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Button straddles in nlhe

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traxamillion   United States. Feb 07 2020 01:47. Posts 10468

I know live plo has button straddles a lot and it is kind of broken (+ev) and makes the game worse.

I'm in vegas and at the venetian they have 2/5 and 5/10 deep games with the standard utg straddle but also a button straddle which I've never seen in nlhe before.

You think button straddles are +ev in nlhe?

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PoorUser    United States. Feb 07 2020 02:53. Posts 7471

full ring prob not. (though some lineups it can be, stnd live answer)
Its busted 3-4 handed (and Kills game too imo), prob 5 handed. Dno about everything in between.

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TimDawg    United States. Feb 13 2020 20:13. Posts 10197

The button straddle in particular is pretty annoying and bad for just about every format of a live poker game but also necessary for you do yourself. The last thing you want to be known as is the guy who doesn't straddle.

In general, I don't think they are +ev but as PU said, in certain lineups they definitely can be

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xfenry   United States. Mar 22 2021 23:42. Posts 1

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DooMeR   United States. Mar 23 2021 01:30. Posts 8544

IMO button straddle in NLH is definitely not profitable unless you're 3handed. Perhaps maybe 4-5 handed on a super weak table, but i am pretty skeptical its any good. Also agree button straddle is bad for the game. Whenever trying to get people to agree to straddle always push for UTG straddle and avoid BU straddles. They make the game tighter when played correctly

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DooMeR   United States. Mar 23 2021 18:40. Posts 8544

Actually i think I agree with pooruser even 4 handed it prob is still good so switch that to 5+

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maxousek   Czech Republic. Mar 23 2021 20:04. Posts 464

What is the strategy behind button straddling? I have never seen that.


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