that PM'd me the link above should be active. I will put up another link when it expires.

For some reason the names aren't showing up when I try to invite.

ToT)MidiaN(    United Kingdom. Apr 01 2020 16:26. Posts 5018

Didn't work, you can invite me. My username is ilove4G63#6694

RiKD    United States. Apr 01 2020 17:05. Posts 6314


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