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Story of the STEROIDhulk

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POSs   . Aug 06 2019 08:32. Posts 5
Hello guys, my name is Marko. I am originally from Finland and I am 31 years old. I have played poker for living the past 8 years. I play mainly mid-stakes tournaments online. I always liked tournaments, because they are the most fun. I find cash games to be a bit of grind, although I started my career playing cash games, 6-max and HU, but after a while I figured tournaments are much more fun and profitable, so I changed to tournaments. That was probably 8-10 years ago. It's tough to remember, because it was so long time ago. Hah. Time flies fast.

I love to travel. I've been traveling around Europe most of twenties and playing online poker. Poker has given me good chance to travel the World and see places. I think traveling has helped me a lot in developing myself and my world view. If we stay in the same place our whole life, I think our life view is very narrow, so it's important to get away and see new things, feel new things etc.

About 2019, well It's been pretty good year. Poker wise hasn't been as good, but there's still plenty of the year left, so not too worried. I will still make it a great year, hah! I will have few projects coming up, so those should be good rail for the forums.

In general I will be talking about coaching, self-development, business, poker, life, travel, football etc. I hope you will enjoy the ride!

BTW, STEROIDhulk is the name I have on Stars, so that's why the thread name.

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JohnnyBologna   United States. Aug 08 2019 13:52. Posts 1401


Just do whats right bro 

lebowski   Greece. Aug 15 2019 21:40. Posts 9190

hi man

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

POSs   . Sep 04 2019 09:58. Posts 5

Tournament series:

Exciting times ahead. Tournament series are starting. I would recommend keeping a few things in mind:
1. There are a lot of fun players.
2. A lot of regulars.
3. Everyone with good energy levels (at the start of the series)
4. Big prize pools
5. Good mental state and focused playing (first few days, week)

Fun players:

First, it’s good to recognize there’s a lot of fun players, meaning there will be a lot of value. We should try to aim against the people who are not as good players as the other regulars. Try to isolate the fun players and make them pay for their lousy decision’s pre-flop and post-flop. Maximize your EV by getting the max value from the Fun players. Try to play as many pots with them as possible.

Regulars and their energy levels:

Regulars will be pleased the first few days/week because they are full of energy and excited about the big prize pools. They will be a good challenge for a week. After one week, you will notice a drop in their level of play, because of the physical/mental exhaustion. Regulars are tilting more, because of a bad run, unfortunate eating/sleep/lack of rest habits. Try to take day-offs, so you can mentally play well every day, not just once or twice a week. Remember to take breaks and not to get FOMO (Fear of missing out), because If you play every day, it will probably cost you in the long-run in bad decisions and tilt. Phase yourself!

Big Prize Pools:

We will be playing for big prize pools, which means we can probably bully people a bit more than usual. Think about it like this: If you feel fear and you are a competent poker player, imagine how much someone else is feeling pressure which has never been to a similar situation? Mental edge is one of the biggest things when it comes to playing Big Prize pools. We can run over people because they are scared of money. Fear happens especially in a large field tournament with substantial prize pools. Use fear as your weapon!

GL to everybody and time to kill the games!

POSs   . Sep 05 2019 10:48. Posts 5

Forget your EGO, and stay patient!


Patience is one of the most underrated skills in poker. I always struggled with patience because it’s not my biggest strength, but it’s getting better over the years. Patience allows us to wait for better spots and not spew our tournament away. Patience becomes especially a key in slow structured tournaments. I would say, If you have great patience already, play a lot of deep stack tournaments because there’s a lot of players who are just willing to give away their stack at some point because they get bored.

Sleep well:
Don’t underestimate how much good sleep can affect your patience and ability to play poker! It’s a key ingredient.

Keys to having good patience or improving it?

Sleep well.
Play only the tournaments you want to play. (for reals) Don’t play tournaments you don’t even want to finish, or they start too late for your schedule(too tired)!
Try to have good patience every day, in real life. Improve it. Whenever you face problem, try to remain as calm as possible. Traveling is one good way because traveling is mostly waiting.(unless you can stay in the present moment the whole time, but it’s tough when you have nice destination coming up!)

Forget your EGO:

Don’t take the game personally and stick to your original strategy. When you start taking other players personally, it becomes much tougher to play poker mentally, because you think it’s a battlefield and in a way it’s, but our goal is to keep ourselves as calm as possible! If you start cursing about other players who are playing aggressively against you, don’t get annoyed. Be patient and wait for their mistake, because most of the time they will make one. Not to mention, most of the time, when people playback a lot, they usually have good hands. It’s easy to let small sample sizes mess up with our head.

Your tips for improving the mind?


POSs   . Sep 17 2019 11:39. Posts 5

Superstitious or wrong beliefs in poker

Almost every player has some ”superstitious” or weird/wrong beliefs in poker, but we shouldn’t let those things matter while playing. Mind works in weird ways, and here are some thoughts I have(during or after playing):

- When you lose a big pot, and you will end up with a very small stack. You NEVER double up again, you always lose the next flip.
- When all the short stacks double at the FT-table, you are doomed to finish last
- I always run worse than my opponents/friends
- “I ****ed up again” when you lose a standard hand at the end of the tournament.
- I ALWAYS spew my stack away
- Tournaments are waste of time, I never win.. God Dammit.

Usually all these beliefs come from the mindset we have. There’s no real truth to these; they are all made up in my mind! We have to remember that human is more likely to remember the moments when you had pain than success. Is there any reality to things I’ve written as my “beliefs or superstitious” in poker? Not really. There’s no truth base; it’s just my opinion or what I felt in the moment.

That’s why It’s important to remember, that we are living in the moment when playing poker and these painful feelings are more common in poker than good feelings because most of the time you will end up being disappointed in tournament. It’s part of the game AND part of the charm of tournament poker. What makes tournaments so interesting form is the brutality of the game. It can be brutal, or it can be beautiful when you beat the field and win 20,000 field tournament and a big amount of money.

My advice:

Write down your thoughts while you’re playing, for example the most negative thoughts after busting a big FT-table or whenever you felt emotional. Then read the text next day and think about If there’s any truth to it. If there is, then you should fix your game, If not then fix your mindset, because you will feel much better after you know It’s just your mind playing games WITH YOU, not REAL FACT!

What are your wrong beliefs in poker, which your mind keeps feeding you?

POSs   . Sep 26 2019 10:19. Posts 5

Crazy Overlays, Use it to your advantage..

Hey, little bit talk about Overlays. It seems after a big tournament series is over, there seems to a big hangover among regular/fish, so it leaves many tournaments with a significant overlay. If you feel you’re not exhausted, you should be playing, because in a day you can easily make an extra $200+ per day playing tournaments.

Just a small tip for some gain.

POSs   . Oct 01 2019 09:33. Posts 5

1.10.2019 – Tilting

Sunday was a rough day. I started playing around 14:00, and things began quite well, a lot of deep runs, but everything busted around the 9-12th place. Very frustrating. The whole session kept going the same way, some deep runs, but always went broke when there was a “chance.” I think the frustration can build up through the day and then at the end of the day I was a bit tilted. The clock was 22:00, and I had ZERO deep runs. It’s quite annoying to notice you have zero good runs after such a long time playing, so I got a bit frustrated and the whole day felt like a waste. I was also tired because I started so early, so an unfortunate combination of being tired and a boring run.


Tough moments are the ones which build our character, so you must try to fight your negative feelings and put them on the side. See the positive in the struggle, because these things will improve us!

What I want to point out, it’s easy to say “control your emotions” and other crap, when you are feeling good, and you are not playing yourself, but when you are in a bad situation, it’s much harder to deal with such a situation. Outsiders can always easily judge others, so don’t be too critical to yourself, when this happens, because it’s normal. Just try to deal with tilt better than most of the people, and you will profit from it. (almost everyone deals with some TILT). In the end, poker is about being better than other people; If you can deal with stress better than 95% of the players, you are making good money. The higher you climb the percentage pool, the more money you will make compared to others. We don’t need to be perfect; we need to be better than others. Simple as that.

Meditation for help

Meditation can help with the frustration a lot because you get more used to dealing with dull moments or let’s say quiet moments. Meditation has improved my patience a lot over the years. I was very impulsive earlier years (20-28 years I would say), but my tolerance is increasing every year. It’s an excellent skill for poker.


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